Citizens' Panel Says Prosecutors Need To Reopen Moritomo Case

Citizens' panel says prosecutors need to reopen Moritomo case

A prosecution inquest panel concluded that prosecutors did a woefully inadequate job in investigating the dubious sale of state-owned land to an educational institution whose one-time head touted his close ties to the wife of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

The decision released March 29 obliges prosecutors to reopen their investigation into a scandal that has dogged Abe for well over a year, which also involves the tampering of public documents.

2019 Honda Cr-v Review And Buying Guide | Everything You Need To Know

2019 Honda CR-V Review and Buying Guide | Everything you need to know

The 2019 Honda CR-V is one of the bestselling vehicles in the country, and while popularity doesn't necessarily go hand-in-hand with excellence, it most certainly does in this case. The CR-V is impeccably well-rounded with space, fuel economy, performance, value, safety and quality that betters most of its compact crossover SUV competitors. And while some of its rivals may be sportier, more characterful or off-road capable, none manage to cater to such a wide audience. We highly recommend any search for a small SUV include the 2019 CR-V.

What's new for 2019?

The Honda CR-V is unchanged for 2019. It was last redesigned for 2017.

What's the CR-V's interior and technology like?

The CR-V provides a tasteful, if a tad dull, design aesthetic backed up with above-average materials and build construction for this segment. If you're a previous CR-V owner, you'll note that this most recent version features a higher-quality and more premium environment than past models. If you aren't, you'll still find it to have one of the nicest cabins in terms of quality, and also one of the most functional, as it boasts a number of clever storage solutions in the center console.

Researcher: Evacuations Need Women's Perspective

Researcher: Evacuations need women's perspective

A Japanese university researcher is calling for measures to ensure that women taking care of children or aging family members can be quickly evacuated in disasters.

Experts on disaster mitigation from Tohoku University held discussions with their counterparts from the University of London in the British capital on Thursday. Topics included the lessons learned from the earthquake and tsunami that hit northeastern Japan on March 11th, 2011.

Fortnite For Nintendo Switch Won't Need A Subscription

Fortnite For Nintendo Switch Won't Need A Subscription

Nintendo will be launching its awaited Switch Online service on September 18th. It’s a multiplayer access service much like PlayStation Plus. It will cost $20 per year and will be available with a seven-day free trial from Nintendo’s eShop. Many have been wondering what this would mean for free-to-play multiplayer titles like Fortnite and would be delighted to know that Fortnite is exempt, meaning that players won’t need to a Switch Online subscription to play the game on Nintendo’s console.

Power Backup To Give Bullet Trains Push They Need In Emergencies

Power backup to give bullet trains push they need in emergencies

Next-generation Shinkansen railroad cars will come equipped with a lithium ion battery to enable travel over short distances when power outages render normal operations impossible.

The aim is to allow a bullet train to move to another location to disgorge passengers in the event of an emergency, such as an earthquake that leads to power outages and causes Shinkansen trains to stop on top of bridges or within tunnels.

Insight? Civic? Accord? We Need Some Clarity: Honda's Hybrid Hierarchy

Insight? Civic? Accord? We need some Clarity: Honda's hybrid hierarchy

Today, Honda previewed the revival of the Insight hybrid, seen above, ahead of its official debut at the 2018 Detroit Auto Show. This comes just shortly after the launch of the Clarity trio — a battery electric (BEV), plug-in hybrid (PHEV) and fuel cell electric (FCEV) — which doesn't have a standard, non-plug-in hybrid model. What gives? If you're a little confused, you're not alone, but we think we can help you make sense of Honda's hybrid hierarchy, and how they correspond to other advanced- and traditional-powertrain vehicles in its lineup.

Let's start with the Insight. We honestly didn't know that Honda would be recycling that nameplate until this morning. We did know that Honda would reveal a "compact dedicated hybrid" at the 2018 North American International Auto Show in Detroit. We don't know what platform will underpin the new Insight — and "dedicated" could just refer to the nameplate, not the platform. So perhaps it's on its own platform, or it shares with another compact Honda: the Civic.

Fujitsu Develops World's Smallest Sensor That Eliminates The Need To Replace Batteries

Fujitsu Develops World's Smallest Sensor that Eliminates the Need to Replace Batteries - Fareastgizmos
Fujitsu today announced development of the world’s smallest sensor that eliminates the need to replace batteries. The new sensor supports Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) wireless transmission technology that can reach a broad area with low power.

On-site data can be directly transmitted to the cloud across several kilometers just by placing an 82x24x6 mm miniature sensor.
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Does Toyota Need Another Cheap Sports Car?

Does Toyota Need Another Cheap Sports Car?

By Toyota’s own admission, it no longer wants to be associated with building boring cars and its current design language is a reflection of that.

However, the firm’s range continues to be predominantly made up of vehicles that sell in high numbers and are a reflection of what regular consumers demand, not what car enthusiasts desire. The all-new Supra is set to play a role in solving this issue but is there anything else Toyota could do? Perhaps launch a new sports car even smaller than the 86?