Sony: Ps4 Pro Boost Mode Will Speed Up Older Games

Sony: PS4 Pro Boost Mode Will Speed Up Older GamesSony has been sharing details about some of the new features that the upcoming firmware version 4.50 will bring to the PlayStation 4. It’s rolling out the beta version of the firmware to testers who will put the update through its paces before Sony decides to release it to the public. One of the new features included in firmware version 4.50 is Boost Mode for the PlayStation 4 Pro.

Facelifted Toyota Gt86 Arrives In Europe With Track Mode

Facelifted Toyota GT86 Arrives In Europe With Track ModeAfter it replaced the Scion FR-S in North America earlier this year, the Toyota 86 is now available in European markets as the refreshed GT86.
Priced from £25,495 ($33,732) in the United Kingdom, where it will go on sale from October, it features a new 'Track' mode, which allows the driver to adjust the level of stability and traction control, and includes a 'fully off' option.

A Nissan Nismo Leaf Could Go The Ludicrous Mode Route

A Nissan NISMO Leaf could go the Ludicrous mode route Exciting electric cars are a recent development. Tesla has the market mostly to itself for now, with companies like Porsche and BMW trying to get up to speed. Nissan is showing signs that it could liven things up, though. First, there's the BladeGlider, and now there might be a hotter Leaf on the way.

Sony: Watch Dogs 2: Bounty Mode Promises Seamless Pvp

Sony: Watch Dogs 2: Bounty Mode Promises Seamless PVPWatch Dogs 2 is, among other things, about technology’s potential to unite communities and forge new connections among like-minded individuals. That’s reflected in protagonist Marcus Holloway’s constant collaboration with the Dedsec hacker collective, and their goal of continually recruiting new followers. It’s also reflected in the game’s seamless multiplayer, which invisibly merges your session with those of other players to create organic opportunities for co-op and PvP.

Android N To Feature Night Mode

Android N To Feature Night ModeLast year when Google announced Android 6.0 Marshmallow, one of the features noticed in the developer preview was a Dark theme setting. What this does is that it gives the UI a dark makeover which when used at night, is less glaring than having a white UI shining into your eyes. Unfortunately the feature never made it to the final release.

Street Fighter V Could Get An Extensive Story Mode

Street Fighter V Could Get An Extensive Story ModeWhen it comes to the Street Fighter series, it has a story to it, although given that the series is more of an arcade fighting game rather than an RPG, obviously its story isn’t as fleshed out compared to games like World of Warcraft, Diablo, Assassin’s Creed, and etc. However for those wanting to learn more about the Street Fighter universe, you could be in luck.

Nintendo Minecraft: Story Mode Wii U Release Date Confirmed

Nintendo Minecraft: Story Mode Wii U Release Date ConfirmedMinecraft never really had a story mode until Telltale stepped into the picture. It was confirmed last year that Telltale is going to develop an episodic adaptation of one of the most popular games on the planet and Minecraft: Story Mode arrived on major gaming platforms last autumn. It has been confirmed today that Minecraft: Story Mode will now be making its way to Nintendo Wii U in the near future.