Pokemon Unite Is An Upcoming Moba Game For The Nintendo Switch And Mobile

Pokemon Unite Is An Upcoming MOBA Game For The Nintendo Switch And Mobile

The Pokemon franchise has evolved greatly over the years where it has been released in multiple formats. For example there is the classic Game Boy version of the game, then there is the collectible card version, and then there is also the mobile version in the form of Pokemon GO.

Now it looks like we have a new Pokemon game in a new format to look forward to in the form of Pokemon Unite. With this new game, the Pokemon franchise will now be playable as a MOBA game where players will be able to battle other players in 5-vs-5 games where they’ll be able to choose from various Pokemon as their “heroes”.

Nintendo Could Be Looking To Scale Back On Their Mobile Development Efforts

Nintendo Could Be Looking To Scale Back On Their Mobile Development Efforts

According to the report, it alleges that Nintendo is apparently looking to scale back on their mobile development efforts. While the company isn’t quitting mobile completely, it seems that the company’s success with Animal Crossing: New Horizons on the Nintendo Switch has reaffirmed what they had previously thought, which was that console gaming is where it’s at.

This alleged decision shouldn’t come as a surprise. Back in May, Nintendo’s president Shuntaro Furukawa had already hinted of the company’s mobile plans, where he was quoted as saying, “We are not necessarily looking to continue releasing many new applications for the mobile market.”

Nintendo Has Made $1 Billion In Revenue From Mobile To Date

Nintendo Has Made $1 Billion In Revenue From Mobile To Date

For the longest time ever, Nintendo resisted making the jump to mobile. The company had their own reasons, but it seemed to fly in defiance of the market and how more developers were starting to treat mobile as a serious gaming platform. The company has since made the shift and it looks like it has paid off.

According to the latest figures from Sensor Tower (which are no official, by the way), it seems that Nintendo’s decision to start developing mobile games has paid off in a huge way. The report claims that to date, the company has made a whopping $1 billion from games on both iOS and Android devices.

Unused Mobile Phones In Japan Valued At $19 Bil.

Unused mobile phones in Japan valued at $19 bil.

A new study estimates that the total market value of unused mobile phones across Japan is about 19 billion dollars.

The research was conducted by Katsuhiro Miyamoto, Professor Emeritus at Kansai University, and a company that buys and sells secondhand phones.

Mobile Phone Networks Fully Restored In Chiba

Mobile phone networks fully restored in Chiba

Mobile phone services by Japan's three major carriers have been fully restored in Chiba Prefecture, 10 days after the networks were disrupted by a typhoon.

NTT Docomo said on Thursday that its mobile phone connectivity has returned to normal in all areas of the prefecture located east of Tokyo. The other major mobile carriers, KDDI and Softbank, had earlier resumed full services.

Mobile Carriers Offer Free Charging In Chiba Pref.

Mobile carriers offer free charging in Chiba Pref.

Typhoon Faxai that made landfall on Chiba Prefecture near Tokyo on Monday has left hundreds of thousands of households and businesses without power. Japan's three major mobile carriers are offering free phone charging and WiFi services.

NTT Docomo, KDDI and SoftBank have placed chargers at their shops, municipal offices, public halls, community centers and health and welfare centers in affected areas of the prefecture.

7-eleven Japan Shuts Down Mobile Payment After $500k Stolen

7-Eleven Japan Shuts Down Mobile Payment After $500K Stolen

7-Eleven Japan recently launched a mobile payments feature on its 7Pay app which enabled customers to simply scan a barcode in the app and charge a linked credit or debit card. Merely a week after this was announced, the feature has been pulled after a vulnerability in the app allowed hackers to steal $500,000 from users through bogus charges.

The company had received a complaint about this the very next day after launching the feature on July 1st. A customer had noticed that they had been billed a charge that they didn’t make. The flaw in the app simply required hackers to know the user’s date of birth, email, and phone number.

Sony Confirms Which Countries It Has Dropped For Mobile

Sony confirms which countries it has dropped for mobile

Sony held a corporate strategy day earlier today, detailing its medium-term plans for the business to FY 2020 (31 March 2021). An update on each of the businesses was given, including the Electronics Products & Solutions Segment (EP&S) which now houses the mobile communication (MC) business under its umbrella.

Ios 13 Will Turn Iphones Into A Mobile Ps4 Console

iOS 13 Will Turn iPhones Into A Mobile PS4 Console

With the announcement of iOS 13, it was revealed that Apple would finally be bringing support for controllers from the likes of Sony and its DualShock 4 controller used for the PS4 console. However, what some might not have realized and as reported by MacRumors, it seems that this has a bigger implication than we think.

This is because Sony has an app called the Remote Play app that they launched back in March. For those who are unfamiliar with the app, basically what it does is that it lets you stream games from your PS4 to your iPhone over WiFi. This essentially turns your iPhone into a mobile gaming console, but unfortunately, the on-screen controls and also third-party controllers were a less than stellar experience.