Honda E Pricing Officially Revealed At 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show

Honda E pricing officially revealed at 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show

Official pricing is finally out for the Honda E. The announcement was made by Honda at the Frankfurt Motor Show, but the only country pricing was revealed for is Germany. It begins at €33,470 before the German electric car subsidy brings the base price down to €29,470. Converted to U.S. dollars, the base price before any potential tax credit is $36,957. Of course, the Honda E would be eligible for the $7,500 tax credit here, bringing the price below $30,000. This, we could live with. The last report we heard back in May is that the Honda E would start around $45,000. Just under $37,000 is a seriously pleasant surprise. We learned the final power numbers and range the other day. Unsurprisingly, the more powerful Honda E is also more expensive. That base price is for the 134-horsepower version. If you want the "Advance" (trim name from Honda) 152-horsepower Honda E, you'll be paying an extra €3,000. More equipment is also along for the ride here, but Honda didn't specify exactly what that is. We'll assume it includes nicer trim, materials and maybe an extra tech gizmo or two. If you're in Frankfurt, you can go look at and experience the production Honda E in the flesh. Honda doesn't bring it stateside for shows since it won't be selling the car here. Also, it would be rather cruel to taunt us with such an awesome little car that we won't be able to buy despite our desperate pleas. Those who expressed interest in buying one will be able to place an order this month. Deliveries to some European countries (UK, Germany, France and Norway) will begin summer of 2020.

The Nikon D6 Has (sort Of) Been Officially Announced

The Nikon D6 Has (Sort Of) Been Officially Announced

As such, the company did not dive into any details or specs about the camera, except to say that it will be their “most advanced DSLR to date”. Whether that’s true or just marketing hype remains to be seen, but since they did not actually confirm when the camera would be revealed in full, we’ll just have to wait and see.

According to Nikon, “Nikon released the D1 digital SLR camera in 1999, making 2019 the 20th anniversary of the single-digit D series. Thanks to the imaging know-how cultivated over Nikon’s long history in camera development, Nikon’s professional DSLR cameras have continued to evolve by introducing some of the industry’s most advanced technologies and responding to the strict demands of professional photographers with the ultimate in performance and reliability, even in the most severe conditions. With the D6, Nikon is currently developing its most advanced DSLR to date.”

Canon Eos M6 Mark Ii Digital Camera Officially Announced

Canon EOS M6 Mark II Digital Camera Officially Announced

About a week ago, a leaked promotional video revealed that Canon had a new camera in the works in the form of the EOS M6 Mark II. If you are interested in the camera, then you’ll be pleased to learn that Canon has since officially announced the launch of their latest mirrorless camera.

That being said, the decision to launch the EOS M6 Mark II is an interesting one. This is because Canon’s earlier mirrorless efforts did not fare too well. The company has since launched a new lineup of EOS R full-frame mirrorless cameras which seems to be better received.

Officially-licensed Overwatch Nintendo Switch Case Spotted On Amazon

Officially-Licensed Overwatch Nintendo Switch Case Spotted On Amazon

Back in 2018, Blizzard launched their first game for the Nintendo Switch in the form of Diablo 3. This has opened up the door to the future possibility that more Blizzard games could arrive for the Switch. There have been talks in the past about Overwatch possibly coming to the Switch, where Blizzard acknowledged that it would be feasible.

The good news is that it looks like we could be getting closer to that becoming a reality. This is because according to reports, an officially-licensed Overwatch case was spotted on Amazon, where it based on the listing, it says that it is officially licensed by Nintendo and Blizzard Entertainment.

Sony's Latest Compact Camera Rx100 Vii Officially Announced

Sony's Latest Compact Camera RX100 VII Officially Announced

Thanks to recently leaked specs, it was revealed that Sony had a new compact camera in the works in the form of the Sony RX100 VII, a new addition to its popular RX100 series of compacts. If you are in the market for a new camera, then you might be pleased to learn that the RX100 VII has since been officially launched.

While compacts don’t get a lot of attention, the RX100 has performed rather admirably, thanks largely to its 1-inch CMOS sensor that allows it to capture some pretty high-quality images and videos. It has also seen a lot of popularity amongst YouTubers who love the camera’s lightweight design for vlogging purposes.

2020 Toyota Gr Supra Is Officially At Dealerships, On Sale Today - Autoblog

2020 Toyota GR Supra is officially at dealerships, on sale today - Autoblog

The 2020 Toyota Supra is on sale today, folks. Yes, you can drive on down to your Toyota dealership today and buy one. Toyota says so, at least. Perhaps you read that with some exasperation, as the rollercoaster of a campaign that was the Supra rollout finally hits the ground. The car might even stay on sale for as long as the automotive industry has been talking about it. But there's no need for speculation now. If a Supra is what you want, now is finally the time to snag one. As a reminder, the first 1,500 out the door will be Launch Edition models, which cost $56,180. They're going to be rare one day, so this would be the best choice for any kind of a collector searching for exclusivity. If you've been pining over one since it officially launched at the Detroit Auto Show this January, the normal (non-Launch Edition) models will be coming shortly after. A totally base Supra adds up to $50,920 before options. All of them come with the 3.0-liter turbocharged inline-six mated to an eight-speed automatic transmission. Power is a respectable 335 horsepower and 365 pound-feet of torque. Toyota's configurator has been up for quite some time now, so you can get over there and spec one just how you'd like. There aren't many options, so pick your color and trim level, then call it a day. We know that we'll be looking extra close on our next trip by the local Toyota dealer to see if they're out. Let's just hope there aren't massive stickers with the words "Market Adjustment" on them. The first one sold at auction for $2.1 million, so it's an aggressive start.

The Nintendo Switch Lite Has Been Officially Announced

The Nintendo Switch Lite Has Been Officially Announced

For a while now we have been hearing rumors that Nintendo could have a new Nintendo Switch console in the works. The console in question has been referred to as the Nintendo Switch Mini, where its focus would be on being more affordable and also being more portable, where its Joy-Cons will not be removable.

For those who wouldn’t mind the idea of such a console, you’ll be pleased and excited to learn that Nintendo has since officially announced the Nintendo Switch Lite. This is pretty much as what the rumors were saying, where the console will be priced at $199, making it $100 cheaper than the regular Switch, and where its controllers cannot be removed. It also cannot be connected to your TV, so it looks like the emphasis is being placed on portability.

Fujifilm Instax Mini Liplay Officially Announced

Fujifilm Instax Mini LiPlay Officially Announced

Fujifilm’s Instax instant-print cameras are pretty popular, especially these days when it seems that film is making a comeback of sorts. The downside to the majority of these cameras is that the focus and emphasis is placed on being able to create physical prints on the spot, but what if you wanted a digital copy that you can share online as well?

Not to worry because Fujifilm has you covered. The company has announced their latest Instax camera in the form of the Mini LiPlay. This is a “hybrid” camera, according to the company, because it combines the best of both worlds. Not only can this print images on the spot, but it can also store a digital copy which can then be transferred to your smartphone wirelessly where you can then upload it to your social media.

Huawei Officially Responds To Android Ban

Huawei Officially Responds To Android Ban

Huawei has so far kept mum on the issue, but they have since released a statement on the matter where they reassure their customers that existing devices will continue to receive security updates and after-sales services. “Huawei will continue to provide security updates and after-sales services to all existing Huawei and Honor smartphone and tablet products, covering those that have been sold and that are still in stock globally.”

The company adds, “We will continue to build a safe and sustainable software ecosystem, in order to provide the best experience for all users globally.” This more or less echoes what Google had previously stated, in which the ban would only apply to new Huawei handsets, and that existing devices will continue to be supported by the company, although there would no longer be any new updates.

Android Q Dark Theme Officially Confirmed By Google

Android Q Dark Theme Officially Confirmed By Google

Android users have long been asking Google for a native dark theme for the OS. There were reports that the company may introduce this with Android Q, the next major update for its mobile OS. Google confirmed today at its I/O 2019 developers conference that there will indeed be an Android Q dark theme.

It acknowledged that users have long been asking for this and that it has listened to them and developed a dark theme for Android Q. It works as you’d expect a feature like this to work. There will be a toggle in the Quick Settings menu. The system UI will switch from white to black when you tap on that toggle.

Android Q Developer Preview Officially Announced

Android Q Developer Preview Officially Announced

For a while now we have been hearing reports about some of the features of Android Q, where the folks at XDA Developers managed to get their hands on a leaked build, but unfortunately there was no mention of when the official developer preview would be launched. There was some speculation that we could be getting close, and now it seems like the time has come.

Google has officially announced the launch of the beta for Android Q. The beta will be initially available to Pixel devices which means that non-Pixel users will have to wait their turn. Note that this is only the beta which means that certain features might not work, or certain features could actually end up getting removed ahead of the final release.

Sony Playstation Vita Production Has Officially Come To An End

Sony PlayStation Vita Production Has Officially Come To An End

In the console space, there is Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo, each of whom have their own home console device. However when it comes to handhelds, that space was pretty much a fight between Nintendo and Sony, although it seems that now Sony could finally be conceding that market to Nintendo entirely.

This is because Sony has officially ended the production of its PlayStation Vita console. We had previously heard that Sony would be winding down production, and it looks like it has finally come to an end. The PS Vita was launched back in 2011 which means that it has been around for about 8 years or so, although in the past few years, Sony hasn’t really done much with it.