Death Toll Hits 74, Rescuers Search For Missing

Death toll hits 74, rescuers search for missing

Authorities are grappling with the ongoing fallout from Typhoon Hagibis that killed at least 74 people. Rescue crews are still trying to locate missing people, while emergency crews are trying to deliver food and supplies to those struggling to cope.

In Miyagi prefecture, People stranded by the disaster wrote messages in the debris, urging officials to send help.

Rescuers Search For Missing, Death Toll Hits 74

Rescuers search for missing, death toll hits 74

Authorities in Japan are still trying to get a handle on the extent of the damage after Typhoon Hagibis tore through the country. At least 74 people have been confirmed dead.

Emergency crews have been racing to locate people who remain missing.

Emergency Crews Search For Missing, Assess Damage

Emergency crews search for missing, assess damage

Japanese authorities are still trying to get a handle on the extent of the damage after typhoon Hagibis tore through the country.

At least 74 people have now been confirmed dead. Emergency crews have been trying to locate those who remain missing.

Emergency Crews Search For Missing After Typhoon

Emergency crews search for missing after typhoon

Emergency crews are still trying to locate people who went missing after Typhoon Hagibis devastated parts of Japan over the weekend. Authorities say the death toll now stands at 72.

A member of Japan's Self-Defense Forces recorded a video from a helmet-cam on Sunday, as residents from a flooded nursing home were airlifted to safety.

Police In Yamanashi End Search For Missing Girl

Police in Yamanashi end search for missing girl

Police in Yamanashi Prefecture, west of Tokyo, say they will end their large-scale search efforts for a 7-year-old girl who went missing from a camp site last month.

Misaki Ogura, an elementary school first grader from the city of Narita, Chiba Prefecture, disappeared from a campground in the village of Doshi on September 21.

One Of Missing Fishers Found In Capsized Boat

One of missing fishers found in capsized boat

Rescuers have found one of eight fishers who went missing after their boat capsized in rough seas off Japan's northern island of Hokkaido. The man found was without vital signs.

Japan Coast Guard officials say the 29-ton saury boat lost contact on Tuesday about 640 kilometers off the eastern tip of Hokkaido.

Seoul Seen Missing Deadline For Arbitration Panel

Seoul seen missing deadline for arbitration panel

South Korea will likely fail to meet the deadline for acting to establish an arbitration panel on the issue of wartime labor.

South Korea's Supreme Court ordered Japanese firms to pay damages to plaintiffs who say they were forced to work during World War Two. They have begun court procedures for selling off some of the firms' assets that have been seized.

One Missing In Kagoshima Mudslide

One missing in Kagoshima mudslide

Authorities in Kagoshima Prefecture, southwestern Japan, say one woman is missing after a home was destroyed by a mudslide in Soo City.

Neighbors reported the mudslide shortly before 7:00 a.m. on Thursday.

Govt. Raps University With Missing Intl. Students

Govt. raps university with missing intl. students

The Japanese government is taking action against a university for losing track of more than a thousand foreign students.

The government launched an inquiry into Tokyo University of Social Welfare after it came to light that many foreign students, including Vietnamese and Nepalese, were unaccounted for at a campus in Kita Ward, Tokyo. The school has four campuses across Japan.

Search For Missing Vessel Crew Continues

Search for missing vessel crew continues

The search will continue for missing crewmembers of a cargo vessel that sank off eastern Japan, after tapping sounds were heard from inside on Monday.

The Senshomaru, with a crew of five, collided with another freighter before dawn on Sunday in waters off Chiba Prefecture near Tokyo.

Iwaya: Recovered Pieces May Come From Missing Jet

Iwaya: Recovered pieces may come from missing jet

Japanese Defense Minister Takeshi Iwaya has revealed that officials may have found pieces of a missing Japanese Air Self-Defense Force F-35 fighter jet.

The advanced stealth combat aircraft, which was procured from the United States, went down in waters off Aomori Prefecture, northern Japan, on April 9. It and the pilot are still missing.

Research Vessel To Join Search For Missing F35 Jet

Research vessel to join search for missing F35 jet

Ocean research vessel Kaimei will join the search for a F-35 stealth fighter in northern Japan. The jet went down in waters off Aomori Prefecture on April 9.

Search operations for the pilot and most parts of the aircraft are running into difficulties as the ocean in the area is up to 1,500 meters deep.

Japan Sdf Searching For Missing Jet And Pilot

Japan SDF searching for missing jet and pilot

Japan's Self-Defense Force is continuing its search for a stealth fighter jet that crashed off northern Japan Tuesday evening.

The F35A from Misawa Air Base disappeared from the radar screen at around 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, Japan time.