Japan Olympic Museum Shown To Media

Japan Olympic Museum shown to media

The Japan Olympic Museum will open in Tokyo on September 14. Members of the media were given a preview on Monday.

The museum, operated by the Japanese Olympic Committee, is located near the main stadium for next year's Olympics and Paralympics in Tokyo.

Princess Mako Visits Clinic, Museum In Peru

Princess Mako visits clinic, museum in Peru

Japan's Princess Mako has visited a medical clinic near the Peruvian capital of Lima. She is currently making an official trip to the country to mark the 120th anniversary of the arrival of Japanese immigrants.

Princess Mako, the eldest daughter of Crown Prince and Princess Akishino, visited the facility on Friday. It was founded by a second-generation Japanese-Peruvian priest nearly 30 years ago.

Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum Reopens

Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum reopens

The renovated main building of the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum reopened on Thursday.

The main building opened in 1955, 10 years after the atomic bombing of the city. It has been closed since 2017 to be made more earthquake-resistant. The displays also underwent major renovation for the first time since 1991.

Coal Museum In Blaze In Hokkaido

Coal museum in blaze in Hokkaido

Fire fighters are trying to put out a blaze that has been burning since Thursday night at a coal museum in the city of Yubari in Japan's northern prefecture of Hokkaido.

An employee at Yubari Coal Museum discovered the fire late at night, saying smoke was coming out of a tunnel, located beneath the building.

Daigo Fukuryu Maru Museum Opens After Renovations

Daigo Fukuryu Maru museum opens after renovations

An exhibition hall in Tokyo displaying a Japanese tuna fishing boat exposed to radiation from a US nuclear test in the Pacific decades ago has reopened after nine months of renovations.

The boat is Daigo Fukuryu Maru, meaning "Number 5 Lucky Dragon." It was contaminated by radioactive fallout from a US hydrogen bomb test on Bikini Atoll, part of the Marshall Islands in March of 1954. The boat was carrying a 23-member crew.

Japanese Garden At Shimane Art Museum Ranked No. 1--again

Japanese garden at Shimane art museum ranked No. 1--again

YASUGI, Shimane Prefecture--The garden of an art museum here was rated as Japan's best for the 16th straight year by a popular U.S. gardening journal.

The Journal of Japanese Gardening, aka Sukiya Living Magazine, selected the Adachi Museum of Art's garden from among more than 900 around Japan in 2018, museum officials announced.

Tokyo Museum To Hold Le Corbusier Exhibition

Tokyo museum to hold Le Corbusier exhibition

An exhibition of works by the French architect Le Corbusier will open at the National Museum of Western Art in Tokyo on Tuesday.

One-hundred forty of his works will be on display at the museum, which itself was designed by Le Corbusier and was added to the UNESCO list of World Heritage sites in 2016.

Sights, Sounds Of Showa Era Greet Visitors To Fukui Culture Museum

Sights, sounds of Showa Era greet visitors to Fukui culture museum

FUKUI--A permanent exhibition at the Fukui Prefectural Museum of Cultural History here allows visitors to travel back to the Showa Era (1926-1989) to see how people's lives were beginning to change at the time.

"Life in the Showa Period" features items and scenes from the period during which Japan achieved rapid economic growth after its defeat in World War II.

Rail Museum Hosts Exhibition On Evolution Of The Shinkansen

Rail museum hosts exhibition on evolution of the Shinkansen

SAITAMA--For young and old alike, a special exhibition tracing the development of the Shinkansen trains is being held at the Railway Museum here.

Along with detailed 1:20 scale models, explanatory panels about increases in the speed of the bullet trains, safety measures and other topics are on display.

Ad Museum Tokyo--add It Up At A Museum In Shiodome

Lisa's In and Around Tokyo: AD MUSEUM TOKYO--Add it up at a museum in Shiodome

"Look at these tiny boxes--"kawaii!" I wonder what's inside?" shrieked one of the women, who looked to be in her mid-20s. "It says here that they're matchboxes," one of her friends said. "Matchboxes?" followed another. Then, in unison, multiple voices uttered, "heeehhh."

Come to think of it, long gone are the days when restaurants and bars had matchboxes for the taking placed next to cash registers.

Let's Go To The Museum / 100,000 Items Illustrate Ancient Ways Of Life

Let's go to the museum / 100,000 items illustrate ancient ways of life

By Noriya Nagashima / Yomiuri Shimbun Staff WriterKokugakuin University includes many students who want to become Shinto priests or work in other jobs related to that religion, but the university also has a big presence in the field of archaeology.

Kokugakuin University Museum teaches visitors about how traditional Japanese culture has been established through exhibits focusing on two main pillars — archaeology and Shinto.

Nara Museum Showcases 80 Pieces Of Lifelike Artworks

Nara museum showcases 80 pieces of lifelike artworks

NARA--Nearly picture perfect, a special exhibition featuring about 80 pieces of photorealistic paintings, true-to-life sculptures and other works of modern art is being hosted by the Nara Prefectural Museum of Art.

The "Realism Art in Japan" exhibition runs until Jan. 14.