Junkyard Gem: 1983 Honda Accord Sedan With 411,794 Miles

Junkyard Gem: 1983 Honda Accord Sedan with 411,794 Miles

I've learned that finding discarded vehicles with astronomical figures showing on their odometers can be very difficult. Most manufacturers stuck with five-digit odometers well into the 1980s and even the 1990s, which rules out a majority of potential high-mile candidates right off the bat. With more recent vehicles, electronic digital odometers won't display unless you power up the main ECU— theoretically possible in a junkyard, but a real hassle. The most likely old cars to rack up interstellar mileage (Mercedes-Benz diesels) are also among the first to have their instrument clusters harvested by boneyard-prowling eBay sellers. Fortunately, Honda began installing six-digit odometers around 1981, and so today's Junkyard Gem (found last winter in a Denver car graveyard) can share its very impressive final odo reading with us.

2000 Honda Insight With 5,400 Miles On Bring A Trailer

2000 Honda Insight with 5,400 miles on Bring a Trailer

You know what's an awesome way to save gas? Well, buying an original Honda Insight with a manual transmission is a start, but an even better way is to not really drive at all. Like, specifically, drive only 5,400 miles in the span of 20 years. Or ... does the maths ... 270 miles per year. Considering that the OG Insight had a 10.6-gallon tank and got 53 mpg combined, well ... gives up doing the maths ... let's just say the owner didn't have a frequent pumper card at the local Chevron. 

This 2000 Honda Insight with manual transmission and yes, a mere 5,392 miles, is up for auction on Bring a Trailer. It looks as brand new as the mileage would indicate, the result of spending the first 19 years of its life barely moving in the Pacific Northwest. It's painted a sharp shade of New Formula Red with a gray cloth interior, and is quite the delightfully cute thing. It even has a tape deck. 

1990 Chevrolet 454 C/k 454 Ss With 26 Miles For Sale

1990 Chevrolet 454 C/K 454 SS with 26 miles for sale

Chevrolet no longer makes a high-performance, street-oriented pickup. But if you want a new one, you're in luck because there's a 1990 C/K 454 SS with 26 miles on its odometer listed for sale for the price of a Toyota Supra.

Florida-based Classic Cars of Sarasota describes the truck as a brand-new example that has never been used, and the photos suggest that's no exaggeration. It looks like it rolled off the assembly line a week and a half ago. The protective plastic lining hasn't been removed from the seats or the carpets, the window sticker hasn't been peeled off, and there are still crayon marks on the instrument cluster's protective film. It came from a private collection of pickup trucks, and it was stored in a climate-controlled warehouse until the dealer purchased it.

2019 Subaru Forester Long-term Update | 12,000 Miles Later

2019 Subaru Forester Long-Term Update | 12,000 miles later

Our long-term 2019 Subaru Forester has been a real workhorse in our fleet from the time we took delivery late last year. We've managed to rack up over 12,000 miles in the first five months — it's been east and west of Michigan so far, but nowhere further than a day's drive away. We'll take it on a longer road trip soon. Since Subaru calls for 6,000-mile service intervals, our local Subaru dealer just finished up the second service call on the crossover.

Both services have housed mini-events on top of the scheduled work. Subaru changed the oil, replaced the oil filter, rotated the tires and performed a multi-point inspection on both occasions. However, the first service also involved a windshield replacement. Days before our appointment with Subaru, one editor met with a rather large stone that was kicked up on the highway. This caused a large chip in the windshield that quickly developed into a crack meandering across the passenger side of the glass. After the new glass was installed, the Subaru techs had to recalibrate its Eyesight technology so the adaptive cruise control and lane-keeping tech would work correctly. It wasn't cheap — Subaru charges $250 for an Eyesight calibration after a new windshield is put in.

Grab This 1971 Datsun 240z With 21k Miles On Bring A Trailer

Grab this 1971 Datsun 240Z with 21k miles on Bring a Trailer

This jaw-dropping 1971 Datsun 240Z has just rolled onto the proverbial block at Bring a Trailer, and it's hard to imagine that it won't end up setting a record price for a first-generation Z. First of all, we have to take a moment to appreciate the rare Racing Green over brown color combo. And the factory rocker-panel stripe. Oh, man. The story is that an Indiana Datsun dealer gave this car to his son as a dental-school graduation present. The owner drove it sparingly, and the car was kept at the dealership and later at his home. A mechanic from the dealership continued to maintain the car for the owner until the owner passed away last year. The car has traveled less than 22,000 miles, none of which — it's claimed — were in inclement weather. This 240Z is said to be unrestored, and the condition certainly lends credence to the claim. Commenters are nerding out over details like the original (green) distributor, original radiator cap, and original hoses. Note also the factory AM radio, and the plastic still covering some of the interior bits. One knock against it: The wheel covers are from a later 240Z. Somehow, that seems unlikely to dampen the bidding, which at this writing is at $30k on the car's first day. One suspects it has a long way to go.

Sony Made An Iot Chip That Has A Range Of 60 Miles

Sony Made An IoT Chip That Has A Range Of 60 Miles

However, it seems that Sony has quietly developed an IoT chip that has a range of 60 miles. According to Sony, “Most IoT systems wirelessly transfer information obtained by various sensors to cloud servers, where the data is collected and processed, and the output then sent to user devices such as smartphones or tablets for display.”

This means that instead of relying on WiFi that might have a limited range or using a cellular connection, the range of 60 miles would allow IoT devices to communicate with each other and the network faster and over a greater range. According to Sony, they cite examples of its use, such as tracking your friends on a ski hill, tracking wildlife, locate ships, monitor races, and so on.