Hamaguchi Masaru And Minami Akina Tie The Knot

Hamaguchi Masaru and Minami Akina tie the knot

Comedian Hamaguchi Masaru (46) and talento Minami Akina (29) have gotten married. The couple made the happy announcement on their Instagram accounts. 

He continued, "It would make us happy if you would continue to watch over us with unchanging love." Finally, he revealed, "My partner Arino-kun [of comedian duo Yoiko] served as the eyewitness."

Watanabe Ken And Minami Kaho Finalize Their Divorce

Watanabe Ken and Minami Kaho finalize their divorce

On May 17, actor Watanabe Ken (58) announced that he and actress Minami Kaho (54) have divorced. 

In a fax statement to the media, Watanabe's agency said, "This is an announcement regarding our agency's Watanabe Ken. We would like to announce that divorce has been finalized between actress Minami Kaho-san and Watanabe."

Nogizaka46's Hoshino Minami To Release First Photo Book

Nogizaka46's Hoshino Minami to release first photo book

It's been announced that Nogizaka46 member Hoshino Minami will release her first solo photo book (currently untitled) on April 10. 

The photo book was shot in Portugal. In a video uploaded onto the photo book's official Twitter account (@373_kawaii), Hoshino promotes the book saying, "In the 20 years of my life, I worked on this the hardest. I want everyone to look at it."

Anime News: Minami Hamabe To Star In Tv Live-action 'kakegurui'

ANIME NEWS: Minami Hamabe to star in TV live-action 'Kakegurui'

A live-action TV drama adaptation of the popular manga "Kakegurui--Compulsive Gambler" will premiere on Jan. 14, with Minami Hamabe playing the protagonist, Yumeko Jabami.

The drama series is based on the original manga series of the same name by Homura Kawamoto, which is currently running in the monthly Gangan Joker comic anthology. The comic book series boasts 3.7 million copies in print, with the title adapted into an animated TV series in 2017.

From Pineapple Cakes To Hot Jazz, Minami-aoyama Has It All

From pineapple cakes to hot jazz, Minami-Aoyama has it allMention Minami-Aoyama to fashionistas and the first thing they’d probably think of would be cool and breezy Comme des Garcons.
To people into architecture, the Jewels of Aoyama, designed by Jun Mitsui, which houses Cartier, and my all-time favorite building in Tokyo, the Prada building across the street, designed by Herzog and de Meuron, are what most likely comes to mind.

Akb48's Minegishi Minami Diagnosed With Kidney Cyst

AKB48's Minegishi Minami diagnosed with kidney cystIt was revealed on AKB48's official blog that a member Minegishi Minami developed kidney cyst.
The blog post read, "Team 4's Minegishi Minami canceled her appearance on today's theater performance due to her poor health, and after the examination at a hospital, she was diagnosed with kidney cyst. So, she will be focusing on the treatment for a while."

Akb48 Takahashi Minami To Lend Her Voice For 'the Smurfs 2'

AKB48 Takahashi Minami to lend her voice for 'The Smurfs 2'It was announced that idol group AKB48 member Takahashi Minami will lend her voice for the Japanese dubbed version of "The Smurfs 2". 

"The Smurfs 2" tells a story of the Smurfs teaming up with their human friends to rescue "Smurfette" who is kidnapped by evil wizard "Gargamel", and Takahashi has been chosen to voice the "Smurfette."

Takahashi Minami Celebrates Her 22nd Birthday

Takahashi Minami celebrates her 22nd birthdayTakahashi Minami celebrated her 22nd birthday by holding an event in Tokyo.

Right before the event, Takahashi was told from the staff, “only 1/3 of the audience showed up,” and she entered the room in shock and anxiety. In actuality, the room was full with 100 fans who welcomed her with a warm round of applause. In surprise, Takahashi teared up with relief, and the fans were also excited to see that they had successfully surprised her.