Honda Trademarks Names For Hydrogen Fuel Cell Education And Marketing Campaign

Honda trademarks names for hydrogen fuel cell education and marketing campaign

On June 21, 2016 Honda applied with to U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to trademark the terms "Hydronaut" and "Hydrogenaut." Assuming success, both terms were to be applied to an endeavor "Providing technological and scientific information about fuel cell vehicles; Providing a website featuring technological and scientific information about fuel cell vehicles." After being published for opposition, both applications were left to die, their abandonment dates listed as January 20, 2020. CarBuzz discovered that two days later, January 22, Honda re-applied with the U.S. PTO to trademark the same two terms for the same service. It's possible the Japanese automaker will sit on them again, to no apparent purpose. Nevertheless, someone inside the company has the aim of one day spreading the hydrogen gospel. The alternative fuel could certainly use converts. Mercedes-Benz and BMW have trotted out the occasional fuel-cell electric vehicle over the past decade or so, but the Japanese and South Korean automakers have been especially vocal about getting FCEVs mainstream. Toyota copied the Prius playbook for the Mirai, sinking noteworthy sums of money into an ungainly first generation to get early-adopter butts in seats, then rolling out a svelte second generation gunning for mainstream appeal. We saw how that turned out with the Prius. The problem with the much more handsome Mirai is that even in California, only fringe greenies are lured by the siren song of hydrogen at the moment. Until the infrastructure expands enough to achieve regular contact with the average driver, and permit travel outside of narrow corridors, that situation won't change quickly. Therefore, Honda could do itself an enormous favor with a splashy online education effort, likewise a favor for every other hydrogen-invested automaker and the dim prospect of the so-called hydrogen highway getting filled out in our lifetimes. BMW might want to lend Honda a coding hand, in fact, the German automaker restating its commitment to hydrogen in an interview with The Telegraph. Dr. Jürgen Guldner, the automaker's VP for fuel cell projects, told the UK newspaper, "We see fuel cells helping us to convert all our cars to zero emissions over the next two decades," and, "We don't see it as competition for the battery electric vehicle, but as a further offer to our customers." BMW intends to release a fleet of third-generation FCEVs based on the X5 by the end of 2022, Guldner saying that price parity between hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles and traditional ICE vehicles could be achieved as soon as 2025. Related Video:

Japan Names Squad For Rugby World Cup

Japan names squad for Rugby World Cup

Japan's squad for the upcoming Rugby World Cup was announced on Thursday. The 31 members include captain Michael Leitch and hooker Shota Horie.

The players aim to book a spot in the final eight of the competition that kicks off on September 20 in Japan.

Android 10 Marks The End Of An Era As Google Ditches The Dessert Names

Android 10 Marks The End Of An Era As Google Ditches The Dessert Names

One of the defining features of Android is Google’s playful take on the naming schemes for the different versions of the software, where with every release, Google chooses to name the update after a dessert in alphabetical order. This year, which is version 10 and is known as Android Q, Google has yet to officially reveal what the update will be called.

After all, there aren’t that many mainstream and obvious desserts starting with the letter “Q”, right? Turns out, for Android 10, Google has decided that they will be marking the end of an era by dropping the use of dessert names completely, and where 2019’s version of Android will simply be known as Android 10.

Names Of 10 Of Kyoto Animation Victims Released

Names of 10 of Kyoto Animation victims released

The Kyoto Prefectural Police Headquarters have released the names of ten of the 35 victims who died in the arson attack on a Kyoto Animation studio last month.

Police investigators have identified all the victims of the July 18 attack, but the headquarters had withheld the information until now.

Mourners Continue After Release Of Victims' Names

Mourners continue after release of victims' names

Mourners continue to visit the site of last month's arson attack on a Kyoto Animation studio after police released the names of 10 of the 35 victims.

A university student came to lay flowers after learning that one of the victims was Futoshi Nishiya.

Do Cats Recognize Their Names?

Do cats recognize their names?

Cats are notorious for ignoring their owners, but a new study suggests they recognize the sound of their names.

A group led by Sophia University Associate Professor Atsuko Saito has reported the results of its experiment in the online version of the British journal, Scientific Reports.

Six Names To Choose From, Half Based On Ancient Japanese Texts

Six names to choose from, half based on ancient Japanese texts

Members of a special panel considering the name of a new imperial era had six choices before them, three of which were rooted in ancient Japanese texts.

Despite the lack of official disclosure on the number of candidate names or what they were, several government sources revealed April 1 that six in total were presented.

How New Era Names Are Selected

How new era names are selected

The task of selecting the new era name falls to the government, and it takes place in strict secrecy.

Senior government officials have stressed that if the new "Gengo" is known to the public before the announcement, it will be replaced.

Scandal-hit Med School Names Female President

Scandal-hit med school names female president

A medical school in Tokyo that recently admitted to rigging entrance exams to discriminate against women has approved its first female president.

Board members of Tokyo Medical University on Tuesday chose Professor Yukiko Hayashi as the school's new president. She will officially assume the post on October 1st.

Names Of 2020 Tokyo Games Mascots Unveiled

Names of 2020 Tokyo Games mascots unveiled

The organizing committee of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics has unveiled the names of the mascots for the Games.

At an event in Tokyo on Sunday, the committee announced that the name of the Olympic mascot is "Miraitowa" and that of the Paralympic character is "Someity."

Nagasaki Adds Names To Atomic-bomb Victim Register

Nagasaki adds names to atomic-bomb victim register

Nagasaki has begun the annual task of adding new names to the register of victims of the 1945 atomic bombing. The work started at the city hall on Monday.

Nagasaki has been registering the names since 1968 to mourn the dead and to ensure that future generations remember the huge losses inflicted by the nuclear bombing.

Pope Names Archbishop Of Osaka As Cardinal

Pope names archbishop of Osaka as cardinal

Pope Francis has appointed a Japanese archbishop as one of 14 new cardinals.

The pope announced the names in an address at Saint Peter's Square in the Vatican on Sunday. Archbishop of Osaka Manyo Maeda was among them.