Olympus 36x Sp-810uz Camera

Olympus 36x SP-810UZ cameraOlympus Imaging Corporation (President: Shuichi Takayama) is pleased to announce the OLYMPUS SP-810UZ featuring 36x ultra-zoom lens. It is scheduled to go on sale in September 2011.

Olympus Pen E-pm1 Pricing

Olympus PEN Mini E-PM1

The wait is over! Starting next month, the smallest, lightest, and the most portable Olympus PEN camera – the PEN E-PM1 – will be available at the affordable price of $499.99. The Olympus “PEN Mini” comes in six stylish colors (purple, pink, brown, white, silver and black) to suit your personal style.

Olympus Launches Vf-3

Olympus launches VF-3Olympus has launched a new high-resolution electronic viewfinder to boost the imaging power of its sleek PEN Micro Four Thirds cameras – the new PEN (E-P3), PEN Lite (E-PL3) and PEN mini (E-PM1). The VF-3 offers a 100% field of view and more than four times the resolution of rival electronic viewfinders for comparable cameras, so it’s ideal for capturing high-zoom close-ups in excellent picture quality.

Olympus Chic Pen Lite In Aug

Olympus Pen Lite E-PL3 camera

With the summer in full swing there’s good news for anyone looking for a capable and compact system camera to capture their memories in the very best quality: because the wait is finally over for the new Olympus PEN Lite. Featuring the cute retro styling that has propelled PEN into the spotlight over the last couple of years, the PEN Lite is available with an M.ZUIKO DIGITAL 14-42mm 1:3.5-5.6 II R (28-84mm*) lens from mid-August, for just €599.

Olympus 36x Optic Zoom Camera

Olympus new 36x optic zoom cameraTravelers looking for a camera flexible enough to get up close for beautiful macro images of flowers while exploring exotic islands or to capture the magnificence of the Old Faithful geyser from hundreds of feet away without changing lenses, now have the ultimate camera with the introduction of the new SP-810UZ.

Olympus Vg-145 Camera

OLYMPUS VG-145 cameraOlympus is pleased to announce the OLYMPUS VG-145, a compact digital camera equipped with advanced shooting functions, such as HD movies*1 and full array of Auto functions. It also features 5X optical zoom lens from wide angle of 26mm*2 in a slim, stylish body. It is scheduled to go on sale at the middle of August, 2011.

Olympus Tough Camera Tg-615

Olympus tough camera TG-615Olynpus announced today in Japan their new “Always Ready” like camera with the TG-615.

Replacing the TG-610 that was on sale since March 2011, the TG-615 brings some slightly new improved Picture modes like “Miniature” (Tilt-shift effect) as well as a new IS technology coming straight from the PEN E-P3.

Olympus Ls-3 Pcm Recorder

Olympus LS-3 PCM recorderIt’s just what users have been waiting for – highest quality audio recording matched with a pocket-sized format. The easy-to-use Olympus LS-3 joins the coveted family of LS audio recorders, sharing the awe-inspiring studio-grade sound capture capabilities in 96kHz/24bit Linear PCM format.

Olympus 2nd Directrec Generation

Olympus 2nd Directrec generationThe Olympus DR-1200, DR-2100, DR-2200 and DR-2300 herald the dawn of a new generation for professional dictation needs in stationary environments. The revamped, stylish design of the Directrec range significantly improves ergonomics to enhance operability, along with better microphone performance.

Olympus M.zuiko Digital Lenses

Olympus M.ZUIKO DIGITAL lensesHot on the heels of the three new PEN system cameras PEN E-P3, PEN Lite and PEN Mini, Olympus is to launch two stylish new compact lenses designed specifically for the visionary new Micro Four Thirds PEN models.

Olympus Pen Lite E-pl3 Camera

Olympus Pen Lite E-PL3 cameraOlympus has done it again, launching a new generation of head-turning, compact PEN cameras that offer SLR creativity, simple, no-nonsense controls. For people looking to express themselves with state-of-the-art technology in an easy-to-use package, the compact and cute PEN Lite (E-PL3) is ideal.

Olympus Pen E-p3 Camera

Olympus PEN E-P3 cameraToday Olympus announces a new flagship PEN camera designed for the hobbyist or advanced photographer who desires superior image quality, FAST (Frequency Acceleration Sensor Technology) Autofocus Tracking System and total creative control in a body portable enough to travel the world: the PEN E-P3.

Olympus Ls-20m Hybrid Recorder

Olympus LS-20M Hybrid RecorderTransforming everyday videos into memorable movies can be a challenge, but the Olympus LS-20M Linear PCM recorder makes it easy to add creative flair to any recording with the introduction of high-definition video. Record a live recital, create home movies and upload amazing linear PCM audio and high-definition video with the new Olympus LS-20M.

Olympus Sz-30mr Camera

Olympus SZ-30MROlympus today unveils the full-featured SZ-30MR, a super-zoom camera with a multi-recording function capable of simultaneously capturing 1080p HD video and 16-megapixel still images without missing a frame, perfect for documenting events like birthdays and school plays.

The Olympus SZ-30MR helps you capture it all with its 24x optical wide-zoom lens, and displays your pictures and videos on its crisp 3.0-inch, high-resolution LCD.