Millions Online Protest Prosecutor Law Revision

Millions online protest prosecutor law revision

Artists and other celebrities in Japan were among millions of people who have been posting protests online against a government bill that could extend the retirement age of public prosecutors.

More than 3.8 million tweets were posted by Sunday afternoon with a hashtag that expresses opposition to the revision of the public prosecutor's office law.

Online Attacks On Coronavirus Rule Breakers

Online attacks on coronavirus rule breakers

As stay-at-home life continues for people in Japan, some are taking to the Internet to criticize others they see as flouting coronavirus preventive measures.

Unlike many other countries, under its state of emergency, Japan asks that the public voluntarily restrain themselves from going out. Some citizens have taken it upon themselves to police others and have been dubbed "the voluntary restraint police."

Nishikido Ryo, Akanishi Jin, Yamada Takayuki And Oguri Shun Have An Online Drinking Party

Nishikido Ryo, Akanishi Jin, Yamada Takayuki and Oguri Shun have an online drinking party

A video of Nishikido Ryo, Akanishi Jin, Yamada Takayuki, and Oguri Shun having an online drinking party has been uploaded onto N/A's official YouTube channel. 

In the beginning, Nishikido appears alone wearing a baseball cap. Then Akanishi appears on screen from his home in the U.S. saying, "I was taking a shower." Followed by Yamada who makes his appearance with an electronic cigarette, and finally Oguri Shun with a plain white t-shirt and beard. 

High-alcohol Sanitizer Substitutes Resold Online

High-alcohol sanitizer substitutes resold online

Drinks with high-alcohol content are being resold online in Japan at marked-up prices. This follows a decision by the health ministry to allow medical facilities to use such products as substitutes for sanitizer.

The ministry announced the measure earlier this month to make up for shortages caused by the coronavirus outbreak.

Online Mask Sales Surge Prior To Resale Ban

Online mask sales surge prior to resale ban

Japanese government officials say a growing number of face masks are showing up on online auction and shopping sites. The surge comes ahead of a legal amendment that will ban reselling the items.

The officials at the industry ministry say hoarders are fetching high prices for the masks, amid a serious shortage.

Four Japanese Banks' Online Systems Fail

Four Japanese banks' online systems fail

Customers of an online bank and three regional banks have had problems using their services on Sunday.

SBI Sumishin Net Bank said most of its online banking functions stopped working around 10 a.m. on Sunday.

Government To Examine Online Adverts

Government to examine online adverts

The Japanese government is inviting the public to comment on how personal information is collected for targeted online advertisements, and whether individual consent is gained.

A privately conducted survey has found more than half of respondents dislike targeted promotions such as pop up ads.

Thoudands Of Data Storage Media Auctioned Online

Thoudands of data storage media auctioned online

A data-erasing company in Tokyo says a former employee allegedly removed thousands of items, including hard disk drives, and put them up for sale on Internet auctions.

Yuichi Takahashi, a former 51-year-old employee of Broadlink, was arrested last week on suspicion of stealing 12 hard disk drives from the company.

Hard Disk Drives With Taxpayer Details Sold Online

Hard disk drives with taxpayer details sold online

Officials of Kanagawa Prefecture, near Tokyo, say hard disk drives with taxpayers' personal information were auctioned online. An employee of an outside contractor is suspected of selling the disks.

Prefectural officials say there were at least nine hard disk drives with a total of 27 terabytes of information. The disks contained administrative documents, including tax notification slips with the names of individuals and firms.

Jr Online Ticket-reservation System Resumed

JR online ticket-reservation system resumed

Japan's largest rail operator says problems with its online reservation system have resumed seven hours after the trouble was first reported on Tuesday morning.

Officials at East Japan Railway Company say it could not have something to do with the new rate.

Jr Online Ticket-reservation System Down

JR online ticket-reservation system down

Japan's largest rail operator is reporting problems with its online reservation system that may be related to the tax hike. Officials at East Japan Railway Company haven't pinpointed the cause. But they say it could have something to do with the new rate or an ongoing system upgrade.

The officials say customers are unable to receive tickets ...reserved on the "Eki Net" website ... from machines at train stations.

Nintendo Will Soon Let Players Convert Their Switch Online Memberships To Family Plans

Nintendo Will Soon Let Players Convert Their Switch Online Memberships To Family Plans

Like a lot of online subscriptions these days, family plans are now becoming more popular. This is because it allows more users to use a service in a more affordable manner without having to buy individual subscriptions. If you’re a Nintendo Switch owner, you might be interested in a change the company is making.

In a tweet by Nintendo of Europe, the company has revealed that they will soon be allowing Nintendo Switch Online subscribers to convert their existing memberships into a Family Membership. This means that if you had a solo membership with some time left on it, you won’t have to wait for it to expire before switching to a Family Membership.