Nihon Univ. Football Team Member May Have Lied

Nihon Univ. football team member may have lied

NHK has learned that a member of a college football team may have lied in a statement that led to the recognition that former coaches instructed a player to commit a dangerous tackle during a game.

A Nihon University player injured a Kwansei Gakuin University quarterback in a tackle long after the ball was passed during an inter-college game in May.

Nihon Univ. Football Team Recruiting New Coaches

Nihon Univ. football team recruiting new coaches

Nihon University is recruiting new coaches to rebuild its scandal-hit American football team. Former players on the team will not be considered.

The university announced on its website on Tuesday that it will accept applications through June 28th.

Nihon Univ. Coaches To Be Expelled From League

Nihon Univ. coaches to be expelled from league

League officials have decided to expel 2 former Nihon University American football coaches over a dangerous foul that has made headlines in Japan.

The incident has become the subject of debate as one of their players confessed that the coaches ordered him to take a cheap shot.

Tokyo Police Question Nihon Univ. Officials

Tokyo police question Nihon Univ. officials

Tokyo police have questioned Nihon University officials in connection with a student athlete who made a dangerous tackle in a game of American football.

The Nihon University defender tackled the Kwansei Gakuin University quarterback from behind in a game earlier this month, inflicting injuries that took 3 weeks to heal.

Nihon Univ. Head Coach To Resign

Nihon Univ. head coach to resign

The head coach of Nihon University's American football team, Masato Uchida, has accepted full responsibility for a serious foul committed by one of his players and says he intends to resign.

During a game in Tokyo on May 6th, a Nihon University defender tackled the Kwansei Gakuin University quarterback from behind, after he had thrown a pass.

Ohara Sakurako Graduates From Nihon University

Ohara Sakurako graduates from Nihon University

On March 25, singer/actress Ohara Sakurako announced her graduation from Nihon University's College of Art. 

Ohara announced, "Today is Nihon University, College of Art's graduation ceremony. I am graduating!" The actress is currently in the middle of filming for the movie 'Ano Hi no Orugan' so she was unable to participate in the ceremony. "Among the film staff, there are graduates from Nihon University's College of Art as well as current instructors. I am especially happy to spend this day surrounded by my seniors," she said.