Samsung's Android Pie Updates Might Only Start In January 2019

Samsung's Android Pie Updates Might Only Start In January 2019

One of the main drawbacks to using Android devices, especially those not made by Google, is that the availability of Android updates is usually a mixed bag, where there are some companies who want to be as quick to the market as possible, while there are others who seem to take their own sweet time, leaving users at their mercy.

Nintendo Switch Nes Controllers Will Only Work With Nes Games

Nintendo Switch NES Controllers Will Only Work With NES Games

Last week Nintendo unveiled new NES controllers designed for the Nintendo Switch. Now if you were thinking about getting your hands on them, you might want to take note of a caveat and that is apparently these controllers will only work with NES games. This was discovered in a disclaimer on Nintendo’s UK and Australian website.

Nikon Z6, Z7 Might Only Support One Xqd Memory Card Slot

Nikon Z6, Z7 Might Only Support One XQD Memory Card Slot

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One of the early rumors of the upcoming Nikon Z-series mirrorless cameras is that it they will feature dual memory card slots, where users could choose to either use XQD or CF Express memory cards. However according to the latest update from Nikon Rumors, it turns out that might not have been completely accurate.

Samsung's Mid-range Phones Will Only Receive Android Oreo In 2019

Samsung's Mid-Range Phones Will Only Receive Android Oreo In 2019

Just a few days ago Google released Android 9.0 Pie where within minutes of the update going live, the Essential Phone received the update as well, easily making it the first non-Pixel device to receive the latest Android update. We’re sure that many are wondering when they will receive their update, but for some, it could be a long time coming.

This is because according to Samsung’s Android Oreo roadmap which was obtained by AndroidPure, it seems that the Android Oreo update will only arrive on mid-range Samsung devices in 2019. No, you are not reading that wrong, we are talking about an update that was released last year that will only find its way onto some Samsung handsets next year, meaning by then the update would have been two years old.

Fujifilm X-t100 Listed On Adorama, $550-$600 For Body-only

Fujifilm X-T100 Listed On Adorama, $550-$600 For Body-Only

Fujifilm's upcoming mirrorless camera the X-T100 is expected to be announced soon, but it seems that leaks ahead of the announcement have pretty much given everything away. In fact the latest sighting on camera retailer Adorama's website has revealed the potential price of the upcoming camera.

According to the listing (which has since been removed), it seems that the camera could be priced anywhere between $550 to $600 for the body only. This means that you will need to purchase the lens separately, or if you're already a Fujifilm user with a collection of X-series lenses, then you can just buy the camera body only.

Final Fantasy Vii Remake Might Only Arrive In 2023

Final Fantasy VII Remake Might Only Arrive In 2023

In 2015, Square Enix announced that they were working on a remake to the legendary Final Fantasy VII title. However they failed to mention when it might be released, but last we checked it seems that progress on the game still has quite a ways to go, but if the recent reports are anything to go by, fans will have a considerably longer wait time.

According to a report from The Lifestream (via Destructoid), there was an alleged conversation recorded during a closed door event at the Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary. The conversation was between producer Yoshinori Kitase and development lead Naoki Hamaguchi where there was mention about how the game might only be released during Final Fantasy's 35th Anniversary, which would be five years from now in 2023.