Honda Sports Ev Production Car May Be Previewed In Patent Drawings - Autoblog

Honda Sports EV production car may be previewed in patent drawings - Autoblog

Honda showed the Urban EV concept at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show, then showed the Sports EV concept at that year's Tokyo Motor Show. Built on the same electric platform as the Urban EV, Honda designers showed how much classic sports car elan they could work into a diminutive package. The Urban EV has since become the production Honda E, due on sale later this year. recently dug up Japanese patent office images filed last December that show a potential production version of the Sports EV. The images show a redrawn coupe, the long hood and erect, aft-set glasshouse giving way to a more modish, elegant line. And we'd still rock it until its range ran out. Styling similarities with the Honda E and the original concept remain, such as the round headlights, bulging front fenders that arch above the hood, wide rear haunches, and black decorative panels. Yet within the fastback profile, the corners are much squarer, the cabin's been moved forward, and the taillights are triangular. Along with a shorter hood, the effect is that of a pure mid-engined silhouette, complete with what look like functional vents ahead of the rear wheels. Assuming the dimensions aren't vastly different from those of the show car, we're talking about a product around the size of a Mazda MX-5 Miata. It's not the "backyard custom car feel" that designer Makoto Harada aimed for with the concept, but it puts a lot of pert confidence in a small footprint. At that Tokyo show, Honda CEO Takahiro Hachigo said the chances of a production Sport EV concept "depend on feedback from Europe and Japan." Based on our own reading, the feedback's been outstanding, and we know Honda plans to expand use of the Honda E's platform into other vehicle classes, including a commercial vehicle. Of course, patent drawings are nothing more than bookmarks notating a particular piece of intellectual property. However, if Honda put its 35.k-kWh battery and electric motor with 148 horsepower and 221 pound-feet of torque into the car in these images, we think we'd be looking at another electric hit.

Sony Patent Hints At Wireless Psvr Headset

Sony Patent Hints At Wireless PSVR Headset

Sony has seen considerable success with its PSVR headset. If you were wondering whether the company has any plans to make a wireless version of its popular headset, there just might be hope. A new patent has been uncovered which suggests that Sony has given some thought to making a wireless PSVR headset.

The patent was published by the Japan Patent Office over the weekend and the images therein suggest that the virtual reality headset will be able to work without having any direct cable connection to a console. It will rely on a radio wave instead to communicate between the console, breakout box, and the headset.

Nintendo Patent Hints At N64 Classic

Nintendo Patent Hints At N64 Classic

Earlier this year it was suggested that thanks to a trademark filing, Nintendo could be planning on launching an N64 Classic console. Given that we’ve seen Nintendo release Classic consoles for the past two years, it’s not a stretch to think that this year we might see a new one, and following the NES and SNES Classic, the N64 Classic makes sense.

Itc Investigating Nintendo Over Alleged Switch Patent Infringement

ITC Investigating Nintendo Over Alleged Switch Patent Infringement

When the Nintendo Switch was first announced, there was no doubt that it intrigued many due to its design and its hybrid design which allows it to be taken on the road as a handheld console, but at the same time it can be docked and plugged into a TV that turns it into a home console.

Unfortunately it seems that the Switch's design might be in dispute because the US International Trade Commission (ITC) has announced (via CNET) that they will be investigating Nintendo over alleged patent infringement over the console's design. This is due to a complaint by a company called Gamevice who claims that the Switch's detachable controllers infringe upon a patent of theirs, which presumably would be the Wikipad which are a pair of detachable controllers designed for smartphones.

New Canon Patent Describes Something Pretty Innovative From The Japanese Camera Giant

New Canon patent describes something pretty innovative from the Japanese camera giant

A Canon patent from October, 2017 resurfaced on the Canon rumor mill today, and it describes something pretty innovative from the Japanese camera giant. The patent shows a lens adapter—ostensibly designed for a mirrorless camera—that features a built-in variable-voltage ND filter.

The ND filter component is "formed from an electrochromic device [or a liquid crystal element] which changes light transmittance on application of a voltage." That way, you could electronically and silently change the amount of light hitting your camera's sensor without stopping down the lens.

Honda Files Patent Application For A New Kind Of Front Air Dam

Honda Files Patent Application for a new Kind of Front Air Dam

A Honda patent application for a new, unique kind of air dam that could be used on a variety of vehicles.

According to the filing, the design is for a strong air dam with hollow structural crossbeam members. The design allows for an intake to be more rigid, improving the structural strength of a front bumper. The hollow crossbeams feature zig-zag patterned supports inside, which allow for the intake grille to be both strong and lightweight. The filing also says some intake designs can cause a whistling sound at speed, and this intake could potentially address that problem as well.

You Asked; Honda Answered? Mysterious Crossover Appears In Design Patent

You Asked; Honda Answered? Mysterious Crossover Appears in Design Patent

A U.S. design patent granted to Honda on Tuesday reveals that three utility vehicles might not be enough for the Japanese automaker's American lineup. As car companies both domestic and foreign scramble to fill in gaps in their showrooms, it seems Honda hasn't yet reached the crossover saturation point.

The patent, which carries a filing date of August 2nd, 2016, shows a two-row crossover with a more steeply raked rear window than either the compact CR-V or midsize Pilot. There's no headroom for a third row back there. A spoiler adorns the top of the liftgate.

Canon Illuminated Buttons Patent Hints At Future Prosumer Dslr Design

Canon illuminated buttons patent hints at future prosumer DSLR design

Canon has filed a patent that shows illuminated buttons appearing on the back of a prosumer DSLR camera (7D/5D-like design), hinting that the feature may be added to the maker's future models. Details are sparse at this time, but an illustration in the patent shows a series of buttons with what appears to be a row of LEDs behind them.

The patent implies that this tech is about lighting up buttons while simultaneously preventing light leaks, explaining that this particular design: "enables a letter or character on the surface of a button to emit light uniformly [...] without providing any dedicated separate member for light guiding and light shielding, and can prevent light leakage to the inside and outside of the device."

Honda 'baby Nsx' Patent Revealed As Gran Turismo Video Game Racer

Honda ‘baby NSX’ patent revealed as Gran Turismo video game racer

The Honda Sports Vision Gran Turismo has been leaked this week, looking very much like the ‘baby NSX’ patent renderings that surfaced a couple of years ago.

Posted by Carscoops, the images taken from the new Gran Turismo Sport video game – which launches October 17 – show the concept in the ‘car select’ menu, which wears the Sports Vision Gran Turismo name.

Mazda Patent Shows Rear Wing That Hides Above Taillights

Mazda Patent Shows Rear Wing That Hides Above Taillights

Mazda has patented an intriguing retractable rear wing which rather than simply folding away into the decklid, instead nestles its way into an open space above the taillights.

The patent, published by the US Patent & Trademark Office, depicts the rear wing installed onto a sports car with taillights inspired by the glorious RX-Vision Concept.