Saitama Asks Bars Not Following Guideline To Close

Saitama asks bars not following guideline to close

Officials in Saitama Prefecture, north of Tokyo, have decided to request bars that have not taken sufficient preventive measures against the coronavirus to close.

Fifty-three people were found to have been infected at four host and hostess bars in the prefecture.

Guterres Not To Attend Hiroshima A-bomb Event

Guterres not to attend Hiroshima A-bomb event

NHK has learned that UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has given up on his plan to attend a ceremony in Hiroshima City, western Japan, to mark the 1945 US atomic bombing of the city.

Sources say the decision is due to the coronavirus pandemic. Japan has banned entry by foreign nationals from the United States. Even if the UN chief were allowed to enter Japan, he would be asked to self-isolate for 14 days after arriving.

State Of Emergency May Not Be Fully Lifted May 6

State of emergency may not be fully lifted May 6

Japanese government officials increasingly share the opinion that it will be difficult to fully lift the state of emergency in early May. Medical experts say infections are not slowing as they expected.

The government declared the state of emergency for Tokyo, Osaka, and five other prefectures on April 7. It expanded the declaration nationwide on April 16.

Govt. Will Not Hesitate To Declare Emergency

Govt. will not hesitate to declare emergency

The Japanese government says it will judge the timing of declaring a state of emergency by considering its impact on society and the economy.

Tokyo said on Sunday that 143 more cases were confirmed, a new daily record for the capital.

Abe: State Of Emergency Not Imminent

Abe: State of emergency not imminent

Prime Minister Abe Shinzo says Japan has yet to reach a point where a declaration of a state of emergency is necessary to contain the coronavirus pandemic.

Abe spoke at an Upper House committee meeting on Wednesday about a recently revised law that would allow him to declare a state of emergency to fight the pandemic. He said he will decide whether to issue such a declaration by putting priority on protecting the lives and health of the public.

Osaka Governor Urges Residents Not To Go Out

Osaka governor urges residents not to go out

The governor of Osaka Prefecture, western Japan, is calling on people to avoid nightclubs and other spots that operate during nighttime hours as a precaution amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Yoshimura Hirofumi made the remarks to reporters on Tuesday saying that the virus could spread in entertainment establishments that operate from night until early morning.

Tokyo Gov. Urges People Not To Go To Night Spots

Tokyo gov. urges people not to go to night spots

Tokyo Governor Koike Yuriko is urging people not to spend time in bars and other spots operating during the nighttime hours, in an effort to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

She was speaking at a news conference on Monday evening, following a recent spike in the number of the coronavirus infections in the capital.

Lexus' New Mirror Tech Is So Futuristic It's Not Yet Allowed In The U.s.

Lexus' new mirror tech is so futuristic it's not yet allowed in the U.S.

Transcript: Lexus' digital side-view camera and monitor. The digital side-view camera and monitor provide the driver with a high-definition view. When turns are activated, the monitor goes into "extended view" eliminating blind spots. The system has adjustable brightness, the option for automatic camera retraction, and it's designed with weather-proofing features. It even includes a built-in heater to prevent freezing so it can work in all weather conditions. The futuristic tech is currently available as an option on the ES 300h Takumi. U.S. regulations do not allow this tech.


Tokyo Governor Calls On Residents Not To Go Out

Tokyo Governor calls on residents not to go out

Tokyo governor is calling on residents in the city to stay home this coming weekend unless they absolutely need to go out.

It comes after officials confirmed more than 40 more cases of infection with the new coronavirus on Wednesday, the largest one-day spike the city has seen so far.

Japan To Not Extend School Closures

Japan to not extend school closures

Japan's education minister says the nationwide school closures will not be extended beyond spring break.

Koichi Hagiuda spoke to reporters after a meeting of the government's task force on the new coronavirus outbreak on Friday.

Abe: Japan Not In Situation To Declare Emergency

Abe: Japan not in situation to declare emergency

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe says Japan is not in a situation where he needs to declare a state of emergency based on a law that came into effect on Saturday to tackle the spread of the new coronavirus.

Speaking to reporters on Saturday, Abe said cases in Japan are contained compared to other countries.