Tesla Model 3 The Only American Car In Consumer Reports Top 10 List For 2020

Tesla Model 3 the only American car in Consumer Reports top 10 list for 2020

Consumer Reports is out with its top 10 picks for best cars of the year, with increased emphasis for 2020 on safety technologies and its rankings based for the first time on price point rather than segment categories. Models from Asian brands cleaned up, with the Tesla Model 3 as the lone entrant from an American automaker on the list and the controversial Toyota Supra making an appearance.

Among 33 brands tested, Porsche was named top vehicle brand, with Genesis staying at No. 2 and Subaru dropping two places to third.

Shuri Castle Main Hall Rebuilt As 3d Digital Model

Shuri Castle main hall rebuilt as 3D digital model

A group of researchers has reconstructed in 3D digital form the main hall of fire-hit Shuri Castle in Okinawa Prefecture using some 30,000 images provided by the public.

The group for the Shuri Castle Digital Reconstruction project says about 3,000 people sent in photos and video clips they had taken during their visits to the castle. It says the images were sent not only from Japan but China, South Korea and elsewhere.