Govt. To Seek Views On Stimulus Package

Govt. to seek views on stimulus package

The Japanese government plans to seek opinions from experts on a package of measures to stimulate consumption for an economic recovery from the coronavirus outbreak.

The government plans to launch its "Go To" campaign on Wednesday next week. It covers tourism, restaurant and other industries hit by the outbreak.

2021 Toyota Corolla Sedan Gets Apex Sport Appearance Package

2021 Toyota Corolla sedan gets Apex Sport Appearance Package

The Toyota Corolla hatchback has sponged up all the headlines lately thanks to the imminent Corolla Sport GR and "Special Edition." Product planners haven't forgotten about the sedan, according to a piece in Car and Driver, although the goodies on the way are suited for the more conservative sedan buyer. The Apex Sport Package is a cosmetic suite for the mid-grade SE and top-grade XSE trims that should become available "within the next few months." We don't much information on it at the moment, leaving the specific bodywork changes in the category of known unknowns. What is clear is that the 2.0-liter four-cylinder with 169 horsepower and 151 pound-feet of torque won't be touched. Opting for the SE trim opens up the chance to take control with the six-speed manual, but the CVT-equipped SE and XSE are also on the menu.

A set of summer performance tires is how a Corolla fitted with the Apex Sport Package will get more out of its standard mojo. At the moment, the SE and XSE trims come with 18-inch wheels on Michelin or Yokohama all-season tires. Certain Corolla hatchbacks come with asymmetrical Dunlop high-performance all-season tires; a set of extra-sticky summer rubber on the sedan would outdo those.       

Govt. Submits Extra Budget For Rescue Package

Govt. submits extra budget for rescue package

The Japanese government has submitted to the Diet a supplementary budget plan aimed at easing the economic impact of the coronavirus outbreak.

The government on Monday submitted the bill worth more than 230 billion dollars for the fiscal year that began on April 1. It will partly fund an emergency economic package worth 1.1 trillion dollars.

Cabinet Approves Record Economic Aid Package

Cabinet approves record economic aid package

Japan's Cabinet has approved emergency economic measures of record proportions to deal with the impact of the coronavirus. The package is worth about 108 trillion yen, or one trillion dollars. The government plans to issue additional bonds to help fund the spending.

Also included is a plan to secure enough of the flu drug Avigan by the end of next March to potentially treat up to two million people infected with the new coronavirus.

Govt. Set To Announce Emergency Package

Govt. set to announce emergency package

The Japanese government is set to announce emergency economic measures on Tuesday to deal with the impact of the coronavirus. The package is worth about one trillion dollars. Tokyo plans to issue additional bonds to help fund the spending.

Prime Minister Abe Shinzo has said that the scale of the stimulus will be unprecedented equivalent to about one-fifth of Japan's gross domestic product.

Govt. To Draw Up Large Stimulus Package

Govt. to draw up large stimulus package

The Japanese government plans to quickly draw up an emergency stimulus package to cope with the economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

The package will include cash handouts to struggling households and will be on a larger scale than similar measures taken during the 2008 global financial crisis.

Details Emerge On 2nd Emergency Package

Details emerge on 2nd emergency package

NHK has learned the details of a second emergency package by the Japanese government to fund programs and enforce new regulations for containing the coronavirus outbreak.

Sources say one measure will provide funding to improve the availability of testing for the virus.

Japan Launches Emergency Anti-coronavirus Package

Japan launches emergency anti-coronavirus package

The Japanese government has launched a 136-million-dollar package to fight the coronavirus outbreak. It includes funds for the development of a vaccine and treatment for the illness caused by the virus.

The emergency plan was approved on Thursday at a task force meeting attended by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and his full Cabinet.

Govt. To Finalize 25 Tril. Yen Economic Package

Govt. to finalize 25 tril. yen economic package

Japanese government officials and members of the ruling coalition are about to enter the final negotiations on a stimulus package worth around 25 trillion yen or 230 billion dollars.

The measures are aimed at funding recovery efforts from a series of natural disasters and taking pre-emptive action against the risk of an economic slowdown.

Abe Orders Support Package For Typhoon Victims

Abe orders support package for typhoon victims

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has instructed his cabinet to compile a support package for people affected by Typhoon Hagibis.

Abe told cabinet members on Sunday to use this fiscal year's reserve fund of about 500 billion yen, or roughly 4.6 billion dollars, for the package.

2020 Honda Odyssey Adds 25th Anniversary Package, Ditches 9-speed

2020 Honda Odyssey adds 25th Anniversary package, ditches 9-speed

The Honda Odyssey is just about 25 years old, and Honda is celebrating its minivan's heritage for the 2020 model year. We got the non-sliding-door Odyssey for the first time as a 1995 model year minivan, and the nameplate has been sold uninterrupted since then. So what is Honda doing to celebrate? The Japanese brand is releasing a 25th Anniversary Accessory Package for 2020. The package will be available on every trim level of the Odyssey, and consists mostly of appearance items. You'll gain 25th Anniversary badging on the tailgate, front fenders, illuminated sill plates and on the key fob. Then Honda starts stacking on the chrome. There's a chrome roof rack, lower door garnish and rear bumper protector. If you want to spend even more, there are unique 25th Anniversary 19-inch wheels that can be optioned. The package costs $1,500 without the wheels, or $2,800 with the 19-inch wheels. It's available on every Odyssey trim level. There are other updates and changes for the 2020 Honda Odyssey beyond the 25th Anniversary pack. All Odyssey trims will now come with the 10-speed automatic transmission as standard instead of just the top two trims (Touring and Elite). Previous to the 2020 model year, the lower-trim (LX, EX, EX-L) Odysseys sent their power through a nine-speed automatic that has been eliminated from the Odyssey lineup. Every model will have Honda's start-stop system as standard now that the 10-speed is on every trim, too. There was no fuel economy difference according to EPA ratings, but we do enjoy using Honda's 10-speed automatic more than the nine-speed. Prices have gone up only slightly with the 2020 changes. A base LX now starts at $31,785 after the $1,095 destination charge. An Odyssey Elite with the Anniversary package and wheels will run you all the way up to $51,215. The increases are different depending on which trim you go for, but a 2020 Odyssey is as much as $530 more than an equivalent 2019 Odyssey. Keep in mind that you're getting a better transmission in 2020 for some trims, though. It's not a bad tradeoff for the few extra hundred dollars you'll spend. Honda says 2020 Odysseys should be rolling into dealerships tomorrow.