Details On Miwa's First Best-of Album Revealed

Details on miwa's first best-of album revealed

The details on miwa's first best-of album "miwa THE BEST" have been revealed.

The 2-disc set will come with a total of 31 songs including all 28 of her singles as well as "Unchained Love," which is the insert song for the drama 'Signal: Choki Mikaiketsu Jiken Sosahan,' her new song "Acoustic Story," and "Meguro-gawa," which was been popular among her fans since her debut days. The Complete Production Edition and Limited Edition will come with a Blu-ray/DVD containing 10 music videos. 

Miwa's New Song To Be Used In Drama 'setoutsumi'

miwa's new song to be used in drama 'Setoutsumi'

miwa's new song "We are the light" will be used as the ending theme for drama 'Setoutsumi', which will air beginning October 13.

'Setoutsumi' is based on a manga by Konomoto Kazuya that's currently being serialized in 'Bessatsu Shounen Champion.' It's a comedy that revolves around the everyday lives of two high school boys played by Takasugi Mahiro and Hayama Shono.

Little Glee Monster Participate In Miwa's New Song 'fighting-fi-girls'

Little Glee Monster participate in miwa's new song 'fighting-fi-girls'It's been announced that the members of Little Glee Monster will be participating in miwa's new song "fighting-?-girls".
"fighting-?-girls" is the title track to miwa's new single which will drop in stores on January 28. It was written as the theme song for TBS drama 'Masshiro' starring Horikita Maki (January 13 premiere).