Mega Gallery: The 2017 Nismo Festival Was Motorsports Nirvana

Mega Gallery: The 2017 Nismo Festival was Motorsports Nirvana

Nissan recently celebrated its motorsports successes over the years by hosting the annual Nismo Festival presented by Motul at Fuji Motor Speedway in Japan.

This year’s Nismo Festival featured famous Nissan drivers, such as GT Academy winner Jan Mardenborough, along with iconic racing cars from the Nissan racing division’s past. These included Group C cars, Super GT cars, touring cars and even some rally cars. The majority of the vehicles that participated in the event came from Nissan’s Zama Heritage Center in Japan, which is home to legendary racecars such as the Nissan R90C and many of the automaker’s road cars as well. Nissan says the Zama Heritage Center houses around 400 vehicles.

Nissan Looking To Expand Nismo Line-up In Oz

Nissan looking to expand Nismo line-up in Oz

Nissan Australia says it’s keen to expand the range of Nismo performance models offered, which could mean sporty versions of its SUV lineup in the near-future.

Speaking with CarAdvice at the local launch for the 2018 Qashqai, Nissan Australia CEO, Stephen Lester, said the local division is keen to increase its number of Nismo-branded offerings considering our market’s strong take-up of performance vehicles.

New Nissan Serena Nismo Arrives On Japan's Roads

New Nissan Serena NISMO Arrives On Japan's Roads

A little over a month after premiering at the Tokyo Motor Show, Japanese sales of the Nissan Serena Nismo have commenced.

Priced from 3,419,280 yen ($30,397), the minivan receives a host of modifications that give it that characteristic Nismo flare and is sure to be popular among Japanese enthusiasts who often love to turn heads with their rides.

Nissan Launches Nismo Heritage Offering Spare Parts To Firm's Icons

Nissan Launches Nismo Heritage Offering Spare Parts To Firm's Icons

Nissan has announced its new Nismo Heritage program, designed to ensure that the Japanese firm’s most famous models remain on the roads for as long as possible.

First uncovered back in April, the Nismo Heritage program is a joint project between Nissan, Nissan Motor Sports, Autech Japan, and a selection of suppliers. The program will see replacement parts produced, initially for the iconic R32-generation Skyline GT-R.

Nissan Makes Everything A Nismo — But Why?

Nissan makes everything a Nismo — but why?

TOKYO — The Nissan Leaf is the world's best-selling electric car. It may also be the world's least entertaining car, a buzzy, buzz-killing appliance for transporting oneself, one's passengers, and one's sanctimony from point A to point B. The updated and slightly more potent 2018 Leaf is expected to be about 15 percent quicker off the line, but a run to 60 mph will still take nearly 9 seconds, slower than almost any contemporary vehicle that does not have the Smart brand unfortunately emblazoned upon it. Also 2.5 seconds slower than the double-the-range Chevrolet Bolt.

But Nissan is out to change that, or at least change perceptions. Or something. Just unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show is the Leaf Nismo Concept. Nismo, as you may recall, is the brand's in-house go-fast subsidiary, responsible for their noisy motorsports practice, as well as for tuned versions of vehicles like the 300Z and GT-R. The modifications on these special editions have been mainly superficial, featuring delightfully garish red, white, and black trim bits, inside and out, along with bolt-on suspension, exhaust, and engine control tuning, resulting in very modest (to non-existent) power upgrades.

Nissan Serena Minivan Gets Nismo Treatment Too For Tokyo Show

Nissan Serena Minivan Gets NISMO Treatment Too For Tokyo Show

The new Nissan Leaf Concept isn’t the only Nismo study that will be presented at the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show, as the automaker has applied similar treatment to their Serena minivan.

Said to enhance its performance "without sacrificing the base model's family-friendly, utilitarian nature", the MPV's exterior now reflects Nismo's performance oriented nature, thanks to its new bumpers, wheels, and red accents.