Honda E Gets Final Range And Power Numbers Ahead Of Frankfurt

Honda E gets final range and power numbers ahead of Frankfurt

We've been waiting a long time for this. Official Honda E production details are out, including range, power, acceleration and new photos. Honda claims the little hatchback will be capable of going 136.7 miles on a full charge. That number isn't exactly competitive with anything more than the low-range Nissan Leaf and BMW i3 sold in America, but total range isn't the point with this car. Honda has already said that it's prioritizing a low weight and smaller form factor for city usage. We'll note one caveat with the range figure. Honda says the number comes from internal estimates, and doesn't indicate if it's 136.7 miles on the WLTP or NEDC standards. There will be two power outputs available. The base electric motor produces 134 horsepower, while the upgraded E will make 152 horsepower. Both versions put out 232 pound-feet of torque. Acceleration to 62 mph will take approximately 8 seconds, according to Honda. Finally, the Honda E is capable of fast charging, going from 0-80 percent capacity in as little as 30 minutes. It's a small 35.5 kWh battery pack, but Honda still hasn't provided a final, official curb weight. The last important bit of news revealed today is that these photos are the first showing a Honda E in its final production form. Up until now, all the Honda E photos have been of concepts or pre-production vehicles. That said, good luck finding anything different between these photos and the last big batch of pictures Honda released. The car is still as cute and stylish as ever — you'll be able to see it in person at the Frankfurt Motor Show later this month. We could totally go for one as a city/commuter car, especially with the ludicrous 14-foot turning radius Honda promises. This may be the sixth, seventh or maybe even 20th time we've said it, but we sure do want the Honda E in America, too.

How The Election Works And The Key Numbers

How the election works and the key numbers

This Upper House election can be considered a mid-term evaluation of the government in power.

The Diet itself has two chambers -- the Lower and Upper House. Upper House members are elected on six-year, staggered terms.

As Phone Numbers Run Out, Japan Starts Making Longer Ones

As Phone Numbers Run Out, Japan Starts Making Longer Ones

Amid concerns that the company’s 11 digit phone numbers could run out by 2022, Japan’s communications ministry has started planning to create 14 digit phone numbers. It would be able to create 10 billion new numbers by moving up to 14 digits. The proposal to do so has reportedly been approved already by the country’s largest mobile carriers.

According to the Japan Times, the plan to create 14 digit phone numbers has been approved by KDDI, NTT Docomo, and SoftBank. With the three major carriers in agreement, the report states that Japan might introduce these new phone numbers before the end of 2021.

Mazda Slovakia Brochure Reveals Skyactiv-x Euro Power Numbers

Mazda Slovakia brochure reveals Skyactiv-X Euro power numbers

After driving a prototype of Mazda's Skyactiv-X engine in a Mazda3 in January last year, we wrote, "If you want to talk numbers, they're understandably fuzzy. The Skyactiv-X tune isn't final yet, so horsepower and torque figures are a moving target." They're no longer fuzzy in Slovakia, where a brochure for the new Mazda3 sells final figures as 181 metric horsepower and 222 Newton-meters, or 178 horsepower

and 164 pound-feet.

Turn Back Time With Back Number's Pv For 'happy Birthday'

Turn back time with back number's PV for 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY'

back number have revealed the short PV for their new song "HAPPY BIRTHDAY."

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY" is the theme song for TBS' drama 'Hajimete Koi wo Shita Hi ni Yomu Hanashi' and will be released as the band's new single on February 27. Banba Shuichi, who directed the PV commented, "Your birthday starts when the date changes and ends when the date changes. It's a PV that shows one's desire of turning back time.

Govt. Falsely Doubled Disabled Staff Numbers

Govt. falsely doubled disabled staff numbers

NHK has learned that there are about half as many people with disabilities employed by the Japanese government's ministries as figures suggest.

Administrative institutions and businesses are required by law to hire a certain amount of people with disabilities. The labor and welfare ministry has been investigating government offices after it was learned that more than 10 had inflated their numbers.

Check Out The Pv For Back Number's 'daifuseikai'

Check out the PV for back number's 'Daifuseikai'

back number has revealed the PV for their new song "Daifuseikai," which was written as the theme song for the movie 'Gintama 2 Okite wa Yaburu tame ni koso Aru.'

The band teamed up with Tan Shuichi for the PV. On the video shoot, Shimizu Iyori (Vo, G) commented, "The director understood the image of the lyrics, song, and footage perfectly, so we were able to have fun and felt assured that we were going to create something good.

2018 Sony Xperia Model Numbers Already Spied

2018 Sony Xperia model numbers already spied


Last year, it took until the very end of October before we saw any official Xperia model numbers related to next year's models. However, this year, a number of ‘H' denominated model numbers representing the 2018 Xperia range have been discovered through official UAProf‘s (user-agent profiles).

First 2017 Xperia Model Numbers Spotted – Sony G3112 And G3121

First 2017 Xperia model numbers spotted – Sony G3112 and G3121We still have two months of 2016 left and we imagine Sony is hard at work on 2017’s Xperia models. Well it looks like testing of at least one model has begun, as the Sony G31XX model number has been spotted at the Eurasian Economic Commission. Following previous model numbers, the ‘G’ number signifies the 2017 range – much like the ‘F’ model numbers were the 2016 range, ‘E’ models were the 2015 range and so on.

Rumor : Sony Xperia X Performance Heading To Uk In Limited Numbers

Rumor : Sony Xperia X Performance heading to UK in limited numbersWe have known for a while that Sony Mobile had no plans to bring the top-tier model in the Xperia X range – the Xperia X Performance – to the UK. This was confirmed earlier in the week, when pre-orders started through the Sony Mobile Store. The only two regions where the Xperia X Performance will not be available are Germany and the UK.

Sony : First 2016 Xperia Model Numbers Revealed : F51xx And F31xx

Sony : First 2016 Xperia model numbers revealed : F51XX and F31XXThe first two Sony Xperia smartphone model numbers of 2016 have been revealed as the Sony F3116 and Sony F5122 according to the Indonesian Postel site. The coding follows the trend that we have seen the last few years, where the letter in the model number represents the year. In this case ‘F’ stands for 2016, whereas last year’s model numbers began with an ‘E’ and the 2014 models began with a ‘D’ and so on.