Trade Ministry Calls For Improvements By S.korea

Trade ministry calls for improvements by S.Korea

Japan's trade ministry says it will not agree to withdraw tighter export controls against South Korea unless Seoul is prepared to make improvements.

Ministry officials spoke to NHK after South Korean President Moon Jae-in on Monday urged Japan to drop its export controls and engage in sincere talks.

Ministry: No Damage To Airports After Earthquake

Ministry: No damage to airports after earthquake

0The Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Ministry says there has been no damage at airports in northern Japan in the wake of an earthquake on Tuesday.

The ministry says inspections at airports in Yamagata, Akita, Niigata and Fukushima prefectures revealed no damage to runways, terminal buildings or other facilities.

Defense Ministry Apologizes For Faulty Aegis Data

Defense Ministry apologizes for faulty Aegis data

The Defense Ministry is continuing its efforts to gain the understanding of the people of Akita City in northeastern Japan on its plan to deploy a land-based missile interceptor system known as Aegis Ashore.

The ministry is seeking to deploy the US-made system at the Ground Self-Defense Force's Araya Training Area.

Defense Ministry: F35a Had 2 Emergency Landings

Defense Ministry: F35A had 2 emergency landings

Japan's Defense Ministry says an F35A fighter jet that crashed into the sea off northern Japan on Tuesday had made two emergency landings in the last two years.

State Minister of Defense Kenji Harada was speaking at a Lower House committee meeting on Thursday.

Japan Defense Ministry: F35a Crash World's First

Japan Defense Ministry: F35A crash world's first

Japan's Defense Ministry says Tuesday's crash of an F35A fighter jet marks the first ever confirmed crash of this type of aircraft.

An F35B aircraft of the US Marine Corps crashed in South Carolina during training last September. The aircraft can take off and land vertically.

Ministry: Revocation Of Okinawa Permit Is Illegal

Ministry: Revocation of Okinawa permit is illegal

Japan's land ministry has decided to annul Okinawa Prefecture's decision to revoke a landfill permit for the planned relocation site of a US air base.

The landfill work is part of a plan to relocate the US Marine Corps Futenma Air Station within the prefecture from Ginowan City to the less-populated Henoko district of Nago City.

Ministry May Ease Restrictions On Foreign Trainees

Ministry may ease restrictions on foreign trainees

The labor ministry is considering easing the restrictions on technical trainees from other countries.

Under the current program, employers have to compile a detailed job description for each foreign trainee. But small and medium-sized firms often require workers to carry out multiple tasks.

Ministry Looking To Streamline Tech Updates For Self-driving Cars

Ministry looking to streamline tech updates for self-driving cars

The transport ministry is considering legislation to make it easier for automakers to update software in self-driving cars, along with a raft of provisions to prevent unwanted intrusions.

Under current laws, new technological developments such as automatic braking or lane changing, can only be updated on self-driving cars one unit at a time. Car owners then have to take their upgraded vehicle to inspection centers for a safety check confirmation before the technology can be used.

Ministry Panel: No Systematic Cover-up Found

Ministry panel: No systematic cover-up found

A special investigative panel of Japan's health and labor ministry has concluded that there was no systematic cover-up of the ministry's flawed statistics, although the office in charge made false explanations.

The ministry set up the panel of outside experts in January to examine problems linked to its monthly survey on wages and working hours.

Ministry Panel: No Cover-up Found In Data Scandal

Ministry panel: No cover-up found in data scandal

A special investigative panel of Japan's health and labor ministry says there was no systematic cover-up in the ministry's flawed statistics scandal.

The ministry set up the panel of outside experts in January to probe illegalities linked to its monthly survey on wages and working hours.

Ministry Officials Deny Knowing Of Flawed Data

Ministry officials deny knowing of flawed data

NHK has learned that all of the Japanese labor ministry's senior officials who were involved in flawed surveys deny previously knowing that the figures were skewed.

The problem surfaced last year, and involves monthly labor ministry surveys on wages and working hours dating back to 2004. The ministry failed to poll all applicable businesses in Tokyo, and also used inappropriate methods to conduct the surveys.

Abe: Different Ministry To Probe Faulty Stats

Abe: Different ministry to probe faulty stats

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe says he will assign a probe into the labor ministry's faulty statistics gathering to a bureau that specializes in inspection of administrative procedures.

Abe was responding to a question from an opposition lawmaker at an Upper House budget committee meeting on Wednesday regarding the scandal on flawed surveys.