Morning Musume To Release First Album In Three Years

Morning Musume to release first album in three years

Morning Musume.'17 will release a new album titled "(15) Thank you, too" on December 6.

Details regarding the track list is currently unknown. The album's limited edition will come with a Blu-ray containing footage from "Morning Musume Kessei 20 Shunen Kinen Event ~21nenme mo Ganbatte Ikimashoi!~", which was held in September at Shinkiba STUDIO COAST. The last original album Morning Musume released was "14shou ~The message~" about three years ago. 

Cafe Starts Morning Comedy Skits For People Going To Work

Cafe starts morning comedy skits for people going to workA Tokyo branch of cafe-restaurant chain Pronto has begun holding morning comedy skits to lighten people's moods before they head to work.
The skits at the eatery's Kanda store in Tokyo's Chiyoda Ward were planned to boost morning sales, which are already doing well. For about 25 minutes starting at 8 a.m. on Jan. 18, around 50 people watched three comedy skits performed by professional actors in a space on the shop's second floor.

Akb48 To Sing Theme Song For Nhk Morning Drama 'asa Ga Kita'

AKB48 to sing theme song for NHK morning drama 'Asa ga Kita'AKB48 will be in charge of the theme song for the next NHK morning drama 'Asa ga Kita'. This announcement was made on August 18 at NHK Broadcasting Center.
"Asa ga Kita" is modeled after a businesswoman named Hirooka Asako, who lived during the end of the Edo Period to the Meiji Period. This will be the first NHK morning drama where the story begins at the end of the Edo Period. As previously reported, the protagonist 'Asa' will be played by Haru, Asa's husband 'Shinjiro' by Tamaki Hiroshi, and Asa's older sister 'Hatsu' by Miyazaki Aoi.

Iriya Asagao Matsuri (morning Glory Festival)

Iriya Asagao Matsuri (Morning Glory Festival)Iriya Asagao Matsuri, held from July 6 to 8 every year, is the largest festival in Japan dedicated to morning glories. The 120 producers and 100 fair stalls that line Iriya Kishimojin—meaning Iriya’s goddess of childbirth and children, and the common name for Shingen-ji Temple—and Kototoi-dori Street attract as many as 400,000 people during the three-day period each year.
The morning glories of Iriya are said to have gained fame around the late Edo period. The flowers were initially cultivated in Okachimachi, and as times changed they switched hands to producers in Iriya. By the mid Meiji period, the Iriya breeds were so attractive that they became popular as decorative plants.