Coronavirus: Japan Reports More Cases Outside Ship

Coronavirus: Japan reports more cases outside ship

Japan's health authorities confirmed seven new cases of coronavirus infection on Thursday. That brings the total number of patients outside passengers and crew from the ship to over 90.

Among the new cases, a man in his 80s has tested positive in Kanagawa. He had been staying at a hospital where an elderly woman who died from the virus had received care.

Waymo Partners With Nissan, Renault On Robotaxis Outside U.s.

Waymo partners with Nissan, Renault on robotaxis outside U.S.

SAN FRANCISCO — Self-driving car pioneer Waymo is teaming up with automakers Renault and Nissan to make its first journey outside the U.S. with a ride-hailing service that will dispatch a fleet of robotaxis in France and Japan. The partnership announced late Wednesday underscores Waymo's ambition to deploy its driverless technology throughout the world in an attempt to revolutionize the way people get around. The Mountain View, California, company can afford to try because it's backed by one of the world's richest companies, Google, which secretly began working on driverless technology a decade ago before spinning off that project into what is now known as Waymo. After launching its ride-hailing service in France and Japan, Waymo intends to explore other European and Asian markets with Renault and Nissan. "This is an ideal opportunity for Waymo to bring our autonomous technology to a global stage," Waymo CEO John Krafcik said. Waymo, Renault and Nissan didn't set a timetable for when their ride-hailing service will launch. They left most other details vague. It seems likely it will still be several years before Waymo will be in a position to pose a serious challenge to Uber, the world's largest ride-hailing service. Although Waymo's self-driving technology is widely considered to be the world's most advanced, it still isn't adept enough to be trusted without a human poised to take control in case something goes awry with the robot. Waymo had hoped to launch a fully autonomous ride-hailing service last year in the Phoenix area, but instead is still keeping human safety drivers in those vehicles more than six months after it rolled out. That service, known as Waymo One, is still only offering rides to a few hundred passengers that previously participated in a test program. Krafcik told the German newspaper Handelsblatt last year that Waymo will likely use a different brand for its ride-hailing services outside the U.S. That could be one reason Waymo is working with France-based Renault and Japan-based Nissan, household names in their home countries. Waymo has previously struck deals with two automakers, Fiat Chrysler and Jaguar, but those involved ordering tens of thousands of vehicles to be equipped with self-driving technology for services in the U.S. So far, Waymo is only using Fiat Chrysler minivans for its Phoenix service. The partnership with Renault and Nissan also involves a long-time alliance they formed with Mitsubishi. But the fate of that alliance has been in limbo since Carlos Ghosn, the former CEO of both Renault and Nissan, was arrested late last year on charges that included falsifying financial reports.

Sony's Fes Watch U Has Finally Been Launched Outside Of Japan

Sony's FES Watch U Has Finally Been Launched Outside Of Japan

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Several years ago, Sony launched a watch on its crowdfunding platform dubbed the FES Watch. What made the watch interesting was that it used an e-paper display, similar to the displays used by e-readers like the Kindle. However its availability was limited to Japan, but at IFA 2018, the company has announced that the FES Watch U will now be launched in more markets.

17 Lawmakers Earn More Than 10 Million Yen From Outside Jobs

17 lawmakers earn more than 10 million yen from outside jobs

Thirty-eight lawmakers earned more in "side jobs" than the average private-sector salary, including nine who each pulled in more than 20 million yen ($180,620) on top of their parliamentary pay, The Asahi Shimbun found.

Seventeen Diet members made more than 10 million yen in extra income, according to calculations based on a report on the incomes of 618 Diet members for 2017.

Possible Bullet Found Outside Us Base In Okinawa

Possible bullet found outside US base in Okinawa

Local officials in Okinawa are voicing concern after an apparent bullet damaged a shed near a US base in that prefecture.

On Thursday, police received a report from the owner of a farm shed in Nago City that the glass in its windows had been broken and what looked like a bullet was found inside.

Resident Evil 7 Cloud Version Could Launch Outside Of Japan

Resident Evil 7 Cloud Version Could Launch Outside Of Japan

Earlier this week Capcom announced that Resident Evil 7 would be arriving on the Nintendo Switch. However this isn't the version that you would expect, instead it is the "Cloud Version" which is basically the same game but streamed from a server, meaning that all the processing load is taken off the Switch.

However the game's initial launch seems to be only in Japan, but as noted by Twitter user @eigotaku, there is an English language option in the game which seems to suggest that the game could launch outside of Japan eventually. Typically games released in Japan are in Japanese, which is why even if you have access to the Japanese eShop, you might still have a hard time trying to understand what's going during the dialog and menu.

Think Outside The Box And Stay Healthy With Miso Soup

Think outside the box and stay healthy with miso soupAn infinite world of flavor and texture can be found in a bowl of seemingly simple miso soup.
Cooking expert Yoshiharu Doi suggests going beyond the popular ingredients for miso soup, including tofu, “wakame” seaweed, daikon and “aburaage” (thin slice of deep-fried tofu).

Sony Launches Cyber-shot Hx350 With 50x Zoom Outside Us

Sony launches Cyber-shot HX350 with 50x zoom outside USSony has launched the Cyber-shot HX350 in European markets, offering a 50x zoom lens and 20.4MP BSI CMOS sensor like its HX300 predecessor. In fact, very little has changed compared to the previous model – as best we can tell, it adds an up-to-date BIONZ X processor, lock-on AF and a new blue 'Zeiss' badge on the same 24-1200mm equiv. F2.8-6.3 lens.

Lexus Ls Autonomous Prototype Spotted Outside Of Boston

Lexus LS Autonomous Prototype Spotted Outside of BostonA Lexus LS outfitted with autonomous driving technology was spotted in Cambridge, Massachusetts this past weekend — from The Boston Globe:
The vehicle is thought to belong to the recently formed Toyota Research Institute, a division of the Japanese automaker that is exploring the future of transportation — and some experts say it could be a prototype of a self-driving car. There was a driver behind the wheel in Kendall.

Nec Transmitting Images When Outside Of The Public Safety Lte Service Area

NEC transmitting images when outside of the public safety LTE service areaNEC has developed a Device-to-Device communication technology that enables emergency response personnel, such as police and firefighters, to transmit high quality images from the scene of a disaster or accident when outside of the service area of the public safety Long Term Evolution (Public Safety LTE: PS-LTE) network. The high quality images enable the authorities to make swift and accurate assessments in response to large-scale disasters and in the provision of security for major events.