Byodoin Temple Offers Nightly Viewing With Sakura In Bloom

Byodoin temple offers nightly viewing with sakura in bloom

UJI, Kyoto Prefecture--For a limited five-night run, the World Heritage-listed Byodoin temple's 1,000-year-old Hoo-do, or Phoenix Hall, and cherry trees will be illuminated for the public in a mystical setting.

The night viewing will start from the evening of April 5 and continue through April 9. A media preview was held April 4.

Dev That Ported Skyrim To Switch Offers To Do The Same For Monster Hunter World

Dev That Ported Skyrim To Switch Offers To Do The Same For Monster Hunter World

We're sure many gamers were disappointed when Capcom said that they would not be bringing Monster Hunter World onto the Nintendo Switch. The company claimed that doing so would be difficult, and while they did not dive into specifics, it seems that game studio Iron Galaxy might have an idea of what they're talking about.

So much so that Adam Boyes, the CEO of Iron Galaxy, tweeted at Capcom and offered to help them port the game over to the Switch. For those unfamiliar, Iron Galaxy has some experience porting games onto the Switch. They are the company who helped to bring Bethesda's Skyrim onto the Switch, so like we said, they do have some experience in that area.

Subaru Offers 50th-anniversary Edition Versions Of All Its Cars

Subaru offers 50th-anniversary edition versions of all its cars

Subaru is celebrating its 50th year in the U.S., and like so many automakers, its doing so by rolling out some special edition models. What's a bit unique about Subaru's approach is that the anniversary editions are available on every single model in the lineup. That includes Impreza, Crosstrek, Forester, Outback, Legacy, WRX, WRX STI and BRZ. The only exception is the Ascent, which isn't yet on sale in any form.

What distinguishes the 50th anniversary edition Subarus are really just cosmetic things. They're all painted in an exclusive "Heritage Blue" and accented with satin chrome trim. Naturally they have "50th Anniversary" badges, too. Inside, they're all equipped with black leather featuring embroidered "50th Anniversary" logos and contrast silver stitching. The seatbelts are also silver.

Final Fantasy Xv Windows Edition Offers Xbox One Cross-play

Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition Offers Xbox One Cross-Play

For the longest time ever, consoles and PCs played separate from one another. This meant that if you played a game on the Xbox, you could only play with other Xbox gamers, and so on. For the most part this is still true, although the companies behind the consoles and also developers are starting to incorporate cross-play.

The good news is that this will also apply to Square Enix's Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition. For those who purchase the upcoming title, it seems that a listing on the Microsoft Store has revealed that it will support cross-play with the Xbox One. However there is a huge catch, and that is you will have to purchase the game via the Microsoft Store.

Japan Offers Robopets, Target The Elderly, Kids And Hard-working Salarymen Pressed For Time

Japan offers robopets, target the elderly, kids and hard-working salarymen pressed for time

Japan, home of the "kawaii" cult of cute, has always had a soft spot for companion robots, in contrast to the more industrial or mechanical types used for assembly lines, surgeries and military missions. The Associated Press spent some time recently with three relatively affordable home robots from Japanese makers that target the elderly, kids and hard-working salarymen pressed for time. Unlike real children or pets, they have off switches and don't need constant attention, dog food or cat litter.


Kyoto Offers Wealthier Foreign Tourists Cultural Workshops

Kyoto offers wealthier foreign tourists cultural workshops

The city of Kyoto, visited by over 50 million tourists a year, is boosting efforts to attract wealthy foreign travelers by offering cultural workshops to satisfy their appetite for a deeper engagement with their destinations.

With visitors already at record-high levels, the ancient Japanese capital is shifting focus from quantity to quality in its tourism promotion, targeting the higher spending associated with high-end tourism, especially by foreigners.

Softbank Offers To Invest In Uber At 30 Percent Discount

SoftBank Offers To Invest In Uber At 30 Percent Discount

Japan’s SoftBank has reportedly been thinking about investing a big chunk of money in Uber. According to a new report, the company is planning to make an offer to purchase Uber shares at a 30 percent discount. Its offer will be based on a valuation of $48 billion which is a 30 percent discount to Uber’s most recent valuation of $68.5 billion.

Uber’s board approved the investment last month. The cash infusion is also going to bring about some corporate governance changes at the company. It would particularly limit the voting powers of some early shareholders, including that of founder and ex-CEO Travis Kalanick.