Sony Action Cam Update Adds 1080p Recording At 60fps, Underwater Mode

Sony Action Cam update adds 1080p recording at 60fps, underwater modeSony today announced a software update to its wearable point-of-view video camera, allowing Action Cam owners to achieve 1080/60p recording and more. In addition to enhancing the camera's high performance features, Sony is rolling out a variety of new mounts that will open up the possibilities for this powerful yet compact POV cam.

God Mode Storms Sony Psn April 23

God Mode Storms Sony PSN April 23Old School Games is a new game studio launched by Saber Interactive whose focus is to deliver low-cost, high-quality downloadable titles. Using Saber’s technology and development platform, we strive to create digital games that look like retail products. With our first release, God Mode, we wanted to create a lighthearted throwback experience, which focuses on arcade-style action over story. We came up with a classic premise – fighting to get out of Hell – then wrapped it in a third-person shooter with 3D graphics on par with full-price titles. Finally, we added a slew weapons: plasma launchers, rail guns and what we affectionately call the “buzzsaw,” in order to wipe out waves and waves of demonic hordes.

Nintendo : Multiplayer Mode Makes A Ghostly Appearance In Luigi Mansion: Dark Moon

Nintendo : MULTIPLAYER MODE MAKES A GHOSTLY APPEARANCE IN LUIGI MANSION: DARK MOONNintendo has revealed new information about Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon launching exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS family of systems on March 24. Luigi stumbles through multiple mansions to capture ghosts and solve puzzles armed with his trusty ghost-catching vacuum cleaner, the Poltergust 5000, and in a series first, the game will feature local and online multiplayer modes, as well as Download Play capabilities.

Sony Sports Champions 2 Improved Archery Mode Hits The Mark

Sony Sports Champion's 2?s Improved Archery Mode Hits the MarkSports Champions 2 will be releasing this fall for PlayStation Move, adding new sports such as skiing, boxing, tennis, bowling and golf, in addition to a much-evolved archery mode. These six sports lend themselves particularly well to motion gaming, with some requiring strategy and finesse and others a blend of speed and reaction time.

Sony Sound Shapes Preorder, Level Editor And Trophy Mode Detailed

Sony Sound Shapes Preorder, Level Editor and Trophy Mode DetailedFellows! We've are absolutely gagging here to get Sound Shapes into your hands. Gagging! We wish it could be in your hands right now! But unfortunately that can't be, as this week saw the release of The Expendables 2 as part of the PSN Play promotion, not us. However! If you're popping into PlayStation Store to pick it up at any point this week you can also pre-order Sound Shapes and get an exclusive PS3 theme.