Honda N-one Goes Even More Retro With Suzuka Special

Honda N-One Goes Even More Retro With Suzuka SpecialLike the Mini or Fiat 500, the Honda N-One takes a decidedly retro design approach. But now the Japanese automaker has taken it in an even more old-school direction with the launch of the limited-edition SS model.
Shorthand for Suzuka Special (not Super Sport), the special-edition Kei car pays tribute to Honda's first production passenger car, the N360, which launched 50 years ago.

2016 Tokyo Auto Salon : Honda N-one Kei Mini Truck Concept

2016 Tokyo Auto Salon : Honda N-One Kei Mini Truck ConceptFew Honda platforms have proven as versatile as the N-series. The N-One specifically has had a “natural” concept. The N Box Slash has a “camper.” Yet, I find neither of these as delightful at the N-Lab N-One “Friendly 2 Seater” Mini Truck concept. It’s useful, it’s clean, and it’s outright adorable.