Apple Carplay: Coming Soon To A Toyota Near You

Apple CarPlay: coming soon to a Toyota near youApple’s CarPlay software will soon bring the iPhone experience to new Toyota models.
Come 2015, you’ll be able to get the iPhone experience you love in your Toyota with Apple CarPlay.
Apple revealed the ‘iOS in your car’ tech earlier this month, confirming Toyota is a partner in the project.

Komamura Falcon Eye Kc-2000 Night Vision Camera Can Record In High Quality Colors In Near Total Darkness

Komamura Falcon Eye KC-2000 night vision camera can record in high quality colors in near total darknessKomamura,a Japanese company with more than 60 years of experience in the design and manufacture of professional cameras, today announced a revolutionary new night vision camera, the Falcon Eye KC-2000. Falcon Eye can shoot color HD videos and photos in near total darkness of scenes invisible to the human eye.

New Outlet Mall Opens Near Narita Airport

New outlet mall opens near Narita airportA new outlet mall opened Friday in Shisui, Chiba Prefecture, targeting not only people in the greater Tokyo area but foreign tourists as well.

Shisui Premium Outlets, run by Mitsubishi Estate-Simon Co., is located about 12 kilometers southwest of Narita International Airport and has 121 stores, including eight foreign brands that have opened their first outlet stores in Japan.

Sony : The Dualshock 4 Is 'near Final' Hardware

Sony : The DualShock 4 is 'near final' hardwareThe only hardware shown on-stage during Sony's PlayStation 4 event was the retooled DualShock controller, the DualShock 4. No box. No PS4 Eye. No new version of Move. As for the console itself, its absence makes some sense in light of today's news from SCEA prez Jack Tretton that the console's internals are "still in development in terms of final specs and design."

Gov, Boj Near Agreement On 2 Percent Inflation Target

Gov, BOJ near agreement on 2 percent inflation targetThe government of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and the Bank of Japan are close to agreeing on setting a 2 percent inflation target in their policy coordination agreement aimed at beating chronic deflation, economic and fiscal policy minister Akira Amari said Sunday.