Watch Two Acura Nsxs Scorch The Nurburgring

Watch two Acura NSXs scorch the Nurburgring

Some intrepid spy shooter captured these two Acura NSXs blasting around the Nürburgring. Without being there in person with a decibel meter, it's hard to tell if they're necessarily louder than stock cars, but they sure seem quick. Why test the cars now, when they've been on sale for a while now?

Rumors are swirling that this could be a hardcore variant. It's unclear if Honda would call it a Type R, but a midlife refresh with a bit more power or a special limited edition with some extra kick wouldn't be unprecedented. The original NSX had several such models, and recent sports cars like the S2000 had low-volume editions, like the Club Racer variant in the United States and the Type S in Japan. Watch the video and draw your own conclusions about what this is or isn't. One thing's for sure: It's not a pure-EV variant.

One Of The Uk's Last Honda Nsxs For Sale

One of the UK's Last Honda NSXs for SaleCan someone please lend me £70,000? Here, I'll even make the conversion for you, it's about $111,500 or €87,400.
What makes this 2005 example finished in a pearl white shade even more interesting is that, according to the seller, it's one of the "last twelve" Honda (Acura in North America) NSXs to be delivered in the UK, having been registered in November 2005.