Nogizaka46's Hoshino Minami To Release First Photo Book

Nogizaka46's Hoshino Minami to release first photo book

It's been announced that Nogizaka46 member Hoshino Minami will release her first solo photo book (currently untitled) on April 10. 

The photo book was shot in Portugal. In a video uploaded onto the photo book's official Twitter account (@373_kawaii), Hoshino promotes the book saying, "In the 20 years of my life, I worked on this the hardest. I want everyone to look at it."

Nogizaka46's Kawamura Mahiro To Graduate In March

Nogizaka46's Kawamura Mahiro to graduate in March

It's been announced that Nogizaka46 member Kawamura Mahiro will graduate from the group in March. 

Kawamura updated her blog on February 2. While she has not revealed the reason for her graduation, she stated, "A graduation is a graduation, but it is also a new start. Rather than being uneasy, I have to positively move forward. 2 months left! As before, I will do my best with a smile so please continue to support me."

Nogizaka46's Kitano Hinako To Take A Hiatus From Her Activities

Nogizaka46's Kitano Hinako to take a hiatus from her activities

It's been reported that Nogizaka46 member Kitano Hinako will temporarily stop her activities. 

Since summer, Kitano has taken a break from some activities due to her poor health. In order to focus on recovery, she decided to withdraw herself from all activities for the time being. On her blog, she revealed that she has not been well since last winter, "I struggled to make this decision as this is an important time for Nogizaka46 and myself." She continued, "It might be difficult for me to fully recover and return, but I will come back right away when I am in a better condition than I am in now."

Details On Nogizaka46's New Single 'itsuka Dekirukara Kyou Dekiru' Revealed

Details on Nogizaka46's new single 'Itsuka Dekirukara Kyou Dekiru' revealed

Nogizaka46 have revealed the details on their 19th single "Itsuka Dekirukara Kyou Dekiru" to be released on October 11.

Nishino Nanase and Saito Asuka will serve as double centers for this single. All types will include the title track, which is the theme song to the members' starring film "Asahi Nagu," and "Fuminshou" as the coupling track. In addition, each type will come with another coupling track by the different units.

Nogizaka46's Nakamoto Himeka To Retire From Showbiz After Graduation

Nogizaka46's Nakamoto Himeka to retire from showbiz after graduation

Just a few days ago, Nogizaka46 member Nakamoto Himeka announced that she would be graduating from the group. Further details have been revealed, and she will be putting an end to her showbiz career. 

A big reason for Nakamoto's decision to graduate was her physical condition. After graduating and withdrawing from showbiz, she plans on recuperating. Her graduation date will be announced at a later date.

Nogizaka46's Sister Group 'toriizaka46' To Form

Nogizaka46's sister group 'Toriizaka46' to formSony Music Entertainment has announced that they will be holding 1st generation auditions for Nogizaka46's sister group 'Toriizaka46'.
As Nogizaka46 has been successful over the years, it was decided that Toriizaka46 would form as the 2nd group of the "sakamichi series" (slope series).

Nogizaka46's 12th Single To Be Titled 'taiyou Knock'

Nogizaka46's 12th single to be titled 'Taiyou Knock'The title of Nogizaka46's 12th single has been confirmed to be "Taiyou Knock".
This was announced on June 13th during a press conference for Seven Eleven attended by the Juufukujin members. The center for this single will be Ikoma Rina, making her return as center after 7 singles.

Nogizaka46's Hatanaka Seira To Graduate From The Group

Nogizaka46's Hatanaka Seira to graduate from the groupNogizaka46's Hatanaka Seika will graduate from the group after her individual handshake event on April 4 at Port Messe Nagoya.
Hatanaka has been active in Nogizaka46 for over 3 years as its 1st generation member. On her official blog, she explained, "Instead of relying on a group called Nogizaka46, I wanted to become independent and arm myself with many weapons to become an adult."

Nogizaka46's 11th Single To Be Released On March 18

Nogizaka46's 11th single to be released on March 18Nogizaka46's 11th single (currently untitled) will be released on March 18.
The 18 senbatsu members for this single were announced during the January 18 broadcast of TV Tokyo's 'Nogizaka tte, Doko?', and it was revealed that Nishino Nanase will be returning as center.