Tokyo Museum To Hold Le Corbusier Exhibition

Tokyo museum to hold Le Corbusier exhibition

An exhibition of works by the French architect Le Corbusier will open at the National Museum of Western Art in Tokyo on Tuesday.

One-hundred forty of his works will be on display at the museum, which itself was designed by Le Corbusier and was added to the UNESCO list of World Heritage sites in 2016.

Sights, Sounds Of Showa Era Greet Visitors To Fukui Culture Museum

Sights, sounds of Showa Era greet visitors to Fukui culture museum

FUKUI--A permanent exhibition at the Fukui Prefectural Museum of Cultural History here allows visitors to travel back to the Showa Era (1926-1989) to see how people's lives were beginning to change at the time.

"Life in the Showa Period" features items and scenes from the period during which Japan achieved rapid economic growth after its defeat in World War II.

Rail Museum Hosts Exhibition On Evolution Of The Shinkansen

Rail museum hosts exhibition on evolution of the Shinkansen

SAITAMA--For young and old alike, a special exhibition tracing the development of the Shinkansen trains is being held at the Railway Museum here.

Along with detailed 1:20 scale models, explanatory panels about increases in the speed of the bullet trains, safety measures and other topics are on display.

Ad Museum Tokyo--add It Up At A Museum In Shiodome

Lisa's In and Around Tokyo: AD MUSEUM TOKYO--Add it up at a museum in Shiodome

"Look at these tiny boxes--"kawaii!" I wonder what's inside?" shrieked one of the women, who looked to be in her mid-20s. "It says here that they're matchboxes," one of her friends said. "Matchboxes?" followed another. Then, in unison, multiple voices uttered, "heeehhh."

Come to think of it, long gone are the days when restaurants and bars had matchboxes for the taking placed next to cash registers.

Let's Go To The Museum / 100,000 Items Illustrate Ancient Ways Of Life

Let's go to the museum / 100,000 items illustrate ancient ways of life

By Noriya Nagashima / Yomiuri Shimbun Staff WriterKokugakuin University includes many students who want to become Shinto priests or work in other jobs related to that religion, but the university also has a big presence in the field of archaeology.

Kokugakuin University Museum teaches visitors about how traditional Japanese culture has been established through exhibits focusing on two main pillars — archaeology and Shinto.

Nara Museum Showcases 80 Pieces Of Lifelike Artworks

Nara museum showcases 80 pieces of lifelike artworks

NARA--Nearly picture perfect, a special exhibition featuring about 80 pieces of photorealistic paintings, true-to-life sculptures and other works of modern art is being hosted by the Nara Prefectural Museum of Art.

The "Realism Art in Japan" exhibition runs until Jan. 14.

Eclectic Tokyo Museum Allows Photos, Sketching In Calm Atmosphere

Eclectic Tokyo museum allows photos, sketching in calm atmosphere

At the Matsuoka Museum of Art in Tokyo's Minato Ward, visitors are allowed to take as many pictures as they like and even make pencil sketches of the artwork.

Upon opening the door to the facility, a fresh and calming scent fills one's nostrils. The original scent is called "Kigi no Ibuki" (the breath of trees) specially crafted for visitors to experience something different from their daily life in a space away from Tokyo's bustling metropolis.

Kusama's 'peace And Love' Goal Resonates With Museum-goers

Kusama's 'peace and love' goal resonates with museum-goers

Yayoi Kusama's first dedicated museum is proving that the world-renowned Japanese artist's stock has never been higher, with all available tickets for the gallery in Tokyo's Shinjuku Ward selling out.

The reservation-only Yayoi Kusama Museum attracted at least 3,500 visitors in one month with its paintings and installations in the 88-year-old avant-garde artist's signature styles of polka dots, pumpkins and brightly colored net patterns.

Let's Go To The Museum / Yokohama's Municipal Trams Recall Bygone Era

Let's go to the museum / Yokohama's municipal trams recall bygone era

By Yuki Miyashita / Yomiuri Shimbun Staff WriterYOKOHAMA — The first thing you encounter at the Yokohama Tram Museum is seven Yokohama municipal tram cars, each with a conspicuous ad on its front. Such ads were common when the municipal tram network was in service, and the ones in the museum include ads for the weekly magazine Shukan Bunshun and Shin Sankyo drugs.

The tram cars have chic wood-finished interiors and are slightly larger than buses. In some cars, you can push a switch with your foot, producing a sort of "ring ring" sound. Two such bells were the signal for departure, while a single bell indicated the train would stop.

Yayoi Kusama Museum Opens, Sells Out

Yayoi Kusama Museum opens, sells out

By Mutsumi Morita / Yomiuri Shimbun Staff WriterA museum featuring the works of renowned avant-garde artist Yayoi Kusama, who gained worldwide fame through her use of motifs such as polka dots and pumpkins, opened Oct. 1 in Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo, with tickets already sold out for this year.

The Yayoi Kusama Museum offers tickets that are valid for 90-minute viewing sessions, with four time slots per day.

Let's Got To The Museum / Specimens Unveil Geological History

Let's got to the museum / Specimens unveil geological history

By Kazuyoshi Nakaya / Yomiuri Shimbun Staff WriterNAGATORO, Saitama — In 1916, poet and novelist Kenji Miyazawa (1896-1933) visited the Chichibu area in Saitama Prefecture and composed a tanka poem about the beauty of striped metamorphic rocks lying on the riverbed of the Arakawa river: "The colors of rocks on the Arakawa river look like Hakata obi sashes with really stylish patterns."

Back then, the poet, who later wrote masterpieces like "Ginga Tetsudo no Yoru" (Milky Way Railroad), was a second-year student at the Morioka Imperial College of Agriculture and Forestry (now the Faculty of Agriculture of Iwate University) and was interested in minerals. He ventured all the way to the mountainous area of Saitama Prefecture because it was a geological sanctuary where various types of rocks could be found.