Microsoft Office Mobile Apps Won't Work On Older Android Devices

Microsoft Office Mobile Apps Won't Work On Older Android Devices

Microsoft’s Android port of its Office productivity apps is quite solid. You can get some serious work done on Android devices using these apps. However, if you’re using a fairly old device, you may want to take note, as Microsoft is discontinuing support for Office mobile apps on older Android devices.

Microsoft has updated the system requirements for the Office mobile apps without much fanfare. It’s not surprising to see that this has happened as the move is meant to ensure that users get the best possible experience with the apps. That can often no longer be possible on devices that become outdated.

Oneplus Confirms Android Q Will Come To Some Older Handsets

OnePlus Confirms Android Q Will Come To Some Older Handsets

One of the things about Android is that beyond the two-year mark, there are no longer guarantees that your phones will receive the latest Android updates. This is understandable as Android manufacturers would prefer to focus their resources and efforts on their newer phones, although it is a bummer for those who’d rather hold onto their phones for longer periods of time.

However, the good news for those who own the OnePlus 5 and 5T smartphones, it seems that OnePlus has confirmed that these devices are indeed eligible for updates to Android Q when the update does eventually roll out to the masses. This was confirmed in a post on the OnePlus forums where OnePlus revealed that the Android Q Developer Preview was released for the OnePlus 7 Pro, 6, and 6T handsets.

Latest Lineageos Release Will Bring Android 9.0 To Older Devices

Latest LineageOS Release Will Bring Android 9.0 To Older Devices

As much as many of us would like to have the latest and greatest smartphone technology, the increasing cost of smartphones these days means that even upgrading every other year is still a bit too pricey to do so. This means that there are many out there who are probably holding onto much older devices.

The good news is that if you own an older Android device and your manufacturer has pretty much thrown in the towel on providing updates, you’ll be pleased to learn that LineageOS could help fill that gap. This is because the team behind LineageOS has recently released the latest version of their ROM where it will now pretty much bring Android 9.0 Pie to older devices dating as far back to 2014.

No Plans To Bring Older Wolfenstein Titles Onto Nintendo Switch

No Plans To Bring Older Wolfenstein Titles Onto Nintendo Switch

As you might have heard, Wolfenstein II will be launching on the Nintendo Switch later this week. This is great news for fans of Wolfenstein who would love to be able to play the game on the console. However if you were hoping to see older Wolfenstein games arrive for the Switch, you'll be disappointed to learn that won't be happening.

Speaking to GameSpot, Adam Creighton, studio head at developer Panic Button said that there are no plans to bring older titles to the Switch. For those unfamiliar, Panic Button is the developer that will be porting the game to the Switch. However according to Creighton, it's not their decision as that will be up to Bethesda, the game's publisher.

Ps4 Pro Update Will Make Games Look Better On Older Tvs

PS4 Pro Update Will Make Games Look Better On Older TVs

Sony's PS4 Pro was clearly designed for the gamer with a 4K TV in mind, but what about those who don't own a 4K TV yet? Obviously this means that they won't be able to fully take advantage of what the PS4 Pro has to offer, although the good news is that it looks like Sony is doing something to address that.

In an announcement on the PlayStation Blog, Sony has revealed that there will be an incoming update for the console that will introduce "supersampling mode". This means that games designed for 4K will downscale to match your TV's resolution, but at the same time offering an image clarity boost.

Sony 3d Creator App Ported To Xperia Xz Premium And Older Devices

Sony 3D Creator app ported to Xperia XZ Premium and older devicesSony's 3D Creator application was one of the highlights of IFA. It will feature on the upcoming Xperia XZ1 and XZ1 Compact, but also confirmed to arrive on the Xperia XZ Premium in a future update. The app allows you to 3D scan a person's face or objects to produce a surprisingly accurate 3D image, which can even be 3D printed.

Sony: Ps4 Pro Boost Mode Will Speed Up Older Games

Sony: PS4 Pro Boost Mode Will Speed Up Older GamesSony has been sharing details about some of the new features that the upcoming firmware version 4.50 will bring to the PlayStation 4. It’s rolling out the beta version of the firmware to testers who will put the update through its paces before Sony decides to release it to the public. One of the new features included in firmware version 4.50 is Boost Mode for the PlayStation 4 Pro.

Mazda Australia Recalls 60,000 Older Models

Mazda Australia recalls 60,000 older models Mazda has this week issued a recall notice of “approximately” 60,000 vehicles in Australia for a potential assembly issue affecting a number of older models.
Models listed in the recall include the 121 DB10 sedan and hatch, 323 BG10 sedan and hatch, 323 BA10 sedan and hatch, 626 GE10 and GE20L2, Eunos 30X EC108 hatch, MPV LV10E wagon, 929 HD10E sedan and the 929 HE10E1.

Sony : Android 5.1.1 Now Rolling To Older Xperia Z Series

Sony : Android 5.1.1 now rolling to older Xperia Z series The older Sony Xperia Z series is now seeing the Android 5.1.1 Lollipop firmware start to seed in the form of build number 10.7.A.0.222. At the time of writing, we have noticed the update land on the Xperia Z (C6602, C6603 variants), Xperia ZL (C6503, C6506 variants), Xperia ZR (C5503 only) and Xperia Tablet Z Wi-Fi (SGP311, SGP312) and Xperia Tablet Z LTE models (SGP321 only).

One-eighth Of Population Now Aged 75 Or Older

One-eighth of population now aged 75 or olderThe number of Japanese aged 75 or older reached a record 15.9 million, comprising one in eight people, figures show.
The internal affairs ministry calculated figures on the nation’s graying population to coincide with Respect-for-the-Aged Day, a national holiday, on Sept. 15.