Arson Attack Investigation Focuses On Novel

Arson attack investigation focuses on novel

Thursday marks two weeks since a deadly arson attack on a Kyoto Animation studio. A possible connection between the suspect, Shinji Aoba, and the animation firm has emerged. It will likely take more time to establish his motive, as he is being treated in an intensive care unit for severe burns.

When Shinji Aoba was captured by police on July 18, he reportedly yelled something about the studio stealing the plot of his novel.

Arson Suspect May Believe His Novel Was Stolen

Arson suspect may believe his novel was stolen

Police are to look into a novel written by a person with the same name as the suspect in the deadly arson attack on a Kyoto Animation studio.

The police suspect the man bore a grudge against the firm, believing that it had stolen the plot of his novel.

Novel Sent Under The Name Of The Attacker

Novel sent under the name of the attacker

Kyoto Animation says a person with the same name as the suspect in the deadly arson attack at its studio sent a novel to the company.

Lawyers for the animation company on Tuesday sent an e-mail message to media outlets. It says that a person named Shinji Aoba had sent a novel to the company from the address the media has attached to the suspect.

Nintendo And Dark Horse To Publish Arms Graphic Novel

Nintendo And Dark Horse To Publish ARMS Graphic Novel

One of the fun and quirky games that Nintendo unveiled early on for the Nintendo Switch is ARMS. It is a fighting game but in Nintendo's style of colorful and weird characters whose arms could extend like springs (hence the name, we guess?). Now the game itself doesn't really have much of a story to it, but that's something Nintendo is hoping to change.

Nintendo has recently announced that together with Dark Horse, a graphic novel based on ARMS is expected to be launched in the fall of 2018. The graphic novel will be illustrated by Joe Ng and it will explore some of the game's background story and lore, which for the most part wasn't really elaborated on in the game itself other than characters having brief introductions.

Haruki Murakami To Release New Novel Titled 'killing Commendatore'

Haruki Murakami to release new novel titled 'Killing Commendatore'Japanese novelist Haruki Murakami will release a new novel titled "Killing Commendatore" on Feb. 24, its publisher Shinchosha Publishing Co. said Tuesday, his first multivolume novel in seven years.
The novel, comprising two books, is priced at 1,944 yen ($16.77), tax included, said Shinchosha, via which Murakami, 67, released in 2009 and 2010 a long excerpt from "Book 1" through "Book 3" of his novel "1Q84."

Lexus Gs F Novel Body Kit Released In Japan

Lexus GS F Novel Body Kit released in JapanJapanese tuner NOVEL has released a body kit for the Lexus GS F.
The body kit is made up of a front lip spoiler, side skirts, a rear under spoiler and a diffuser — in Japan, the kit retails for ¥520,000 ($4,516 USD) for carbon fiber and ¥400,000 ($3,474 USD) for CFRP.

Development Of Novel Sensing Materials And Chemical Sensors With Broad Medical Applications

Development of Novel Sensing Materials and Chemical Sensors with Broad Medical ApplicationsSuzuki & Citterio Laboratory is part of the Department of Applied Chemistry in the Faculty of Science and Technology at Keio University and focused on research into developing new sensing materials and chemical sensors. Not limiting themselves to analytical chemistry, which is their field of specialization, they also refer to other disciplines including organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, and biochemistry, merging these technologies to develop highly practical chemical sensors.