Parents Banned Abused Daughter From Leaving Home

Parents banned abused daughter from leaving home

The mother of a ten-year-old girl who died after suspected domestic violence has reportedly told police that she did not allow her daughter to leave their home for a month under her husband's instruction.

Mia Kurihara was found dead in her home in Noda city, Chiba Prefecture, near Tokyo, last month. Police arrested her father Yuichiro Kurihara last month on suspicion of inflicting injuries that led to Mia's death. Her mother Nagisa was also arrested on Monday.

Parents Create Large Artwork Involving 100 Babies

Parents create large artwork involving 100 babies

Parents in a Japanese city have produced a large picture-like work of art involving 100 lying babies.

Photographs of sleeping babies adorned with props in cute, funny or heart-warming ways are growing popular on social media.

Parents Of Kidnapped Journalist Speak

Parents of kidnapped journalist speak

The parents of kidnapped journalist Jumpei Yasuda have welcomed reports of his release.

His father, Hideaki Yasuda, says he just wants to see his son in good health.

Parents Arrested On Suspicion Of Starving Daughter

Parents arrested on suspicion of starving daughter

Tokyo police have arrested a couple for allegedly starving their 5-year-old daughter to death.

Yua Funato died in March. Police arrested her 33-year-old father Yuudai Funato on suspicion of punching her and causing grave injuries the previous month. He has been indicted for injurious assault.

Teacher Invents Stamp To Communicate With Parents Of Foreign Students

Teacher invents stamp to communicate with parents of foreign studentsIn order to help bridge the communication gap with the parents of foreign students at a junior high school here, a teacher has come up with a stamp in their language to draw their attention to important school documents.
The stamp reads "Importante!," which is a word common to Spanish and Portuguese. It was created by Japanese-language teacher Yoshimichi Aoki, 37, who is fluent in Portuguese. Almost 10 percent of the students at his workplace, Hie Junior High School, are foreign-born.

Dry Curry Brings Back Memories Of Parents' Tasty Collaboration

Dry curry brings back memories of parents' tasty collaborationKaoru Takada’s “Miotsukushi Ryoricho” series is sure to whet the appetite. The period novel, set in Edo (present-day Tokyo), tells the coming-of-age story of Osaka-born cook Mio.
The heroine creates mouthwatering dishes, and the fact that the 10-volume series became a big hit, selling 3 million copies, is a testament to that.

Progress Suzuki Helps Injured Milton Keynes Motorcyclist To Gift Parents New Vitara Suv

Progress Suzuki Helps Injured Milton Keynes Motorcyclist To Gift Parents New Vitara SUVThe Progress Suzuki dealership in Old Stratford played host to an exceptional surprise for one lucky set of parents from Milton Keynes. John Daniels Junior suffered a very serious motorcycle accident on the county’s roads last year. To aid his recovery, John’s father, Mick, drove him to and from the local hospital nearly every day where he attended countless physiotherapy sessions.

Honoring The Parents In Japanese Weddings

Honoring the Parents in Japanese WeddingsJapanese weddings usually take some time to acknowledge the parents of the bride and groom. In some weddings, the couple offers bouquets of flowers, a toast, or a personal letter of love and thanks for all their support and love. A bow to the parents of both families is also carried out by the couple.

Parents Turn To Karate To Help Kids With Autism

Parents turn to karate to help kids with autismA little more than a year ago George's family turned to karate after George told his mom he "wanted to do kung-Fu." Heidi came across JK Martial Arts, a group that specializes in teaching kids with learning disabilities such as autism, ADD and ADHD.