Arashi To Release 'natsu Hayate' On July 25

Arashi to release 'Natsu Hayate' on July 25

Arashi will release their new single "Natsu Hayate" on July 25. 

The title track serves as TV Asahi's broadcast of the '100th Japanese High School Baseball Championship.' It was written and composed by Yuzu's Kitagawa Yujin. 

Check Out The Special Footage For Arashi's 'natsu Hayate'

Check out the special footage for Arashi's 'Natsu Hayate'

A special footage for Arashi's new song "Natsu Hayate" has been unveiled. 

As reported earlier, "Natsu Hayate" was picked up as the theme song for TV Asahi's broadcast of the '100th Japanese High School Baseball Championship.' In accordance with this, the video features the members of Arashi singing at the Koshien Baseball Stadium as well as footage of professional baseball players during their Koshien days. 

Aiko's 13th Album To Be Titled 'shimetta Natsu No Hajimari'

aiko's 13th album to be titled 'Shimetta Natsu no Hajimari'

aiko's 13th album "Shimetta Natsu no Hajimari' will be released on June 6. 

The upcoming album will be her first since "May Dream" was released about two years ago. It will include her singles "Straw" and "Yokoku" as well as "Koi wo Shita no wa," which was the theme song to the movie 'Koe no Karachi.' More details will be revealed later.

Tsuma Ga Koi Shita Natsu

Tsuma ga Koi Shita NatsuKoji's wife Kaori dies. Koji learns from a doctor that his wife was 3 months pregnant when she died. Koji and Kaori did not have sex. Koji thinks about who the father could possibly be. He then meets Reiko.