Okazaki's Red Salamander Disaster Vehicle Hopefully Not Coming To An Area Near You

Okazaki's Red Salamander disaster vehicle hopefully not coming to an area near youAt the Okazaki city fire defense headquarters here, the Red Salamander is patiently engaged in preparations.
If called upon, it is ready for action. The Red Salamander is an all-terrain disaster-fighting vehicle that can rumble over rough terrain resulting from an earthquake to moving through water in a tsunami-struck area.

Sony Has No Plans To Launch 2k Display Smartphones In Near Future

Sony has no plans to launch 2K display smartphones in near futureSmartphones with Quad HD (QHD) resolution displays are starting to become more prevalent on flagship devices, but don’t expect such a feature from Sony any time soon. Jonathan Lin, general manager of Sony Mobile’s Taiwan branch, recently said that despite many internal discussions regarding a move to a resolution of 2K (1440 x 2560 pixels), convincing the consumers of the ‘upgrade’ remains difficult.

Tourist Spot Near Mount Hakoneyama Crowded With Visitors Despite Rumblings

Tourist spot near Mount Hakoneyama crowded with visitors despite rumblingsThe rumblings of volcanic Mount Hakoneyama, southwest of Tokyo, haven't been loud enough to deter tourists from visiting a nearby popular scenic spot in Hakone, Kanagawa Prefecture.
A lake area noted for its array of seasonal flowers just a few kilometers from the volcano's restricted zone was bustling with visitors on May 10.

Sony Could Announce 50mp In The Near Future

Sony Could Announce 50MP In The Near FutureIf you’re a Sony fan and if you’re wondering when Sony might announce a new high-end camera that could potentially compete with the Canon 5DS, it seems that you might be getting your answer in the next few weeks if the rumors are to be believed. According to a report from Sony Alpha Rumors, word has it that Sony has a 50MP camera in the works that is due for an announcement soon.

'slam Dunk' Photo Op Near Kamakura Rail Crossing Draws Fans From Afar

'Slam Dunk' photo op near Kamakura rail crossing draws fans from afarA railroad crossing, which was used as a model for the setting of the anime "Slam Dunk," is enjoying newfound popularity among fans of the TV series, particularly from Taiwan.
On a clear autumn day last November, while many people were surfing off the Shonan coast here outside Kamakura Koko-mae Station, several tourists quietly snapped photographs at the crossing on the station's east side.

Hakuho's Rise Started With A Near-miraculous Turn Of Luck

Hakuho's rise started with a near-miraculous turn of luckIt has already been seven-and-a-half years since Hakuho was promoted to yokozuna at age 22. I wrote about him in this column after I watched him perform his first “hono dohyo-iri” (ring-entering ceremony dedicated to the god of the shrine) at Tokyo’s Meiji Jingu shrine. He had just won his third championship at the Spring Grand Sumo Tournament in May 2007.

Subaru Rally Team Usa’s David Higgins Caps Off Near-perfect Season With Victory At Lake Superior Performance Rally

Subaru Rally Team USA’s David Higgins Caps Off Near-Perfect Season with Victory at Lake Superior Performance RallySubaru driver and four-time Rally America Champion David Higgins and co-driver Craig Drew put an authoritative stamp on a near-perfect 2014 season with a win at the Lake Superior Performance Rally (LSPR), their seventh of the season from eight events. Higgins was locked in a tight battle at LSPR with Subaru Rally Team USA teammate Travis Pastrana for a majority of the treacherously wet and muddy Houghton, Michigan based rally.

Toshiba: Ssds Will Be Cheaper Than Near-line Hdds In 2025

Toshiba: SSDs Will Be Cheaper Than Near-line HDDs in 2025Toshiba Corp organized a meeting to explain its semiconductor/storage business at its headquarters in Tokyo Sept 29, 2014.
Yasuo Naruke, executive officer, corporate executive vice president of Toshiba, and president of Semiconductor & Storage Products Company, took the podium and explained strategies for its NAND flash memories, storage devices (SSDs/HDDs), discrete and logic semiconductors, etc.

Honda Exec Says Us Market Near Capacity

Honda exec says US market near capacityIs there a point in the US auto industry where companies should start considering the welfare of their customers ahead of selling more cars? American Honda Executive Vice President of Sales John Mendel thinks that level exists, and we may be getting very close to it.