Final Fantasy Viii Will Also Be Getting Its Own Remake

Final Fantasy VIII Will Also Be Getting Its Own Remake

Just yesterday, Square Enix finally confirmed that its long-awaited remake of Final Fantasy VII will be released in 2020. However, if Final Fantasy VII is not your jam, then you might be interested to learn that in addition to remaking Final Fantasy VII, Square Enix has also announced that they’ll be remaking Final Fantasy VIII.

Now, the entire Final Fantasy franchise has its huge following of fans, although admittedly the seventh installment is probably it’s most popular and most recognizable, even amongst those who might not have played the game before. However, this does not mean that we should be sleeping on the remake of Final Fantasy VIII either.

Walmart Reportedly Planning To Launch Its Own Budget Android Tablet

Walmart Reportedly Planning To Launch Its Own Budget Android Tablet

Amazon has seen considerable success with its low-cost Fire tablets and it appears that Walmart wants in on the action as well. A new report claims that the retailer is planning to launch a cheap Android tablet under its in-house ONN brand. The device will be made by a Chinese supplier and is going to be powered by Android.

A spokesperson for Walmart confirmed to Bloomberg that this tablet will be launched under the in-house ONN brand. It’s expected to have functionality which would make the cheap Android tablet a good fit for kids.

Huawei Confirms Its Own Os Will Replace Android In Worst Case Scenario

Huawei Confirms Its Own OS Will Replace Android In Worst Case Scenario

It has long been rumored that Huawei has built its own operating system. Not that lightweight OS that it has running on its new smartwatches, but a full-fledged OS which could replace Android on its smartphones. The company has now confirmed the existence of the operating system while pointing out that it’s will serve as an alternative to Android in the worst case scenario. That involves Huawei being cut off from licensing Google’s Android.

That worst case scenario almost came true for ZTE as it was hit by a ban in the United States for violating an earlier agreement related to a sanctions violation. ZTE later settled its matters with the authorities and was able to operate its business once again.

2020 Nissan Rogue Sport Gets To Go Rogue With Its Own Look

2020 Nissan Rogue Sport gets to go rogue with its own look

Nissan has more in store for the Rogue Sport, after changes to the 2019 model added more standard and optional equipment. For 2020, the Rogue Sport gets its own design personality, instead of making do as a junior-sized Rogue. That means a new front fascia with a Vmotion grille that looks takes a distinct stand somewhere between the grilles on the Rogue and the Altima. Beside that, trim, elongated headlights get a fresh DRL pattern.

The whole shebang's topped off with a new hood, but nothing's changed underneath that hood. The 2020 Rogue Sport comes with the 141-horsepower, 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine and Xtronic CVT transmission.

Nissan Apologizes For Its Own Indictment

Nissan apologizes for its own indictment

Nissan Motor has issued an apology following the company's indictment by Tokyo prosecutors on Monday.

Tokyo prosecutors indicted Nissan's former chairman Carlos Ghosn, former Nissan representative director Greg Kelly for understating Ghosn's executive compensation in Nissan's securities reports.

Rumor Claims Microsoft Will Be Selling Its Own Android Phones Soon

Rumor Claims Microsoft Will Be Selling Its Own Android Phones Soon

Microsoft tried to improve its fortunes in the smartphone market with the acquisition of Nokia’s hardware division but that didn’t happen. It left the smartphone market and currently has no plans to make smartphones powered by Windows 10 Mobile. However, a new rumor suggests that the company is preparing a new line of smartphones which will be powered by Android.

This according to a Microsoft Store employee who claims that the company’s engineering team is working on a “new line of phones.” They won’t be branded as Lumia handsets, obviously, and it’s unclear whether the company’s Surface hardware development team is behind these devices.

Youtube For Android Gets Its Own Incognito Mode

YouTube For Android Gets Its Own Incognito Mode

A feature that Google Chrome users are well accustomed to is making its way to the official YouTube app for Android. The company has added an incognito mode to the app which is quite similar to the one in Google’s popular web browser. The mode is available in the Account section of the YouTube for Android app.

It’s already possible to pause the watch history in the YouTube app but the incognito mode takes things one step further. It will let users browse videos on the mobile app without leaving any trace. Browsing in incognito mode will not result in any changes in their recommendations as well.

Nintendo Switch Could Eventually Get Its Own Monster Hunter Game

Nintendo Switch Could Eventually Get Its Own Monster Hunter Game

Fans of Capcom's Monster Hunter must have been pretty excited when Monster Hunter: World was announced as it represented a brand new title in the franchise. However Nintendo Switch gamers must have been disappointed when Capcom said that the game would not be coming to the console.

Instead Switch gamers were given Monster Hunter XX as it is essentially a version of Monster Hunter Generations that was originally developed for the 3DS. For those who might have felt a bit "cheated", not to worry as it seems that Capcom could still be planning a Switch version of Monster Hunter, according to a tweet by @koudaiseidaos (via Siliconera)

Nissan Launches A Solar Energy Package Of Its Own

Nissan Launches A Solar Energy Package Of Its Own

Nissan has been a player in the electric car market for a long time and now after launching its revamped Leaf electric car, the company has decided to offer an all-in-one solar energy storage solution much like the one Tesla offers in the United States. The solution will be backed by Nissan’s xStorage home battery as part of the Nissan Energy Solar home energy scheme.

Tesla has long been selling its Powerwall batteries for home energy storage solutions and has recently been selling photovoltaic panels as well to provide a one-stop solution for those looking to switch their homes to solar energy.