Giant Panda Saihin Celebrates First Birthday

Giant panda Saihin celebrates first birthday

A zoo in central Japan has held a party to celebrate the first birthday of a giant panda named Saihin.

Two hundred people were chosen by lottery to take part in the event at Adventure World in the town of Shirahama, Wakayama Prefecture on Wednesday.

Father's Day Gifts For Panda In Wakayama Zoo

Father's Day gifts for panda in Wakayama zoo

A giant panda was given Father's Day gifts on Sunday at a zoo in Wakayama Prefecture, western Japan.

Eimei was raised at Adventure World in Shirahama Town, and has 15 children.

Tokyo's Popular Panda Xiang Xiang Turns Two

Tokyo's popular panda Xiang Xiang turns two

Many visitors celebrated the second birthday of Xiang Xiang, a popular giant panda at Tokyo's Ueno Zoo, on Wednesday.

People formed long lines in front of the panda facility to see the female cub. Some had to wait as long as three hours.

Star Panda Meets Media Before 2nd Birthday

Star panda meets media before 2nd birthday

A popular giant panda at Tokyo's Ueno Zoo has been shown to the media before she turns two on Wednesday.

Xiang Xiang was the first baby panda to be born at the zoo in five years. She now lives separately from her mother. On Monday, reporters watched her climbing a tree and eating bamboo shoots.

Panda Cub In Wakayama Gets Doll Festival Gift

Panda cub in Wakayama gets Doll Festival gift

Keepers at a zoo in Wakayama Prefecture have given a female giant panda cub a gift in celebration of the Doll's Festival.

On March 3 every year, families in Japan pray for the health and happiness of their girls by displaying traditional Hina dolls.

Star Panda Cub In Tokyo Begins To Live Alone

Star panda cub in Tokyo begins to live alone

A popular giant panda cub at Tokyo's Ueno Zoo has begun to live alone, as part of a process in preparation for adult life.

Zoo officials initiated the process last month by separating Xiang Xiang from her mother, and aim to have her independent when she turns 18 months old on Wednesday.

Star Panda Cub In Tokyo Prepares To Live Alone

Star panda cub in Tokyo prepares to live alone

A zoo in Tokyo has begun a weeks-long process so a popular giant panda cub can leave its nest.

Xiang Xiang was born at the Ueno Zoo. She will be 18 months old next month and is entering a period to prepare for adult life.

Popular Panda Starts On Road To Independence

Popular panda starts on road to independence

A zoo in Tokyo is set to begin a weeks-long process to separate a popular giant panda from her mother.

Members of the media were granted an exclusive viewing session of Xiang Xiang and her mother Shin Shin on Monday, when Ueno Zoo is closed to the public.

Giant Panda In Tokyo Turns 1 Year Old

Giant panda in Tokyo turns 1 year old

Visitors to Tokyo's Ueno Zoo have celebrated the first birthday of a giant panda cub named Xiang Xiang.

About 4,000 people gathered in front of the zoo's gate on Tuesday morning before opening time.

Star Panda Cub Energizes Sleep-deprived Fans In Tokyo

Star panda cub energizes sleep-deprived fans in Tokyo

The hardcore fans arrived before dawn in the hope of getting a glimpse of their idol. But this wasn't a film star or a pop phenomenon turning up in the city.

It was Xiang Xiang, the giant panda cub. And it was curtains up on first come, first see at Ueno Zoo in downtown Tokyo.

Giant Panda Cub Makes Debut In Tokyo

Giant panda cub makes debut in Tokyo

A giant panda cub made her full debut at Japan's oldest zoo in Tokyo on Tuesday, greeted by lucky visitors who obtained tickets in a competitive lottery.

Ticket holders waited in the cold for over an hour before the zoo opened for the 9:45 a.m. exhibition of Xiang Xiang, the first panda born to a resident mother at the zoo to be publicly exhibited in nearly 30 years.

'panda Express' Train Starts Service From This August Till 2019

'Panda express' train starts service from this August till 2019

OSAKA--The Kuroshio limited express offers more than just the bear necessities of a rail ride--the train connecting Kyoto, Osaka and southern Wakayama Prefecture is undergoing a panda-themed makeover.

The panda-faced express train started service on Aug. 5. JR West enlisted the Adventure World zoo in Shirahama, Wakayama Prefecture, whose main attraction is the giant panda, to help with the revamp.