6 Killed In Motorcycle Accident In Nara

6 killed in motorcycle accident in Nara

Police in the city of Nara, western Japan, say 6 people died and 2 others were severely injured in an accident involving multiple motorcycles.

Police say they received a report at around 2:30 AM on Friday that motorcycles appeared to have collided.

Kawasaki Concept J: Futuristic 3-wheel Transforming Motorcycle Is Back

Kawasaki Concept J: Futuristic 3-wheel transforming motorcycle is back

At the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show, Kawasaki unveiled the three-wheeled, battery-powered, transforming Concept J motorcycle. Looking like perilous technology teleported from Canis Major, the Concept J rider has a choice of slinking over a low-down sportbike, or sitting upright on an urban cruiser. In sportbike mode, the suspension pulls the two front wheels close together. In town-touring mode, the seat rises, the footpegs drop, and the front wheels spread for easy stance.

When we didn't hear anything about the bike after Tokyo, everyone assumed the Concept J took its neon green shark fin and red Tron hub to the overstuffed graveyard of concept vehicles. But it seems Kawasaki's playing the long game: The Japanese bikemaker's U.S. arm posted a promo vid that features the Concept J. The alien wonder's appearance could be another MacGuffin, but Honda and Yamaha have shown motorcycles with features that intersect with the Concept J. Honda displayed its self balancing Riding Assist-e, with its automatically adjusting front geometry, at last year's Tokyo Motor Show. Yamaha put its three-wheeled Tri-City into production in 2014, then followed that up with the more powerful, and weirder, three-wheeled Niken last year.

Yamaha Niken Three-wheeled Motorcycle Is Amazingly Planned For Production

Yamaha Niken three-wheeled motorcycle is amazingly planned for production

We wouldn't believe it if we hadn't read it with our own eyes, but Yamaha says it's going to put a three-wheeled leaning motorcycle called the Niken into production. The oddball beast debuted at the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show, and while it's not the first leaning three-wheeler we've ever seen – the Piaggio MP3 immediately comes to mind – it's definitely the most surprising.

We're woefully short on details, other than the fact that the Niken sports a 900cc three-cylinder engine and is about 7 feet long and 3 feet wide. The two wheels up front are 15-inch units, making them a couple inches smaller than typical sportbike wheels, and they are propped up by twin dual-tube fork units. And did we mention it leans into corners like a traditional two-wheeler?

Honda's Neo Sports Cafe Concept Previews A Retro-flavored Motorcycle

Honda's Neo Sports Cafe concept previews a retro-flavored motorcycle

Honda took the wraps off its retro-influenced Neo Sports Cafe, its newest concept motorcycle with clear links to both its CB1000R and an earlier concept sportbike it debuted two years ago. Honda said little about this concept, other than to describe it as a "naked sport model that combines the fun and beauty of a sport bike with a new-generation motorcycle package." The production version will make its official debut next month at the EICMA show in Milan. Much of the chatter around this concept suggests that it foreshadows an update of the CB1000R, a naked sportbike with a 998cc, inline-four engine that Honda unveiled in 2010. It also bears a strong resemblance to the CB4 concept it unveiled at the EICMA show in Milan in 2015. The Neo Sports Cafe gets a metallic red finish, a round LED headlamp and a water-cooled, fuel-injected inline four-cylinder engine. Honda released two teaser videos, which you can watch below.

Honda Gold Wing Motorcycle Goes On A Diet For 2018

Honda Gold Wing motorcycle goes on a diet for 2018

The Honda Gold Wing is one of the most recognizable model series from the Japanese manufacturer. For a long time, the Gold Wing name has stood for a cushy bike with a lot of creature comforts, and in its 2018 redesign the company wanted to scale back the heft a bit. The next-generation bike was to be a sharper version of itself.

As Gold Wing project leader Yutaka Nakanishi puts it: "We wanted our new Gold Wing to maintain its luxury but to be a much more 'rounded' motorcycle. A machine as useful to its owner around the city as it is out on tour. And more exciting to ride than ever. So we started from a blank piece of paper and made the Gold Wing sharper and lighter, and added all the technological hardware and software the modern rider could wish for."

Yamaha Hints At New Concept Car, Reveals Motorcycle Concepts

Yamaha hints at new concept car, reveals motorcycle concepts

Yamaha is going to have a big display at this year's Tokyo Motor Show. The company announced that it will have 20 vehicles altogether, six of which will be revealed to the world for the first time, and another four will make their debut in Japan for the first time. The vehicles at the booth won't all be pure two-wheeled motorcycles either. At least one is a funky four-wheeled motorcycle/car cross-breed. Yamaha also says that it will have an "automobile design concept model." The company didn't give any further details on it. We certainly hope that it will be as cool as the Sports Ride, its three-cylinder, mid-engine, 1,650-pound sports car from the 2015 Tokyo show.

As it turns out, Yamaha hasn't yet revealed many of its debut models for this year's Tokyo show, but it did reveal some of its concepts. The two newest are the MOTOROiD motorcycle and the MWC-4 "leaning multi-wheel" or LMW for short.

Honda's Latest Concept Is A Self-balancing Motorcycle

Honda's Latest Concept Is A Self-Balancing Motorcycle

A host of images and preliminary details about a new motorcycle concept Honda has created have emerged prior to the bike’s Tokyo Motor Show debut later this month.

Dubbed the Riding Assist-e, the bike is special because it is self-balancing. Ride Apart says that no concrete details have been confirmed about how the bike manages to maintain balance at low speed, however.

Honda Bringing Riding Assist-e Concept Motorcycle To Tokyo Motor Show

Honda bringing Riding Assist-e concept motorcycle to Tokyo Motor Show

Honda brought balance to this year's Consumer Electronics Show with the Riding Assist self-leveling motorcycle. Honda engineers reworked the front end of the pliant, compact frame of an NC 700, installing an evolution of the self-balancing system used on the Honda UNI-CUB to create a bike that remains upright without assistance from the rider. The Riding Assist didn't use gyroscopes; a new brain managed a steer-by-wire system and a few electric motors that turned the front wheel, changed the front-end geometry, and enabled an autonomous mode. For this month's Tokyo Motor Show, Honda's bringing the next step in the tech: an electric version called the Riding Assist-e.

At the moment, we don't have any specs on the electric powertrain, but we do know that it's wholly separate from the robotic, self-leveling system. The under-seat electric motor likely sits above the battery, is cooled by a rear-mounted radiator, and is charged via a port on the left side of the bike. A driveshaft in the single-sided swingarm turns the rear wheel.

Electric Mugen Animals Show Up At The 44th Tokyo Motorcycle Show

Electric Mugen monsters show up at the 44th Tokyo Motorcycle Show

Mugen has as of late unleashed several animals on Tokyo. Luckily for improvement, these mammoths were made for crushing turf and landing region, not ocean side urban groups. Meet the E.Rex and Shinden Roku (神電 六) – the last translates for the most part as God of force six.

The association, best known for arranging and dispersing post-retail execution parts for Honda vehicles, has as far back as five years been building bikes to fight in the TT Zero: the world's presentation electric bicycle roadracing event. It's won the last three, in the wake of coming in second place in its underlying two attempts. Amass Mugen are the odds on most adored for the present year additionally, and with decision veterans John McGuinness and Guy Martin named as riders, are depended upon to again set another record, beating the 120 mile-per-hour ordinary speed check they came so close last year.

Launch Of The Honda Rebel + Aviator Nation Motorcycle At Sxsw

Launch of the Honda Rebel + Aviator Nation Motorcycle at SXSWThis year's SXSW festival-goers will get an up-close and personal look at the ultimate motorcycle for the next generation of rider – the 2017 Honda Rebel & the Honda Rebel + Aviator Nation limited edition cruiser. The mainstream launch of this unique collaboration kicks off at the Waterloo Records Day Parties taking place in Austin, TX from March 15th – March 18th.

Honda's 3d-printed Customizable Ev Has Motorcycle Bones

Honda's 3D-printed customizable EV has motorcycle bonesHonda isn't the first company to reveal vehicles with 3D-printed panels, details and more. However, it's certainly one of the biggest, so its efforts warrant a closer look. Fresh off the heels of the Paris Auto Show, Honda showed off its Variable Design platform for micro EVs: petite cars where space -- and weight -- is at a premium.

Honda At The 32nd Osaka Motorcycle Show 2016 And The 43rd Tokyo Motorcycle Show

Honda at the 32nd Osaka Motorcycle Show 2016 and the 43rd Tokyo Motorcycle ShowHonda will exhibit motorcycle models spanning several categories at the 32nd Osaka Motorcycle Show 2016 from Saturday, March 19 to Monday, March 21 at Intex Osaka, and the 43rd Tokyo Motorcycle Show from Friday, March 25 to Sunday, March 27 at Tokyo Big Sight. A total of 21 models will be exhibited at the motorcycle shows, presenting an enriched motorcycle lifestyle to a wide range of visitors.