Sony Ships 1.1 Million Xperia's In Last Quarter; Expects Only 5 Million In Next Year

Sony ships 1.1 million Xperia's in last quarter; expects only 5 million in next year

Sony Mobile's troubles have been well flagged in recent years. Sony's latest results highlight that its mobile business saw revenues decline by 31% in the year to 31 March 2019 to 226 billion yen. The reduction was mainly due to the number of Xperia units sold halving, from 13.5 million units in the previous year, to just 6.5 million over the last 12 months.

Budget Nintendo Switch Might Be Handheld Only

Budget Nintendo Switch Might Be Handheld Only

The other day it was rumored that Nintendo could be launching two new Switch consoles later this year. One of the rumored models is apparently a cheaper version of the Switch that would make it more appealing to gamers on a budget, and now more details about the alleged model has surfaced.

According to a report from Eurogamer, their sources have told them that the upcoming budget version of the Nintendo Switch could only be available in handheld mode only. This means that instead of being able to connect to a TV via a dock, the budget Switch is meant to be played in handheld mode which sounds like it is being aimed at gamers on the go.

Us Official: Henoko The Only Solution

US official: Henoko the only solution

A US State Department spokesperson has suggested that a plan to build an airfield in Henoko, Okinawa Prefecture, is the only way to avoid the continued use of the US Marine Corps Futenma Air Station, also in the prefecture.

The comment was part of a response to an inquiry by NHK.

Only Close Aides To Ghosn Suspected Of Involvement

Only close aides to Ghosn suspected of involvement

Tokyo prosecutors reportedly suspect only close aides to Nissan Motor Chairman Carlos Ghosn of involvement in his alleged financial misconduct.

Ghosn was arrested on Monday on suspicion of understating his income by 5 billion yen, or about 44 million dollars, in securities reports to the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Another Nissan executive, Greg Kelly, was also arrested.