Additional Cast Members For Yoshitaka Yuriko's Starring Nhk Morning Drama Revealed

Additional cast members for Yoshitaka Yuriko's starring NHK morning drama revealedYoshitaka Yuriko and other cast members of NHK's morning drama for 2014 "Hanako to Anne" made appearances at the press conference.
"Hanako to Anne" features half of Muraoka Hanako's life who is known as the translator of Lucy Maud Montgomery's "Anne of Green Gable". It tells the story of the protagonist Hanako (Yoshitaka), who was born in a poor family in Yamanashi, trying to pursue her dream to be a translator, and how she inspires others after overcoming earthquake disasters and war.

Morning Musume Celebrates Their 16th Anniversary

Morning Musume celebrates their 16th anniversaryOn September 14th, Morning Musume held their 16th anniversary event 'Watashitachi ga, Ima no Morning Musume desu. 17-nen mo, Saa, Ikouka.' at Bellesalle Shibuya Garden. 
This day marked exactly 16 years since the group's name was announced on the broadcast of TV Tokyo's 'ASAYAN' (1997). Leader Michishige Sayumi (24) expressed, "We were able to safely make 16 years thanks to everyone who always supports us." 

Morning Musume Kimi Sae Ireba Nani Mo Iranai Mv

Morning Musume Kimi sae Ireba Nani mo Iranai MVMorning Musume’s 53rd single “Brainstorming/Kimi sae Ireba Nani mo Iranai” is set for release on April 17.

In the end of last month, they released the MV for “Brainstorming” with the English subtitles, and now the subtitled MV for other title track “Kimi sae Ireba Nani mo Iranai” has been revealed.

Morning Musume Reveales Pv For Brainstorming

Morning Musume reveales PV for BrainstormingThe official YouTube channel of Morning Musume shared the full PV for their 53rd single, “Brainstorming“!

As a bonus for international fans, the entire PV contains subtitles in English.

The single is set for official release on April 17, in the meantime check out the PV below!

Morning Musume To Hold 12th Generation Member Audition

Morning Musume to hold 12th generation member auditionProducer Tsunku made a surprise appearance at Morning Musume’s live tour where he announced that he will be opening the group’s 12th generation member audition. The new audition will have the theme “future girl audition”. He declared, “I want to discover a natural, future girl that will make tomorrow’s generation for Morning Musume.”