2021 Nissan Rogue Spy Shots Give Us Our First Look At The Next-gen Crossover

2021 Nissan Rogue spy shots give us our first look at the next-gen crossover

Here's our first look at what we think is the next-gen Nissan Rogue, and it looks like Nissan is shaking it up this time. The swoopy and swept-back design on the current Rogue's front end is nowhere to be found, as it's replaced by a blocky, straight up and down look. If not for the semi-visible V-Motion grille seen through the wrappings, it would be rather difficult to I.D. this car.

Much of that is due to the rather generic crossover shape seen through the camouflage. The closest thing to a Rogue-like concept car we've seen from Nissan as of late is the Xmotion, and this doesn't exactly take much inspiration from the wild concept. That particular car is much more rugged in appearance, while this one remains a staid crossover, making sure it doesn't rock the boat. One specific design element we can pick out is a separate headlight/driving light setup. Similar to cars like the Hyundai Santa Fe or Chevrolet Blazer, the Rogue appears to be splitting up the DRL from the main headlight. The size of the gap between the two visible headlight fixtures is just too large for it all to be one massive headlight unit. With headlights getting smaller all the time, and this design trend starting to take off, it's no big surprise to see it here.

2020 Nissan Juke: New Camo Drop Gives Us Our Best Look Yet

2020 Nissan Juke: New Camo Drop Gives Us Our Best Look Yet

Nissan has dropped the car cover-like camouflage from the all-new Juke and switched to neatly-applied foil to give us the most revealing photos yet of the second-generation B-segment crossover. The 2020 Juke was spotted in southern Europe where it undergoes hot weather testing. (Updated 3/26/2019)

Future Cars: Can A New Nissan Stagea Answer Our Skyline Wagon Prayers?

Future Cars: Can A New Nissan Stagea Answer Our Skyline Wagon Prayers?

For many petrolheads, there’s nothing more enticing than a high-performance wagon. Sadly these days, the offerings are fairly limited unless you want something German and very expensive.

Nonetheless, one wagon that has always caught our attention is the Japanese-market Nissan Stagea. Produced between 1996 and 2007, it was a Skyline-based and -infused, turbocharged V6 powerhouse with immense cult status.

Rumor: Canon To Unveil 7d Mark Iii 'before Summer 2018'. Here's Our Wishlist

Rumor: Canon to unveil 7D Mark III 'before Summer 2018'. Here's our wishlist

If you're starved for news from the Canon camp, we've got a little something from you courtesy of the rumor mill. CanonWatch is reporting from a "known" and "trusted" source that the Canon 7D Mark II will be replaced "before Summer 2018" with a planned ship date in July or August at the latest.

The 7D Mark II, Canon's APS-C flagship, was released in 2014, making it ripe for an upgrade in 2018. CW speculates that the announcement might come at NAB in April of next year. Another potential stage for the 7D Mark III release is CP+ in Japan at the beginning of March.

Shadow Of The Colossus On Ps4: New Details From Our Paris Games Week Hands-on

Shadow of the Colossus on PS4: New Details From Our Paris Games Week Hands-On

hen Shadow of the Colossus made its memorable debut back in 2005, it managed something refreshingly different in modern games at the time – it changed the narrative. During an era where visual fidelity was going through a seismic shift on PlayStation 2, this title kept its story minimalistic and its gameplay pure: hunt the looming colossi one-by-one.

But when it was announced at E3 2017 that Bluepoint Games and JAPAN Studio were remaking the game for PlayStation 4, the excitement was tangible. Because even though Shadow of the Colossus thrives on minimalism, the power of PS4 Pro makes a suitably colossal difference to just how affecting this already emotional game is.

Sylish Little Compagno Draws Our Eyes On Daihatsu's Stage

Sylish Little Compagno Draws Our Eyes On Daihatsu's Stage

Its blip on our radar screens may proportionately be no larger than the tiny cars for which it is known, but Daihatsu has a long history in the automotive industry, stretching way back to 1907.

That gives it quite a back catalog to draw on, and draw it has with the small yet stylish DN Compagno concept, unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show this year.

2018 Nissan Leaf: Is This Our First Official Look At Its Final Specs?

2018 Nissan Leaf: Is this our first official look at its final specs?

We’ve seen the car in revealing spy photos and shadowy teasers, but this could be our first clear look at what the all-new 2018 Nissan Leaf will offer buyers.

According to American automotive listing and sales website Autobytel, the details here are what buyers in that market can expect when the new electric Leaf launches in the year ahead.

Robots To Be Our 'representatives On Earth' Using Touch Technology

Robots to be our 'representatives on Earth' using touch technology

Robots could soon negate the need for humans to leave the home to sightsee or shop, thanks to new technology that allows them to experience things on their behalf, even including the sense of touch.

Tokyo-based start-up Telexistence Inc. unveiled the technology in the capital on June 12. The system enables robots to remotely provide services for humans, such as seeing exhibitions in museums or shopping for clothes in department stores.

Our Mazda Mx-5 Miata Has The Best Engine Straight In The Business

Our Mazda MX-5 Miata has the best engine gulf in the business

One of the things that is really baffling about current automobiles is the way by which they all cover their advancement under a famous bushel. You pop the hood, and nine times out of 10, you're gone up against with some measure of dull plastic disguising the utilitarian bits. On a couple automobiles the plastic covers irrefutably the base to have a "respectable" engine. Others have each tank, hose, wire and screw secured under a layer of smooth plastic. Few encapsulate this practice better than anything engine strait of the current Lexus LS 460, seen underneath. If Lexus was this embarrassed about its engine, conceivably it should have essentially impacted the hood shut.

Mahjong Offers Reviving Contrasting Option To Youngsters In Our Electronic Age

Mahjong offers invigorating other option to kids in our electronic age

The established round of mahjong won't not be a noteworthy hit among kids, but rather with nine mahjong schools for children working in Tokyo and three different prefectures - and computer games and cell phones neglecting to fortify children mentally - this pattern could soon change.

Run by the NPO Neuron, these nine schools give a chance to kids to take part in a more quiet, more cerebral type of stimulation than the electronic choices. They additionally help build up the children's vital considering, and in addition their capacity to peruse other individuals in an aggressive circumstance.

Honda Cr-z Is On The Way Out, At Least In Japan

Honda CR-Z is on the way out, at least in JapanThe poor CR-Z, misbegotten and subsequently ignored by both customers and critics. Sales have been a trickle for years, and despite a few half-hearted attempts to kick-start interest it's clear the CR-Z lacks the goods. We've been thinking about its imminent demise for years, and it's already dead in Europe and Australia. Now, the CR-Z's lackluster run is ending in Japan.