Youtube For Android Gets Its Own Incognito Mode

YouTube For Android Gets Its Own Incognito Mode

A feature that Google Chrome users are well accustomed to is making its way to the official YouTube app for Android. The company has added an incognito mode to the app which is quite similar to the one in Google’s popular web browser. The mode is available in the Account section of the YouTube for Android app.

It’s already possible to pause the watch history in the YouTube app but the incognito mode takes things one step further. It will let users browse videos on the mobile app without leaving any trace. Browsing in incognito mode will not result in any changes in their recommendations as well.

How To Use Guest Mode On Android

How To Use Guest Mode on Android

Thankfully, since Android 5.0 Lollipop, Google has added a functionality called “Guest Mode” that is meant to keep any third party using our smartphone – with our consent – limited to a specific set of apps. Setting up and using Guest Mode is very simple, and we are going to be guiding you through the process step by step.

Guest Mode can be accessed via the Settings app. The path leading to it might vary depending on the manufacturer’s UI, but it is there.

Some Of Sony's Xperia Phones Has A Hidden 120hz Mode

Some Of Sony's Xperia Phones Has A Hidden 120Hz Mode

One of the selling points of the Razer Phone is the fact that it comes with a 120Hz display, making the scrolling and watching videos on the screen a very pleasurable experience. We expect that it is possible that one day more phones will feature 120Hz displays, but as it turns out quite a number of them already so, or at least in secret.

According to the folks at XDA, they have discovered that a number of Sony Xperia phones actually come with 120Hz displays, except that they have yet to be enabled for whatever reason. It was initially rumored that the Sony Xperia XZ Premium came with such a display and it was recently confirmed through some digging around in the source code.

Youtube Dark Mode Coming To Ios And Android

YouTube Dark Mode Coming To iOS And Android

YouTube added a dark mode to the desktop website last year and this gave mobile users hope that the company would bring a dark mode to the mobile apps as well. That’s finally happening today. YouTube has confirmed that it’s rolling out a dark mode for the iOS and Android apps. The dark theme won’t be activated by default so users will have to venture into the settings and enable it manually.

Users particularly like dark themes as it makes it easier to use apps in low light and in the dark. It was reported a couple of months ago that Google might soon bring a dark mode to its YouTube app after adding one to the desktop site last year.

Sony Brings Night Light And One-handed Mode To Xperia Xz2

Sony brings Night Light and One-handed mode to Xperia XZ2

Sony Mobile will finally add a ‘Night Light' mode to its official Xperia firmware for the first time. The new feature will be introduced in the Xperia XZ2, with the option found under the Display settings. We really enjoyed using the feature when Sony had included Night Light in its Xperia Concept firmware, so we're excited to see that Sony is baking this into its official firmware now.

Dark Mode Could Finally Be Coming To Android P

Dark Mode Could Finally Be Coming To Android P

For several years now we have seen Google tease the possibility of dark mode coming to Android. While dark mode in some apps are available, what many users are looking for is a system-wide implementation of the feature. Now in the past Google has teased the feature going back to Android Marshmallow and also Android Nougat.

However for whatever reasons, none of them made the final cut, but it seems that Android P could be our next chance. This is according to a report from 9to5Google who noticed on the Google Issue Tracker that a user had put in a request for dark mode to be added to Android 9.0, in which they cited battery savings on OLED displays as a potential benefit.

Shadow Of The Colossus: Photo Mode Revealed

Shadow of the Colossus: Photo Mode Revealed

Shadow of the Colossus has long been admired for its breathtaking landscapes and amazing vistas, not to mention the colossi themselves.

As we rebuilt the visuals for the game from the ground up (literally), one of the things we decided we had to include was a Photo Mode. We found ourselves spending more and more time with Photo Mode as the system took shape, grabbing photos we thought captured moments that were unique and awe-inspiring. Take a look below at some of the photos the Bluepoint team captured during development.

Gran Turismo Sport Single-player Mode Confirmed

Gran Turismo Sport Single-Player Mode Confirmed

Gran Turismo Sport was released a few weeks back and players have already clocked in more than 26 million hours of gameplay across the globe. We now have some updates on what’s to come next with Patch 1.06 in November and the launch of the “GT League” next month. All Gran Turismo Sport players will receive three new cars for free starting November 27th. The upcoming patch is also going to bring the Livery Editor, Scapes and Campaign modes will become available for offline play. However, internet access will be required to save progress.

The brand new single player mode called GT League is going to be released as part of the free December update. It’s based on the old “GT Mode” of previous games. Players will be racing through a series of cup competitions from the beginner to pro levels. They can even take part in endurance races.

First Details: Call Of Duty Wwii's Zombies Mode

First Details: Call of Duty WWII's Zombies Mode

Ever since 2008's Call of Duty: World at War, I've hugely appreciated the Zombies co-op mode that has evolved into a series staple. With Sledgehammer Games taking the reins for COD: WWII, I've been dying to learn how this talented studio will innovate on one of the most popular cooperative shooters in history.

This is an especially important question since some of Sledgehammer's founding members were responsible for the horror classic Dead Space! So we tossed a batch of questions at COD: WWII's Zombies lead Jon Horsley, senior director at Sledgehammer Games, to learn what the studio is up to. Read on to get the first nitty-gritty details on COD: WWII's Zombies mode, straight from Sledgehammer.

Nintendo Switch Will Download Games Faster In Sleep Mode

Nintendo Switch Will Download Games Faster In Sleep Mode

These days web paces are sufficiently quick where you'll have the capacity to download enormous records in impressively shorter measures of time than some time recently. In any case we figure nobody likes holding up, and in the event that you are attempting to download diversions from the eShop on your Nintendo Switch, you might need to attempt this little trick.

As you can find in the video above set up together by the people at GameXplain, it appears that it has been seen that if you somehow happened to put the Nintendo Switch in rest mode, you will have the capacity to download recreations speedier contrasted with typical. The correct measurements are misty since it is hard to judge as rest mode does not give you a chance to check your advance, but rather the tests led have found that your downloads ought to be speedier by around 15% versus if your reassure is in use.