Survey: Japanese Youth Spend 3 Hours A Day Online

Survey: Japanese youth spend 3 hours a day online

A government survey shows that young people in Japan are spending nearly three hours each day online, mostly watching streaming videos, visiting social networking sites, or emailing.

The Cabinet Office surveyed 5,000 people aged between 10 and 17 in November and December last year. 3,079 people, or 61.6 percent of those surveyed, responded.

2 Men Fined For Online Hate Speech

2 men fined for online hate speech

A Japanese court has fined two men for defamation over online hate comments against a South Korean resident of Japan. The court ruled that the comments were meant to incite ethnic discrimination.

The subject of the comments was a 35-year-old resident of the city of Ishigaki in Okinawa Prefecture.

Online Illegal Auction Of Possible Uranium Halted

Online illegal auction of possible uranium halted

Police in Japan are investigating the sale of radioactive materials suspected to be depleted uranium.

Investigative sources say officials at the Nuclear Regulation Authority learned in January of last year that powder and solid materials claimed to be uranium were up for sale on an auction site.

Nintendo Switch Online May Offer Snes Games

Nintendo Switch Online May Offer SNES Games

Nintendo hasn’t confirmed this as yet but it appears that the company might be adding a plethora of SNES games to Nintendo Switch Online. The service already provides subscribers with access to several NES games so it wouldn’t be out of the ordinary if it started offering SNES games as well. A data miner seems reasonably sure that this is going to happen.

A data miner has come across a list of SNES titles that could potentially be added to Nintendo Switch Online in the not too distant future. KapuccinoHeck on Twitter dug through the app’s code and found the list of 22 SNES games in addition to code names for four emulator types.

Fujifilm X-t30 Registered Online, Could Be Announced Soon

Fujifilm X-T30 Registered Online, Could Be Announced Soon

If you’d rather not spend money buying one of Fujifilm’s high-end flagship cameras like the Fujifilm X-T3, X-H1, or the X-Pro2, then maybe one of the company’s mid-rangers could be of interest to you. In fact last we heard, the company could be working on a successor to the X-T20 in the form of the X-T30.

Now according to a tweet by Nokishita Camera, it appears that the camera might have already been registered at the Bluetooth website. While the registration does not explicitly mention the X-T30 by name, safe to say that given the rumors, there is a good chance that the camera in question is the X-T30.

Atomic Bomb Publications Database Released Online

Atomic bomb publications database released online

A multilingual bibliography of writings on the 1945 atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki has been made available online.

The project was organized by LinguaHiroshima, a group of researchers based in the city of Kure in Hiroshima Prefecture.

Nintendo Switch Online Won't Mirror The Competition

Nintendo Switch Online Won't Mirror The Competition

One of the changes that Nintendo made to its business model with the Switch was introduce a paid online subscription service. This means that unlike in the past where gamers could play online against each other for free, Switch gamers who want to enjoy internet multiplayer will need to pay for the online service.

While this is a change, it’s not new as other companies such as Sony and Microsoft have long adopted that model. Naturally there are some differences between the services in terms of features being offered and whatnot, but if you were hoping that Nintendo could follow in the footsteps of its competitors, think again. Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime told Forbes in an interview that Nintendo prides itself in doing things differently, and that players shouldn’t expect them to mirror the competition.

Nintendo Recommends Ethernet Dongle To Play Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Online

Nintendo Recommends Ethernet Dongle To Play Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Online

From what we can tell, Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has proven to be a smashing success. However if there is one main criticism that many seem to have, it would be with the multiplayer feature of the game where it seems that many gamers are complaining of how laggy it is.

To make things worse, the Nintendo Switch Online service is a paid subscription, which means that gamers aren’t exactly getting what they paid for. Now it seems that many are recalling what the game’s director Masahiro Sakurai had recommended gamers do back in November: use a wired LAN cable.

Walmart Opens Its First Online Store In Japan With Rakuten

Walmart Opens Its First Online Store In Japan With Rakuten

Walmart has announced the launch of its first online store in Japan. It has teamed up with local tech giant Rakuten for this purpose. The first e-commerce store titled Walmart Rakuten Ichiba Store has been opened on the Rakuten Ichiba internet shopping mall. The collaboration combines Walmart’s expertise in delivering U.S. branded products and Rakuten’s dominant position in the online market to bring new shopping experiences to customers in Japan.

This digital store follows the strategic alliance between Rakuten and Walmart earlier this year.
Japanese consumers will be able to access a wide variety of high quality U.S. branded products through this online store. The products include outdoor goods, toys, and fashion apparel. There will be around 1,200 products from many prestigious brands available on the store initially.

Japan Court Rules Ikata Reactor To Stay Online

Japan court rules Ikata reactor to stay online

A Japanese court has rejected a request by local residents to shut down a nuclear reactor in western Japan.

The Takamatsu High Court made the decision on the No.3 reactor at the Ikata nuclear power plant in Ehime Prefecture on Thursday.

Ikata Nuclear Reactor Goes Back Online

Ikata nuclear reactor goes back online

A reactor at the Ikata nuclear power plant in Ehime Prefecture, western Japan, has gone back online after being suspended for about one year.

The No.3 reactor restarted on Saturday. Workers in the central control room removed the control rods that suppress nuclear fission at 30 minutes past midnight.

Online Emergency Phrase Card For Foreign Visitors

Online emergency phrase card for foreign visitors

Officials in Ehime Prefecture, western Japan, have made emergency phrase cards in 6 languages -- English, Indonesian, Chinese, Spanish, Korean, and Portuguese.

Non-Japanese speakers can point to the phrases on the card when they need help in an emergency.

Nuclear Reactor Set To Go Back Online

Nuclear reactor set to go back online

A Japanese district court has rejected a residents' request to stop the restart of a nuclear reactor in the country's west.

Residents who filed for an injunction to block the restart of the Number 3 reactor at Ikata nuclear power plant expressed disappointment to Friday's court decision.