Android Q Brings Support For A Native Desktop Mode

Android Q Brings Support For A Native Desktop Mode

Google released the developer preview of Android Q yesterday ahead of formally unveiling the latest iteration of its mobile operating system later this year. The developer preview has revealed some of the new features that Google has been working on. A new report points out that Android Q brings support for a native desktop mode.

This won’t be the first time that a software solution has been created to provide a workstation-like experience powered by an Android device. Samsung’s DeX is perhaps the most recent example and the company even did away with the requirement to use a dock for the experience. You can hook up Samsung’s latest flagships directly to a display through the USB-C port and use DeX.

Native Hearing Aid Support Is Coming To Android

Native Hearing Aid Support Is Coming To Android

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Most of take our phones out the box when we buy them, turn them on, and we’re good to go. However there might be some users who unfortunately do not have that luxury as there are other things to consider, such as accessibility features and whether or not certain devices are compatible.

Aosp Hints At Native Face Authentication In Android

AOSP Hints At Native Face Authentication In Android

For the most part, fingerprints are the de facto security option when it comes to smartphones, at least as far as biometrics are concerned. However we're starting to see more manufacturers explore different options, such as Samsung with their iris scanner, and Apple with their facial recognition.

Now according to a report from 9to5Google, it appears that in a new commit to AOSP, it seems that there are hints that there could be native face authentication support coming to Android. Now we should note that Android has had facial recognition for quite a while now, but it is definitely not as complex or as secure as Apple's Face ID.

Australia Restaurant Of The Year Showcases Boom In Native Ingredients

Australia restaurant of the year showcases boom in native ingredients

When award-winning chef Jock Zonfrillo opened Restaurant Orana in the southern Australian city of Adelaide in 2013, he had a point to prove: native Australian ingredients are not "B-grade."

"We're not doing 18 courses of witchetty grubs (moth larvae)," said Zonfrillo. "We're making delicious food and we're doing it with Australian ingredients."

Sony Assassin’s Creed 4 On Ps4 Will Renders At 900p, Native 1080p Coming Soon

Sony Assassin’s Creed 4 On PS4 Will Renders At 900p, Native 1080p Coming SoonThe world of video games have certainly come a long way since it first enthralled the minds of kids and adults alike, and we have moved from CGA graphics to modern day Full HD interpretations of the real world. In fact, Assassin’s Creed 4 is said to render at 900p, which would have been unthinkable of just half a decade ago, and we also have word that there will be a future update which will boost this to native 1080p, now how about that? This would truly help you maximize the use of your Full HD TV in your living room, wouldn’t it?

Sony Introducing Native Dualshock 3 Controller Support For Xperia Phones

Sony introducing native DUALSHOCK 3 controller support for Xperia phonesJust yesterday we were talking about increased compatibility and functionality between different Sony devices and now we can soon add another to the list. It appears that Sony Mobile will shortly introduce native support for the DUALSHOCK 3 PlayStation 3 controller. This means full wireless support to play Android/PlayStation Mobile games without the need for a rooted device and additional software.

Pioneer Xdj-aero Wireless Dj System And Native Rekordbox Player White

Pioneer XDJ-AERO wireless DJ system and native rekordbox player whiteThe wireless revolution now comes in a choice of colours: Pioneer's XDJ-AERO wireless DJ system and native rekordbox™ player available in pearl white.

Launched in 2012, the XDJ-AERO series ignited the wireless DJing revolution. The controller allows DJs to load music wirelessly from smartphones, tablets, laptops and PCs.1 An all-in-one DJ system, the XDJ-AERO-W works with rekordbox. The rekordbox app (downloadable from the App Store), functions as a standalone mixer, and can be used as a MIDI and HID controller.

Toshiba Announces Its First Native 4k Tv In Japan

Toshiba announces its first Native 4K TV in JapanToshiba has just announced in Japan its frist Native 4K TV with the 55X3 model .

The 55X3 comes by default with Toshiba's CEVO Duo image engine an a QFHD resolution or 4K that will bring you a 3840×2160 resolution .

You can even build up your own 4K services with Toshiba QFHD Video input adapter, the THD-MBA1 (200,000 Yen MSRP) that will let you connect 4 full HD inputs .