Baseball : Hawks Near Wada Deal

Baseball : Hawks near Wada dealThe Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks are negotiating to bring back 34-year-old left-hander Tsuyoshi Wada, it was learned Tuesday.
A team official said talks were progressing with Wada, who pitched in the major leagues this year.

Massive Underground Bus Station To Be Built Near Tokyo Station

Massive underground bus station to be built near Tokyo StationA huge underground bus terminal with 13 bus stops will be constructed near JR Tokyo Station, part of which will open by the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics.
Finalized Sept. 3, the project is part of the central government’s “National Strategic Special Zones” plan to ease regulations to help energize the economy.

Lower-priced Disney Hotel To Open Near Resort

Lower-priced Disney hotel to open near resortThe Tokyo Disney resort is to get cheaper--but only if it involves an overnight stay.
A fourth Disney hotel is scheduled to open near the resort in Urayasu, Chiba Prefecture, in June 2016, and its room prices are expected to undercut the three existing Disney hotels.

Japan’s Tallest Skyscraper To Rise Near Tokyo Station In Fy 2027

Japan’s tallest skyscraper to rise near Tokyo Station in FY 2027Mitsubishi Estate Co. announced Aug. 31 that it will construct the tallest building in Japan in a redevelopment project near JR Tokyo Station.
The 390-meter skyscraper will soar 61 floors above ground, have five underground levels and be a popular new tourist site in Tokyo, according to Mitsubishi Estate. It is scheduled for completion in fiscal 2027.

Sony Has No Plans To Launch 2k Display Smartphones In Near Future

Sony has no plans to launch 2K display smartphones in near futureSmartphones with Quad HD (QHD) resolution displays are starting to become more prevalent on flagship devices, but don’t expect such a feature from Sony any time soon. Jonathan Lin, general manager of Sony Mobile’s Taiwan branch, recently said that despite many internal discussions regarding a move to a resolution of 2K (1440 x 2560 pixels), convincing the consumers of the ‘upgrade’ remains difficult.

Sony Could Announce 50mp In The Near Future

Sony Could Announce 50MP In The Near FutureIf you’re a Sony fan and if you’re wondering when Sony might announce a new high-end camera that could potentially compete with the Canon 5DS, it seems that you might be getting your answer in the next few weeks if the rumors are to be believed. According to a report from Sony Alpha Rumors, word has it that Sony has a 50MP camera in the works that is due for an announcement soon.

'slam Dunk' Photo Op Near Kamakura Rail Crossing Draws Fans From Afar

'Slam Dunk' photo op near Kamakura rail crossing draws fans from afarA railroad crossing, which was used as a model for the setting of the anime "Slam Dunk," is enjoying newfound popularity among fans of the TV series, particularly from Taiwan.
On a clear autumn day last November, while many people were surfing off the Shonan coast here outside Kamakura Koko-mae Station, several tourists quietly snapped photographs at the crossing on the station's east side.