Kato Miliyah To Release The Last Album Of Her Twenties

Kato Miliyah to release the last album of her twenties

It's been revealed that Kato Miliyah will release her new album "Famme Fatale" on June 20. 

On May 9, which was the release date of her new single "ROMANCE," Kato took over her staff's Twitter account (@MILIYAH_MILIYAH) and held a Q&A. She then made a surprise announcement that she would release a new album, "The last album of my twenties!!!! Please look forward to it!"

Kato Miliyah To Release 'love×doc' Movie Theme Song

Kato Miliyah to release 'Love×Doc' movie theme song

Kato Miliyah will release a new single, titled "ROMANCE," on May 9. 

The title track is the theme song to the movie 'Love×Doc' that's scheduled to open in theaters on May 11. Besides this, the single will include "Through your eyes," which is the CM song for clothing retailer chain 'Akanoren,' and "WALK TO THE DREAM," which serves as the official support song for professional soccer club Iwaki FC. The Limited Edition DVD will contain the PVs for her "WALK TO THE DREAM" and her already released song "Kao mo Mitakunai feat. JP THE WAVE." Finally, the Complete Production Edition will 11 of Miliyah's hit songs which will be used throughout the movie. 

Kato Miliyah Collaborates With New Talent For Her Next Work

Kato Miliyah collaborates with new talent for her next work

Kato Miliyah will release a CD titled "I HATE YOU E.P." on March 21. 

The singer made this announcement on February 16 during her one-man live at Billboard Live TOKYO. In addition, she announced that she will embark on a nationwide tour in June.

Kato Miliyah × Shimizu Shota To End Their Collaboration With First Album

Kato Miliyah × Shimizu Shota to end their collaboration with first albumKato Miliyah × Shimizu Shota will release their new album (currently untitled) on April 2.
Since "Love Forever" was released back in 2009, the two have released a total of 4 singles together. Their first album will be a complete best album that will include all the songs they've released thus far. Alongside all their singles, it will contain 3 new songs as well as "Konya wa Boogie Back feat. Shimizu Shota", which was included in Kato's album "TRUE LOVERS".