The Pv For Nogizaka46's Song 'kaerimichi Wa Toomawari Shitakunaru' Shows The Life Of Nishino Nanase

The PV for Nogizaka46's song 'Kaerimichi wa Toomawari Shitakunaru' shows the life of Nishino Nanase

The PV for Nogizaka46's new single "Kaerimichi wa Toomawari Shitakunaru" has been uploaded onto YouTube. 

The video revolves around the song's center Nishino Nanase, who will be graduating from the group at the end of the year, showing how she's continued to lead a happy life while facing various turning points. It was directed by Seki Kazuaki, who has worked on many of Perfume and Hoshino Gen's PVs. 

Nishino Nanase To Be The Center For Nogizaka46's 22nd Single

Nishino Nanase to be the center for Nogizaka46's 22nd single

The senbatsu members for Nogizaka46's 22nd single (currently untitled) have been revealed. 

Among the 21 selected members, Nishino Nanase, who will be graduating from the group at the end of the year, will serve as center. It will be Ito Riria and Sato Kaede's first time in the senbatsu. 

Nogizaka46's Nishino Nanase To Graduate At The End Of The Year

Nogizaka46's Nishino Nanase to graduate at the end of the year

Nogizaka46 member Nishino Nanase has announced she's graduating from the group at the end of the year. 

On her blog, Nishino explained that she had been thinking about graduating for the past year. "I am a little anxious about leaving the place I love, but this is certainly what I chose myself. Even if I am by myself, I want to continue this work. I am very excited to see what's to come," she said. Her graduation concert will be held early next year. 

Nogizaka46's Shiraishi Mai And Nishino Nanase Have A Showdown In Pv For 'kokoro No Monologue'

Nogizaka46's Shiraishi Mai and Nishino Nanase have a showdown in PV for 'Kokoro no Monologue'

Nogizaka46 have revealed the PV for their new song "Kokoro no Monologue." 

Sung by members Shiraishi Mai and Nishino Nanase, "Kokoro no Monologue" is the coupling track to the Limited Edition C version of the group's upcoming single "Jikochuu de Ikou!" to drop on August 8. For the PV, the staff of movie 'Asahinagu' got together led by director Hanabusa Tsutomu. In the video, you will see Shiraishi and Nishino having a showdown. 

Nakagawa Shoko, Akai Kouen, And More To Cover Aikawa Nanase For Her Tribute Album

Nakagawa Shoko, Akai Kouen, and more to cover Aikawa Nanase for her tribute albumAikawa Nanase's tribute album "A-Rock Nation -NANASE AIKAWA TRIBUTE-" will be released on December 3.
Various artists will be covering Aikawa for her tribute album including Nakagawa Shoko, Akai Kouen, TOKYO GIRLS' STYLE, Silent Siren, and Jennifer Ellison. As a bonus track, it will contain a cover of "Koigokoro" by Oda Tetsuro who has produced many of Aikawa's songs.