Anti-terror Facilities Must Pass Early Inspection

Anti-terror facilities must pass early inspection

Japan's nuclear regulator has decided that it will order nuclear power plants to suspend operations if their new mandatory anti-terror facilities are not completed and have not passed inspections one week before the deadline.

The decision could lead to reactors in Japan that are currently online facing orders to shut down.

Nearly 350 Pass Visa Exam To Work In Japan

Nearly 350 pass visa exam to work in Japan

Nearly 350 foreigners have passed Japan's exam for working visas under a new system aimed at easing the country's labor shortage.

The first results of the exams, which began last month, were announced on Tuesday.

Tokyo Medical Uni: No Gender Bias In Pass Rate

Tokyo Medical Uni: No gender bias in pass rate

Tokyo Medical University says male and female applicants showed almost the same success rate in their latest entrance examination, after it corrected its unfair admission process.

Last year it came to light that the medical school had been rigging exam results for years to favor males over females. Under the practice, applicants who failed previously also had points deducted.

Survey: Men More Likely To Pass Med School Exams

Survey: Men more likely to pass med school exams

Japan's education ministry says men were more likely than women to pass entrance exams at nearly 80 percent of medical schools it surveyed.

The ministry surveyed medical schools at 81 universities following revelations that Tokyo Medical University tampered with entrance exams, such as by reducing scores across the board for female applicants. Interim results of the survey were announced on Tuesday.

Xbox Game Pass App Launched On Ios & Android

Xbox Game Pass App Launched On iOS & Android

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If you’re an Xbox gamer, it appears that during Gamescom 2018, Microsoft announced that the Xbox Game Pass will be getting an app of its own and will be launching on both iOS and Android. This app will allow Xbox gamers to browse the Game Pass library so that they can check out all the latest releases while on the go.

No Season Pass For Sony's New God Of War

No Season Pass For Sony's New God Of War

These days one of the tactics that we're seeing developers and publishers use when it comes to trying to squeeze more money out from gamers, it would be in the form of DLCs, where the core game is released and is later followed up by additional content that can be purchased for a price, or in some cases they come with a season pass which contains multiple DLCs.

If you're not a fan of season passes and what they represent, you'll be pleased to learn that Sony's upcoming God of War title will not have it. This was confirmed by the game's director Cory Balrog in a post on Twitter where he stated that God of War will not have a season pass. However we should note that the absence of a season pass does not mean that the game won't have DLCs.

Sales Skyrocket Unexpectedly For Unlimited Rail Pass In Shikoku

Sales skyrocket unexpectedly for unlimited rail pass in Shikoku

TAKAMATSU--Sales of the unlimited All Shikoku Rail Pass for the main island in western Japan far exceeded expectations following a price change and the opening of a direct air route from Hong Kong.

Shikoku Railway Co. (JR Shikoku) sold 18,476 of the passes last fiscal year, nearly double the total the previous fiscal year and representing an increase in revenue of 70 million yen ($615,000).

7 Secondary School Young Men, 1 Instructor Pass On In Torrential Slide In Climbing Lesson

7 secondary school young men, 1 educator pass on in torrential slide in climbing lesson

Seven senior secondary school young men and one instructor kicked the bucket in a torrential slide Monday amid a springtime climbing lesson on a ski slant in eastern Japan, neighborhood specialists stated, making it one of the deadliest snowslide catastrophes in Japan in the past decade.

Forty more individuals were harmed in the torrential slide that happened in Tochigi Prefecture and around 120 kilometers north of Tokyo, as indicated by a fire division which got a crisis call at around 9:20 a.m.

Lexus Is Becomes A Seven-figure Success As Global Sales Pass One Million

Lexus IS Becomes A Seven-Figure Success As Global Sales Pass One MillionLexus has a new millionaire with global sales of the IS range of sports saloons moving into seven figures at the end of July. It’s a big achievement for a car that was the first Lexus to be designed primarily for the European market, a region where its popularity remains strong today. In fact, one in five Lexus IS sold worldwide is sold in Europe.