Honda And Ohio State Researching Robotics To Help Those With Parkinson's Disease

Honda and Ohio State researching robotics to help those with Parkinson's disease

Honda R&D Americas has been studying and working on various walking devices since 1999, and the results have been impressive. In addition to creating its futuristic independent Asimo robot, Honda has used what it's learned and applied it to humans who do not have full mobility. In the past, Honda's Walking Assist device has been used by those who have suffered a stroke, but new research hopes to apply the technology to people with Parkinson's disease.

Honda announced this month that it is collaborating with Ohio State University (OSU) to conduct a Phase 2 randomized controlled trial. During the eight-week study, the safety, practicality, and helpfulness of the Walking Assist device will be assessed on people who live with Parkinson's. The Michael J. Fox Foundation backed the research with a grant to fund the study.

Nintendo Wii Useful In Treating Parkinson’s Disease

Nintendo Wii useful in treating Parkinson’s diseaseResearchers developing therapies for people with Parkinson’s disease have found that patients practicing their balance on the Wii Balance Board will reduce their risks of falling.

According to the study, patients who utilized the Wii equipment in conjunction with other treadmill and cycling exercises increased their Tinetti Score 18 from about 22.3 to 26.6.