Nec Portable E-pay Terminal

NEC Portable e-Pay TerminalNEC announced today the launch of a new portable terminal for electronic money payment, the "Multi-Service Terminal(R) / Portable," which enables retailers to conveniently expand the availability of electronic money payment.

This new portable terminal supports a broad range of electronic money and credit card payment methods, including the NFC(1) international standard for next generation contactless IC cards.

Nec Crops Identification Tech

NEC crops identification technologyNEC Corp developed an identification technology for agricultural products. The technology identifies each crop based on its surface pattern.

For the future, the company plans to provide a traceability service that stores crops' images taken in their production areas on a cloud system and enables consumers to check the production areas of crops sold at stores.

Nec Tap Of An Arm Technology

NEC Tap of an Arm technologyNEC Corporation announced today the development of technologies that enable users to control consumer electronics with the tap of an arm.

These technologies consist of compact acceleration sensors that are worn on each wrist and enable users' arms to function as virtual control panels. When a user taps an arm, the sensors determine which area of the arm received contact.

Nec Flexpower Modular Server

NEC FlexPower Modular ServerThe first modular server built from the ground up for small and midsize businesses (SMBs). The NEC FlexPower Server, developed in conjunction with Intel Corporation, combines computing, networking and storage capabilities in one system to meet SMBs’ need for budget-friendly IT simplicity and flexibility.

Nec Sells Stake In Lcd Panel

NEC sells stake in LCD panelNEC Corp said Friday it will cooperate with Tianma Micro-electronics Co in the liquid crystal display business by handing over a 70% stake in its wholly owned LCD panel unit to China’s largest maker of small and midsize panels around July.

The move is in line with the company’s ongoing efforts to pull out of unprofitable operations and focus on more promising lines of business, such as cloud computing and the production of batteries for electric cars.

Docomo Nec Medias N-04c Intro

DoCoMo NEC Medias N-04C introducedNEC’s MEDIAS N-04C which had some pictures leaked a few days ago, has now been confirmed as the world’s thinnest 3G smartphone that measures only 7.7mm thick. And it’ll be coming to NTT DoCoMo in Japan on March 15.

The super thin MEDIAS N-04C is also super lightweight, at 105 grams, making it much thinner and lighter than a number of smartphones .

Nec Medias N-04c Smartphone

NEC MEDIAS N-04C SmartphoneWhile Samsung and Sony Ericsson are still confronting each other for the world's thinnest Android smartphone with their Galaxy S II (8.5mm) and Xperia arc (8.7mm) devices, NEC is silently taking the lead with its MEDIAS N-04C, which is only 7.7mm thick.

No one could foresee this turn of events, as the electronics manufacturer is not known for its devices' sleek shapes.

Nec To Kill All Zoom Noises

NECThe Generated sounds by lens drivers for digital cameras in movie mode are normally recorded as noise by microphone.

In order to eliminate this noise NEC has developed noise suppression technology, through a method that records and saves the core characteristics of sounds that has been created by a camera lens’ driving mechanism and then eliminates this information from signals that are recorded by microphones.

Nec Lifetouch Note Intro

NEC LifeTouch NoteNEC introduced today in Japan a new Netbook , namely LifeTouch Note . This is the fist netbook that comes with Android 2.2 and is powered by NVIDIA Tegra 250 Mobile Processor ( Tegra2 ).

NEC LifeTouch Note is available in 3 versions : one with  WiFi , 3G and 8GB internal memory , a WiFi only version , and finally a WiFi only version that comes with only 4GB of internal memory.

I-o Data New Full Hd Monitors

I-O Data new monitorsI-O Data introduced today in Japan a new set of monitor  ,  22'' LCD-MF223XSBR and 23'' LCD-MF232XSBR models , both featuring Full HD support and NEC Bikaizo chip.

The monitors are set to arrive in Japan later this month and will be sold at 22,800 and 26,800 Yen.

Nec Infrec R300 Thermal Imager

NEC InfRec R300NEC Avio Infrared Technologies has released InfRec R300 infrared thermal imager.

The newly released InfRec R300 high-definition and high-performance infrared thermal imager features a thermal resolution (NETD) of 0.05 degrees Celsius at 30 degrees Celsius, accuracy within +/- 1 degree Celsius and spatial resolution (IF.O.V) of 1.2mrad.

Nec Lavie New Series

NEC LaVie L SeriesNEC introduced today in Japan four new series of its LaVie line.

The new series vary from high-end products to smaller netbooks and , unfortunately for all overseas customers ,  is only available in Japan.

Nec Mirror Thermometer

NEC mirror thermometerFeeling feverish? Taking your temperature can now be as easy as looking in the mirror.

The Thermo Mirror, marketed by NEC Avio Infrared Technologies Co., measures the forehead temperature using infrared sensors.

Nec Automatically Apa Model

NEC automatically APA modelNEC announced today the development of technology that collectively distributes and configures access policy to a variety of computing resources in a cloud computing environment.

The newly developed technology helps to significantly reduce operation costs and to improve security.