Suzuki Jimny Black Bison Is Real, Looks Ready To Stomp On Other Off-roaders

Suzuki Jimny Black Bison is real, looks ready to stomp on other off-roaders

The internet darling Suzuki Jimny strikes again, except this time it's considerably less cute in the Wald Black Bison getup. We drove the little SUV late last year and found it to be good, rollicking fun, but this modified version looks like the little ute's foil.

Mechanically, the Jimny Black Bison is similar to the normal Jimny. This means it has a 1.5-liter four-cylinder that makes all of 99 horsepower and 95 pound-feet of torque. Yep, that probably wouldn't fly in the U.S. The G-Wagen appearance absolutely would, though. A lift and side-exit exhaust appear to be the most obvious modifications we can see from the photos. The exhaust looks like a page straight out of AMG's playbook for the G-Wagen.

Nintendo Switch Reportedly Outsold All Other Consoles In 2018

Nintendo Switch Reportedly Outsold All Other Consoles In 2018

With the disaster that was the Nintendo Wii U, it’s hard to blame Nintendo’s critics and investors for being skeptical about the Switch. However the Switch has since proved the naysayers wrong where it managed to outsell the Wii U’s lifetime sales, and now it seems that according to the latest figures, the console managed to outsell all other consoles in 2018.

Note that the Switch is still very much far behind the Sony PS4 in terms of overall units sold (Microsoft hasn’t officially shared sales figures of the Xbox One), but at least as far as 2018 is concerned, the Switch outsold everyone else. It also managed to have the best December sales of any console of this current generation.

Nearly $50 Mil. To Other Middle East Dealers

Nearly $50 mil. to other Middle East dealers

NHK has learned that former Nissan Motor Chairman Carlos Ghosn paid nearly 50 million dollars to two Nissan dealers in the Middle East from the automaker's CEO reserve, which Ghosn could use at his discretion.

Ghosn has been detained since November, when he was arrested on suspicion of understating his executive compensation in Nissan securities reports.

Ghosn May Have Kept Money Intended For Other Execs

Ghosn may have kept money intended for other execs

NHK has learned that Nissan Motor used to pay to its executives nearly 9 million dollars less than the amount approved at its annual shareholders' meeting. Tokyo prosecutors suspect part of the amount may have gone to Chairman Carlos Ghosn.

Ghosn was arrested on Monday on suspicion of underreporting his income by about 44 million dollars over the 5-year period up until March 2015. Another Nissan executive, Greg Kelly, was also arrested.

Xperia Xz2 Premium Heading To The Uk After All, And Other Parts Of Europe

Xperia XZ2 Premium heading to the UK after all, and other parts of Europe

For a long time, it was unclear whether the Xperia XZ2 Premium would be heading to Europe. However, is now confirmed that the Xperia XZ2 Premium will arrive in the UK in limited quantities in late September, according to retailer Clove. They are currently taking pre-orders for £799 in both Chrome Black & Chrome Silver colours. Clove confirmed that only a few exclusive retailers will be stocking the handset in the UK.

Xperia Xz2 Goes Up Against Other Flagships In Water Resistance Test

Xperia XZ2 goes up against other flagships in water resistance test

The Xperia XZ2 is IP65 and IP68 dust and water resistant, as many flagships from Sony have been in the past. Sony has some pedigree in this area, being one of the first manufacturers to launch water resistant smartphones in the past. Youtuber Matthew Moniz put a number of current flagships to test to see how well they fared being dunked in water.

2018 Nissan Kicks Vs Other Tiny Crossovers: How They Compare On Paper

2018 Nissan Kicks vs other tiny crossovers: How they compare on paper

Anyone else have "Pumped Up Kicks" by Foster the People stuck in their heads? Well, you do now. I couldn't be the only one. Anyway, the 2018 Nissan Kicks is a thing. It replaces the Nissan Juke, which Mr. Stocksdale thought was a bad idea and Mr. Myself thought was a smart idea. Nevertheless, neither of us were especially pumped up by the Kicks.

However, the majority of car buyers are all about SUVs, and this littlest segment of them has been multiplying like Tribbles in the past few years. The Juke was one of the first of these subcompact crossovers, but it was probably too oddball for a mainstream audience (not to mention inefficient) and never really caught on. Newer competitors certainly didn't help.

2019 Toyota Corolla Hatchback: Plastic Hatch And Other Fun Facts

2019 Toyota Corolla Hatchback: Plastic hatch and other fun facts

Historically, the Toyota Corolla hasn't been associated with words like "interesting," "exciting" or anything resembling enthusiasm, with the obvious exception of the earlier rear-drive models. But the 2019 Corolla Hatchback seems different. It looks aggressive. It's going to be available with a manual. And since Toyota says that being fun-to-drive is the top reason for buying a small hatchback, here's hoping it will indeed be fun. But besides these tidbits, there are other interesting facets to the Corolla Hatchback that we learned while in New York.

It's way stiffer and has a lower center of gravity

The new Corolla hatchback is built off of the TNGA modular platform that underpins the Prius, C-HR, Camry and now the RAV4. And one of the big benefits of this chassis is that it's pretty rigid. Toyota says that the new hatch is a full 60 percent more rigid than the current Corolla iM hatchback. The center of gravity has also been lowered by 2 cm. Both of these should help make it a more enjoyable car to drive.

How To Install Firmware Via Newflasher On Sony Xperia Xz Premium, Xz1, And Other

How To Install Firmware via Newflasher on Sony Xperia XZ Premium, XZ1, and otherOne of the most frequent questions we get asked from Sony Xperia owners is how to change the firmware. Whether that relates to upgrading/downgrading major Android versions, debranding the handset or simply changing the firmware region or faster updates.

Using the Flashtool application has been the main way to go about this, but when Sony released its 2017 Xperia models, it changed the flashing process which rendered Flashtool redundant. This is where Newflasher, a command line Xperia flashing tool developed by XDA member munjeni, comes in.