Sharp Shows Off Prototype Vertically Foldable Smartphone

Sharp Shows Off Prototype Vertically Foldable Smartphone

In 2019, we saw the official launch of the foldable smartphone concept where companies such as Samsung and Huawei have come forward with foldable smartphone concepts of their own. Clearly they are not alone and according to a recent video, it looks like Sharp could be interested in such devices as well.

The video above shows off a prototype from Sharp in which instead of a display folding outwards vertically like we’ve seen from Samsung and Huawei, Sharp has opted for a display the folds vertically. The display in question is said to measure 6.18-inches with a resolution of 1440×3040.

Asdf Jet Disappears Over The Sea Off Aomori

ASDF jet disappears over the sea off Aomori

Japan's Air Self-Defense Force says an F35A fighter jet disappeared from radar over the sea off Aomori Prefecture, northern Japan, at around 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, Japan Time.

ASDF officials said the aircraft took off from Misawa air base at around 7:00 p.m., and disappeared at a point about 135 kilometers east of Misawa City.

Cuphead Co-op Gameplay Shown Off On The Nintendo Switch

Cuphead Co-Op Gameplay Shown Off On The Nintendo Switch

The other day, much to the surprise and delight of gamers, indie darling Cuphead was officially announced for the Nintendo Switch. The game was previously exclusive to Microsoft’s Xbox platform as far as consoles are concerned (it is also playable on PC), so safe to say that this was a very nice surprise for non-Xbox gamers who also wanted to play the game.

Now in a new video released by Nintendo, they are showing off the co-op gameplay on the Nintendo Switch, where in the Nintendo Minute video with Kit and Krysta, they also manage to interview Jake of Studio MDHR (the developer behind Cuphead) to get his thoughts on the game, the art style, the choice of music, and so on.

Crew Set Off On Final Research Whaling Mission

Crew set off on final research whaling mission

A ship left the port town of Taiji in Wakayama Prefecture, western Japan, on Friday morning to take part in the country's final research whaling mission.

The six crew members are heading for a port in Ishinomaki City, Miyagi Prefecture, in northern Japan.
They will conduct research whaling from next month through June in waters off Tohoku and Hokkaido in northern Japan. The ship will begin whaling on a commercial basis on July 1.

L200 Absolute Concept Is The Off-road Truck We Want From Mitsubishi

L200 Absolute Concept is the off-road truck we want from Mitsubishi

Mitsubishi took the wraps off a concept off-road truck called the L200 Absolute at the Bangkok International Motor Show, and we completely approve. The truck isn't just a normal L200 with an appearance package. No, Mitsubishi went in and modified the suspension, added a ton of body cladding and even some carbon fiber.

We don't think about Mitsubishi as much ever since the Evo was discontinued here, but this truck provides a bit of hope that one day the Japanese brand could be cool again in America. To begin, Mitsubishi widened the truck's track to make room for the beefy Falken Wildpeak all-terrain tires wrapping the black off-road wheels. Then the suspension was modified to give the truck a two-inch lift — it was also given a new shock and spring setup for off-road use, providing more suspension travel. Sadly, Mitsubishi does not say more about it, but we're happy that this truck will be much more capable when the trails get rough.

Mayoral Elections Kick Off In Japan

Mayoral elections kick off in Japan

The race to become the mayor of six of Japan's major cities officially kicked off on Sunday. For national political parties, it's an opportunity to build momentum as they prepare for Upper House elections scheduled for this summer.

The elections are for the cities of Sapporo, Sagamihara, Shizuoka, Hamamatsu, Hiroshima and Osaka.